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Guide To Dress Like Red Hood

Batman Red Hood Costume

The Red Hood Costume from the Arkham Knight has made many waves with its outlandish design and style. Today we are covering this magical outfit. He is the most famous of all was that of Jason Todd. The story of Jason Todd is a bit tangled, at first, the Batman took him as his sidekick after the original Robin died. Although just a few weeks into the training the Nightwing went after the Joker, who captures and brainwashes him, turning him against Batman.

Furthermore, He is a rogue criminal now and plans to kill Batman and destroy Gotham. In his encounter with the Dark Knight, the Arkham Knight realizes that the Batman still cares for him, and Joker tricked him to stand against the Batman.  Thereafter he transforms his persona and becomes a vigilante cleansing Gotham from crime and criminals. But the Joker had altered his personality completely, and Todd was now attracted and addicted to violence. Batman disproved of this ruthlessness, and this leads to both taking their separate ways.

Red Hood Costume

Now we will show you how you can make your own cosplay at home without doing any leg work. The Infographic shown above gives you a hint about the costume and now we will guide you through each step.

Red Hood Mask

Red Hood Mask (Product Page)

This is an obvious one, and you know it, without this mask, there is no costume. This red mask Batman Arkham Knight replica is made up high-quality PVC with a shiny stainless color coating.

Red Hood Jacket

Red Hood Jacket (Product Page)

The primary thing after the helmet is the general outfit, necessary for Red Hood costume. That is why we bring you this custom made jacket designed for the Nightwing fans for their cosplay and casual wear. This jacket is made up of PU leather on the outside and viscose lining on the inside to make it both comfy and stylish.

red hood trousers

Red Hood Pants (Product Page)

The second half of your outfit is completed with these pants. These normal looking pants sync perfectly with the jacket and give an unmatched portrayal of Rojo’s costume. These pants are of exquisite quality and the blending of polyester with cotton makes these pants easy to wear any day of the week.

brown boots knee high

Red Hood Boots (Product Page)

The noticeable thing about the boots of this ruthless vigilante is that they are silver-ish gray, which make them very prominent. Therefore you cannot take them for granted, so you will need to have the same shoes. They are fine for fancy dance parties.

redhood gloves

Red Hood Gloves (Product Page)

The multipurpose gloves will add splendid detail to your costume, and in the meantime keep your hands squeaky clean and warm. These gloves are multi-purpose as you can use them with different attires and to perform various cosplays.


 Belt (Product Page)

Another noticeable thing is the unorthodox kind of belt that he wears. It’s recommended that you buy the same belt to maintain the essence of the Red Hood costume. It is the same belt that he wears in Arkham Knight. This tactical belt will hold your holsters and give you exceptional gripe to style perfectly.


Left Holster (Product Page)

You will have to wear a pair of Holster with your outfit. This is the left leg holster that is made of high quality material. It’s UTG Elite tactical holster and the weight of it won’t stop you from fighting crime.


 Right Holster (Product Page)

This is the right leg Holster for your costume. It’s made with the same material as the left holster is made of. You can also buy a package of Tactical Belt and both the holster by getting it at a discounted price from here.

redhood gun

Red Hood Gun (Product Page)

Along with your Holster and Jason Todd cosplay, you will need a weapon to defeat your enemy. You can get this gun to keep it in your holsters and aware your enemy that he’s in great danger. This is a toy piece that is just perfect to wear for cosplaying superheroes.

This Red Hood costume will make you look exactly like the one seen in the game, Batman: Arkham Knight. Not only will this give you the accurate overall look, but it will also make you look awesome. This info-graph will give you an idea about all the necessary items you need to look like him completely.

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The Best Costume Guide of Red Hood Costume From Arkham Knight

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