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Complete Your Rey Costume In Few Easy Steps

Rey Costume

Rey Costume has been the most searched outfits these days. She has become the charm and yet the best girl to cosplay especially for the fans of Star Wars. The guide here will allow women and girls to be mimic Rey, who love her. See here all items are enumerated properly to make a perfect Cosplay of Rey. What makes this suit be loved a lot? Let’s figure out:

Items Required for DIY

For Adults:

Rey Adult Glasses

Glasses (Product Page)

The first and foremost necessary item to enjoy the flavor of the infamous character is to wear the terrific glasses.  Featured eye mask has plastic straps along with stunning details to make it look like the original one.

rey suit cosplay

Rey Outfit  (Amazon)

Amazed by the mask? Now let’s wear the complete kit that includes all the items Top, Cape, Wristband and even the Waistbelt. The bag is also included to carry stuff so no need to put extra money on that. The price may vary according to the size so check everything before ordering.

Rey Staff (Amazon)

To fight and take out enemies, here is a Prop Staff from the Force Awakens. It’s a complete size plastic prop and properly scanned to make a unique inspired stick. 4 feet long, thick and easy to carry while cosplaying as Rey.

Rey Adult Costume

Rey Suit (Product Page)

All the stuff is designed and made from polyester material that is not harmful to skin and also is comfortable to wear.

Rey Boots

Shoes (Product Page)

This is comfortable to wear and made especially for Rey Costume. The shoe is made of quality faux suede material with the height till knee length. The pair of shoes is also applicable for little girls who wanted to be like a warrior.

For Child:


Rey Child Glasses

Glasses And Mask For Child (Product Page)

Now we come to the kids. First, of these glasses are required to be worn and the best part they are the same as the adults. Totally shines like the scavenger.

Rey Child Costume

Suit (Product Page)

Rey costume is not bounded for adults only because small kids can get the look as well. Attached here is an apron along with sleeves band. The suit is made of the same polyester material, so it’s comfortable no doubt.

Rey Staff

 Staff (Product Page)

Just like we added stuff for women, girls can also hold it designed for cosplay purpose. This polyester made accessory will share the same feeling so get ready to be the same character as Rey.

Rey Bag

 Bag (Product Page)

The sad part is the kids Rey Costume does not include the Bag so we added it externally. However, this is not only a cosplayers bag but is a high-quality accessory to include in the list.

If you’ve completed the Rey costume, then you will need to do a bit of hairstyling and here is a simple step by step guide to do it.


Star Wars Beige Rey Jacket

Rey Jacket (Product Page)

Fjackets has made inspiring outfit version outerwear of the beautiful scavenger. It is much similar to Finn Jacket in style but has its own importance. Finest tuning has been done to make the outerwear look neat.  Preferred for those who want to look like Rey anyway.

Finishing off the guide, no need to rush because you’ve got plenty of time.  It’s going to be the most demanded costume for Halloween this year. Is there anything that you want to share with us, please write it in the comment box.

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