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Ultimate Thesaurus For Your Red Arrow Costume

Red Arrow Costume

Red Arrow and Green Arrow go hand in hand to defend their beloved Starling City. We have already covered Green Arrow costume and your terrific response to that compelled us to write this guide. One of the most stylish costumes is the Red Arrow costume, its got class, style and a certain amount of flair. This guide is designed to ease off your problems about what to get and from where for Red Arrow cosplay.

There was a lot of speculation that Thea (Green Arrow’s sister) might play the role the magnificent of the Red Arrow. Since both Red Arrow and Thea are nicknamed as “speedy” and some other references are also made that link both together. But the buzz ended with an announcement of Colton Haynes as the Red Arrow.

Nevertheless, the concept of a female sidekick was very enthralling and loved by many people so here will be covering both male and female Red Arrow costumes in the Arrow Cosplay collection.

Roy Harper Costume

Roy Harper Costume

Who is the Red Arrow?

Roy Harper has well known by his alias as the Red Arrow is one of most prolific sidekicks of the DC universe. Being very popular and consistently appearing in the comics, it’s about time that the show makers have decided to bring him in. Mentioned as one of the sexiest superheroes ever created the Red Arrow will surely help you get the attention of all the ladies. The following guide is intended to help you dwell in the character of the Red Arrow by accurately wearing the Red Arrow costume.

Roy Harper jacket

Roy Harper Jacket (Product Page)

The primary ingredient in making the perfect DIY is to get find out the right jacket with accurate patterns and proper fittings. This jacket here is the replica of the jacket we saw Red Arrow wearing in the show. This Arsenal jacket is made up of pure leather at the outside and viscose lining stitch from the inside that makes it very comfortable to wear. This sexy jacket for the hottest superhero is sure to land you some hotties.

And where would you keep your arrows if you don’t have a quiver also quiver is a crucial part of the character sketch.

Roy Harper Pants

Roy Harper Pants (Product Page)

For pants of the arrow arsenal costume, you should use these leather pants. These pants look splendid and match perfectly with the suit. They look almost inseparable with the jacket mentioned earlier. These pants are very comfortable, stylish and soft. You can wear them to different dance parties, and they will catch the eye of every individual.

mens joggers shoes

Roy Harper Shoes (Product Page)

As we have seen the work of the Red Arrow is not an easy one and requires a lot of legwork. We are not sure if you will encounter the same amount of legwork or not. Nonetheless, these are very comfortable and go directly with the color line of the costume. Adidas made leather fabric with rubber insole shoes are worth spending your money for as they will continue to serve you well long pass the time of the costume party.

Roy Haper Gloves

Roy Harper Gloves (Product Page)

To get a grip of your Bow you will need these leather gloves. Fashionably designed and carefully modification for comfort, these gloves are a must add-on to the Red Arrow costume.

Speedy Costume


Speedy Costume

We like to call her by nickname Speedy. The nickname completely describes her agility, speed, and craftiness. There is a nice ring to with a lighter feminine side. Speedy is the female version of the Red Arrow, imagined and loved by almost every fan of the DC comics. Here we depict her costume as seen on tube and comics.

roy harper jacket

Speedy Jacket (Product Page)

The jacket is the chief part of the Speedy’s costume, and the importance of finding out the right jacket cannot be overstated. This jacket available at fjackets was seen worn by the actress who plays Thea role in the famous series. This synthesized leather jacket is made with viscose lining just as described in the male costume version but with entirely different women cut style. The distinctive design and features make the jacket female friendly and fashionable to wear.

Smooth Texture Black Legging For Women

Speedy Pants (Product Page)

These leather pants are every girl’s dream, perfect fit easy to wear and high-quality material. These leggings match perfectly with the jacket and complete the perfect Speedy’s costume. They are so good that they will complement any outfit you wear.

womens knee high boots shoes

Speedy Shoes (Product Page)

These bluntly styled shoes will serve you good for many social gatherings but as a part your Speedy’s costume the will go far ahead for just being good. The bright color combination, trendy style, and comfortable material, what else do you need in a shoe.

Speedy GLoves

Speedy Gloves (Product Page)

To hold fast your bow and to dispatch your arrow accurately Red Arrow needs these gloves and so will your, because of course, you can’t miss important details like these.

Other Red Arrow Costume Items:

For a picture perfect depiction of Red Arrow costume, either speedy or Roy Harper’s your will need these items. Not to take for granted these items are a must.

Red Arrow Bow

Red Arrow Bow (Product Page)

Well, this is practically the most obvious one if you are going to disguise yourself as a vigilante who specializes in killing the bad guys with arrows you need to have a bow and arrows. This Red bow looks like the one owned by the Red Arrow. This is an official bow by the National school of archery and is a must to have to amplify your costume and who knows it might inspire you to learn archery someday.

Red Arrow Arrows

Red Arrows (Product Page)

This carbon standard target practicing arrows are a very neat addition to your Red Arrow Costume. Investment of just a few bucks in these arrows will ensure priceless detailing to the costume.

Red Arrow Mask

Red Arrow Mask (Product Page)

To give a glaring stare to all the people who have failed your city, you will need the Red Arrow eye mask. An eye mask is Vital feature of the costume and one can never forget it, without the eye mask costume will seem incomplete. This prime quality eye mask is essential to have with your costume.

Red Arrow Quiver

Red Arrow Quiver (Product Page)

An archer never goes hunting without her quiver so why should you? This important piece of costume is very cheap but has a very productive role in making completing your character sketch. Must buy this for accurate and a genuine look.

The above guide covers all the features that will lead you to a perfect Red Arrow costume. Both costumes are well thought out and designed to absolute perfection. We hope you agree with us and find these very useful in making your DIY.

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