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Make Your Halloween Scary With This Costume Guide

Scary Halloween Costume

Though most of the people these days dress up as their favorite movie or superhero or game character. But the real essence and spirit of the any Halloween costume lie in the element of scare, shock, and fright. The basic theme and concept of Halloween are having a rendezvous with the dead hence all the crazy, cringe-worthy, scary Halloween costume is the right choice for you. We have designed a catalog of the most freighting outfit that will spook your mind this spooky night.

Scary Halloween Costume

Disclaimer: The guide contains explicit content/pictures which might be too scary/ugly for some audiences. And we suggest not eating anything while reading this blog as you may puke on your computer screen.

Texas chainsaw costume scary

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Product Page)

We all remember the brutal serial killer from the famous movie. And no matter how much we hate it, we still are willing to dress up our kids in this horrifying costume. This Texas Chainsaw suit is an officially licensed product, and the package includes a mask with hair, an apron, and a shirt with a tie. Your child will look scarier than the original killer himself as there is nothing scarier than a child with a chainsaw trying to kill you. And doing so just fun!

micheal myers

Michael Myers (Product Page)

Imagine your worst fear coming true. You own kin plunging a knife through your heart.  The person you love most becoming a feared serial killer, intriguing right? Well, this all can happen if you are willing to be a slightly more daring and dress up your kid as Michel Myers from the famous Halloween slasher series. The connection of Michael Myers and Halloween dates back to thirty decades, which lists him is the classics and an a-rate scary Halloween costume for your kids.

chucky kid Halloween costume

Chucky (Product Page)

Charles Lee Ray or commonly known as Chucky is the most famous horror icon this decade. And falls in the same category as the utmost famous serial killers of all time. The Lakeshore Strangler has his spirit trapped inside a “good guy” and he constantly kills humans to transfer his soul into their body. We have to see the eye flinching movie and just think how fun it would be to dress your adorable angel in this spine-chilling costume.

miss sicossorhans

Miss Scissorhands (Product Page)

Not as scary as the costumes as mentioned above but it still is very dark and gloomy. This outfit inspired from the famous romantic yet sinister movie Edward Scissorhands. This is an alternate Miss Scissorhands outfit and comes with all the accessories to make an enthralling cosplay. The suit contains the dress, sleevelets, gloves, wig, and a belt. The scissors are attached to the belt.  This outfit will be best for girls as it gets the job done in very less maintenance and makeup work.

wednesday addams

Wednesday Addams (Product Page)

The cold-hearted girl of the Addams’ Family is so ghostly that even without any scary features she manages to shiver down anyone who came across her. The Wednesday Adam costume is perfect choice your daughter if your little girl can pull off the Miss Stone heart routine. Otherwise, she will destroy her cosplay once and for all.  She must adapt her dark personality along with appearance. Furthermore, the dress made of 100% polyester and is the purest copy of the original suit.

zalgo monster

Zalgo Monster (Product Page)

Now we are moving from our Scary Halloween costume catalog from the world of movies to the world of the internet. As we feature the prolific Zalgo Monster. For those of you who don’t know who Zalgo Monster is and what he can do? Zalgo Monster is an internet created an identity that can make anyone go madly dark. Zalgo Monster has no shape nor eyes, to see he must embody someone else. His one hand carries a death star and the other candle (whose light is a shadow) woo…spooooky!! I am dressing my younger brother as the Zalgo Monster, and I think so, shall you.

split up brains

Split-up Brains (Product Page)

The above is just a headpiece with split open brains that look gruesome as hell. You can wear this over any clothes you have put some red ink or wine over the shirt and you will be the most unholy and easy Halloween costume. This head-piece will cost you near to nothing but will make a valuable outfit.


Annabelle (Product Page)

Again we have added another horror movie character to our list. Annabelle is a famous horror movie of a doll (possessed by some spirit) causes troubles, pain, and wickedness the life of a couple who have just had a baby. The Annabelle costume is shown here which looks a bit odd, and that is because it is in the picture is worn by a man. But in real day anyone man/woman car wear it. This dress is made up of polyester and includes dress, mask, and a wig.

the bat creature

The Bat Creature (Product Page)

This is one of the really scary Halloween costumes that made me throw up and hide under my bed praying to God to forgive me for all my sins. This evil creature is dreadful that for instance I was inclined to leave it out of this list. Nevertheless, it is here and I have to the grim task of describing it and convincing you to buy it. This creepy bat creature costume is made up of latex material and includes a plush mask with hand extensions and torn robe. If you wore this and went to any one of your neighbors for trick or treat they will give a severe beating with a broom instead of giving you candy. Be safe, stay away from loathsome outfits like this one. It’s not bad. It’s just too much scary and ugly for anyone’s taste. I can’t imagine what sicko created it.

headless man

Man headless costume (Product Page)

Man headless costume is a classic. Throughout the years there is always at least one man at the Halloween party who is wearing this outfit. And this time that man will be you, you should try it everyone else has. Made up polyester and includes vest with sleeves, attached ascot, and cape which are of very prime quality.

zombie chef

Zombie Chef (Product Page)

If you are a chef or work in a restaurant or even if you are a housewife who cooks regularly. Then you might love dressing up in the above-shown costume and scare the shit out of everyone. This cosplay will incur that you have had some terrible accident in the kitchen and for a moment fool everyone. For a moment the will be baffled and pained thinking what must have gone wrong in your sanctum sanctorum. So bring this fool-proof scary Halloween costume home as soon as possible and scare everyone.

zombie coustume

Zombie (Product Page)

The above costume is not from any movie or TV series but it still is the most horrendous thing I have seen so far. The 3D design makes it look more realistic and life like, it seems that one of the zombies from the walking dead has come out of right out of the screens. Made up plastic and polyester the outfit includes pants, shirt (with sewn body parts) gloves, mask, and a wig. This outfit is best for any zombie fans.

So this is our complete catalog for scary Halloween costume. We have worked really hard to bring you these frightening costumes so make sure that you try at least one of these. And if after all this you are feeling a bit dizzy and frizzy. You can cheer up your mood by looking into our list of Sexy Halloween Costumes.

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