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The Complete Guide For Your Robin Costume

Robin Costume

We haven’t seen much of Him in the new batman movies, and to be very frank I miss robin. He was a great support to batman and provided a lighter side to heavy dark side of the Gotham’s price.In the earlier movies Wonder Boy made frequent appearances and was a regular in the comics but somehow his name is lost now.Yet the wonder boy remains a fan favorite and fans are often seen wearing the iconic Robin costume.

Items Required

Character of Robin has evolved over the years and so has his costume. In the earlier comics he was seen wearing attire that was mostly green and later we saw it turning to red, nevertheless both are very admirable.

Even though we haven’t seen him for so long, fans especially comic fans are always dressing up as Boy Wonder for Halloween and cosplay parties. But it’s seldom that they succeed to do so. The following is a list of items that will guarantee your costume to be the best among all.

Robin Mask

Robin Mask (Product Page)

The robin mask is a simple one and resembles to other masks of the same type. We have chosen the following mask. Its design is so crafty that it can be used for batman/Bat women and Robin.

Robin Jacket

Robin Jacket (Product Page)

The major hurdle is to find the right jacket for the attire, and we have saved you a lot of time and effort as we bring you this Tim Drake red and black leather jacket. This Robin jacket is made exclusively for the Wonder Boy fans, made through the blending of high quality leather on the outside and viscose on the inside and the “R” logo gives it, it’s ultimate uniqueness. This is something that will take the ranks of your Robin costume to a new height.

Robin Pants

 Robin Pants (Product Page)

These robin pants are the available in all sizes and the quality is very good too. These pants will dwell very nicely with the jacket and will do great as a part of your Boy Wonder outfit. Apart from the costume these pants will be good investment to your wardrobe too, they are fashionable as well as comfortable.

Robin Gloves

Robin Gloves (Product Page)

To fight with full strength He wears these armor gloves and you will have to do the same because these are a major part of the outfit will be incomplete without these.

Robin Belt

Robin Belt (Product Page)

This in an extreamly necessary item as you will need it to put your fancy gadgets. Otherwise your will have to carry all the gadgets in your hands and that could lead to some serious trouble.

Robin Shoes

Robin Boots (Product Page)

These high trunk boots will be the final addition to your well-designed Robin costume. They will go very fashionably with your outfit and as well as with your daily in use clothes. The upper layer is on leather and the boots are of water proof design means they will serve you longer than you think.

Robin Cape

Robin Cape (Product Page)

Finally the thing that will separate you from ordinary humans make you a superhero. By far the most important part of a super hero attire is the Cape. Top off your look with this imported, fully lined, velvet cape. The cape provides hope, courage that special feeling of being a superhero. With this cape on, arms raised high in the air you will be screaming with joy and your enemies will be running scared.

Robin Green Costume

Vintage Robin Suit (Product Page)

If you are a hard core comic fan, you will most certainly look for the vintage green Robin Costume that was introduced in the first comics. We have found just the right thing for you, this is a classic green attire come with all the auxiliaries i.e. eye mask, cape, jumpsuit with R logo, belt and boots. By buying this you ensure the perfect look and rock your cosplay party.

Robin Girl Costume

Robin Women Costume  (Product Page)

Female Robin is a fantasy only restricted to the comics but there are some fans especially females who want to see a female avatar in movies. In their pursuit they are often seen wearing the prolific outfit. To be very honest, this looks pretty good,  on a woman it is a breath of fresh air. If you are a woman then dressing up as side kick of Batman can be very good for you. This robin girl costume will help you stand out in the crowd of fanatic fans and certainly catch the attention of some guys.

This female robin costume is very good to thing to have in your bucket of Halloween clothes. It is made up of high end quality polyester for comfortable wear and longer use. The package comes with all the accessories to make your cosplay the best in town. This includes cape with string that, wraps around the front of the neck and ties in the back, belt, gloves, and eye mask.

Robin Kids Costume

Robin Kids Costume (Product Page)

Don’t worry kids you have not been forgotten. We know how much you like to dress up as your favorite superhero sidekick and for you especially we have this dress designed for kids officially licensed by the DC comics.

It is a top quality robin suit which includes muscle chest jumpsuit to make you look mighty and powerful, boot tops to enable you catch the bad guys. A belt where you can put your special gadgets. A cape to shield you and make you fly and raise terror among enemies. An eye masks to look different for others. This suit features hi-definition printing to make everything look more realistic.

You won’t find stuffs like this daily so just go for these outfit if you’re a big fan of The Wonder Boy. These are the most wanted Robin Costume. Whether you want to dress up as Chris O’Donnell or go full vintage, it entirely depends on you. Now, you have a better idea about what items to get where so it makes it convenient for you to order.

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