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Guide To Dress Like Leon S. Kennedy From Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil Costume

The game is very famous among us all, we all have played at least one part of this game. The franchise is more loved by the young generation and that is precisely why we are going make the Resident Evil costumes. There are six leads characters in the game, you can choose to play with anyone them. We here are writing a guide for gamers on the most beloved and the most sought out resident evil 6 outfits.

Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil Costume

The first character we are going to cover is the sued sexy looking Leon S Kennedy who returned as a lead after Resident Evil four. Leon’s starts the game as a US special agent and become a D.S.O. Many fans have tried him to cosplay the heroic character but none of them have actively succeeded. But no worries we have come up with perfect resident evil 6 guides to dress you up as the zombie killing stud. Here is a list of things you need to make the Leon Kennedy Cosplay.

Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil 6 Jacket

Resident Evil 6 Jacket

Brace yourselves! As here comes the flawless replica of Leon’s jacket. The PU leather jacket is made especially for all the gamer boys out there, who can’t resist the temptation of dressing up as a game character. The jacket is of first-hand quality made of best leather and viscose lining available in the market. The jacket is the fundamental element of your resident evil cosplay costume and it is only wise to get the best thing. This jacket made by Fjackets is most supreme of all in terms of quality and design.

leon shirt blue jeans

Leon Shirt (Product Page)

The next you need to get into Leon Kennedy costume is this denim shirt. Well looking at this shirt you are thinking that you need this shirt anyhow whatsoever. This cool shirt is as easy to wear as it is stylish. This shirt can be yours for just $30, so what are you for?

jeans pant man

Leon Pants (Product Page)

These handsome looking pants have the ability to make you look handsome too. Made up of 98% of cotton these pants are relaxing and trendy. For an acute display of sublime resident evil cosplay costumes, you will have to buy these pants.

Leon Boots

Leon Boots (Product Page)

To look more handsome and become a shadow of the handsome hunk you need shoes that match his Resident Evil costume. We suggest these boots which are made for your cosplay, you can walk miles in these shoes and not feel any pain in your feet. Such is the quality and comfort of these shoes.

leon gun

Leon Gun (Product Page)

You can’t take any risk and be seen without a gun, if you do so, you will be ambushed by game zombies ready to infect you and eat you. Don’t take any chance, just buy this weapon.


Leon S Kennedy’s outfit is the highly demanded one from the Resident Evil 6 costumes. His attractive look and cool costume have attracted more than thousands of fans to copy his style. Seeing this huge demand, the infographic will show you exactly what you need to have the perfect look. Follow the links of the jacket, shirt, pant, and boots, maybe even style your hair and you are ready to go. So try it out.

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Resident Evil infographic

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