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Scary But Sexy Mileena Costume For Women

Mileena 810x697

MILEENA is a Tarkatan character of MORTAL KOMBAT series, she debuted in MC2 and is similar to Jade and Kitana. Mileena almost resembles other female ninjas created by Shang Tsung’s sorcery in his flesh pits of Shao Kahn as Tarkatan physiology. She is Vicious, evil and despises her sister thinking that it is her right to rule on Edenia as Princess in her own country.

MILEENA usually dresses up like same as Princess Kitana, apart from not having a fan blade as a weapon. She wears tight Leotard and a mask with her uniform in the shade of Magenta. The Tarkatan DNA was flowing through her veins, giving her a large mouth rimmed with long sharp fangs and large orange feline like eyes. Here, we also want you to take a look at the Mileena Mortal Kombat costume and wear it in Halloween parties for a perfect scary look.

Mileena’s Mortal Kombat Costume For Women’s

Mileena Costume

Mileena costume (Product Page)

100% polyester and spot clean, hand wash if needed as it is officially licensed by Mileena’s costume from Mortal Kombat. It consists of the face mask, magenta short, knee to toe boot tops.

mileena purple knee high shoes boots

Similar Boots (Product Page)

Synthetic, Rubber sole, soft and comfortable fit with slouchy design and a flat sole for an excellent look. Luxurious but durable made from synthetic leather and rubber sole gives traction and allows you to save on icy land.

Mileena Gloves

  Similar Gloves (Product Page)

It is made up of high-quality Satin measuring 14” inches length from top to bottom; almost every size fits most. Plenty of stretches to make it comfortable according to your hand.

anti dust mask mileena

Pink Face Mask (Product Page)

 Silk mouth mask used to cover face and nose. Color may not be same, but it gives attraction to the whole costume.

MILEENA’S face looks violent as compared to other fighters because she got long sharp teeth’s and orange feline big eyes. Baraka is just one character that totally looks like her. So catch your MILEENA costume and transform into one of your favorite characters to enjoy Halloween Parties and Cosplays.

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