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Make Your Halloween Sexy With This Costume Guide

Sexy Halloween Costume

Let me correct you the phrase is not Happy Halloween it’s “Happy Wear your lingerie in public day”. It is the one night of the year where you have the green card to be the sexiest and the sluttiest bimbo of the neighborhood. Halloween night is all about having fun and getting so “candy bars” for the night. If you want a guys attention, then you must look appealing as hell and wear an outfit that is tempting and revealing. Here is a Sexy Halloween costume list that will sure to get you some hard felt love on the night of the dead.

Sexy Halloween Costume

But as much as you would like to be sacked and then spanked, you have a reputation to maintain. So you can’t go all gaga with your costume choice. That’s why we have created is a list of dresses that are tempting and revealing but not so much that anyone could call you any names.

Poison Ivy


From her soft sued voice to her leafy green dress, everything about this woman is quite kissable. The Enchantress of crime is a botanist by profession and her love for plants and environment has turned her to the dark side and against the Dark Knight. The costume featured here will make you look steamy and fascinating.  Click on the picture to see the full Poison Ivy Costume guide.

Princess Leia


There is no guy in this world (except for the stupid ones) who haven’t had dreamt of dating this galactic princess. Her gold bikini avatar is still on the most craved fetish despite the fact that it’s been years since that magical moment happened. And many girls dress up in Princess Leia gold bikini costume just to get smooth talking boys to like them. You might not get a lot of candy wearing this dress, but you sure will get a lot of phone numbers. And for the first time, the person you are with will not fantasize that you are someone else.

Cat Woman


Many guys are into dominant girls these days, and I am one of them. The reason we like dominant girls is all the more reason to dress up as the Princess of Plunder. But on the eve of Halloween, they will like to be called as the Pilfering Pussy (for obvious reasons). We have seen many different actors in the persona of Cat Woman and all of them wore different outfits. Each sexier than the other. You can have your pick of the lot be the enticing cat goddess and make sexy Halloween costume for yourself.

Harley Quinn


Being sexy is of no use if you are boring. And if unlucky you are a bit boring then that is nothing we can’t cope with. To your good fortune a creature (because the adjectives that could describe her are yet be invented) who is both whimsical and sensual. All you have to do is to dress up like her as shown in the guide provided and half of your job is done. For the other have you can see the movie Suicide Squad or read some of her comics.



Now you are the perfect combination of cute and sexy if you are in this cute heavenly dress. And no boy can resist a fairy even if it is on a spooky night.  The outfit is quite erotic, and you will look the most booty-full girl in the room. Just hit a mouse click on the link and see how can make the Tinkerbell costume with ease.



Just like you girls like brown or Latino guys, we also like to date a culturally diverse girl now and then. So the odds will be in your favor if you choose to dress as Jasmine the Princess of Agrabah. Her dress is the oldest version of sexy Halloween costume which Shakira made more famous with her belly dance. We assure you that wearing this outfit will get you a lot of full-sized “sneaker bars” IYKWIM.

Wonder Woman


Do I need to tell you why! Even Superman couldn’t resist the temptation of this enticingly erotic outfit. So just imagine how hot will make an ordinary man feel. How tempting it would be for him to see your big “pumpkins” parked right up front.  This wonder women costume sure gets some “candy” in your “sack”. But make sure you don’t eat too much otherwise the stomach ache will last the whole nine months.

Black Widow


The Russian agent is so alluring, exciting and awe-aspiring and we can get enough of her. Her outfit is on the same tracks as her, binge skin tight and revealing from the right places. This Black Widow costume will scare “stiff” many guys. And you will get a lot of attention and a lot of cheesy pick-up lines from guys.

Now if you haven’t liked our suggestions till yet or if you don’t have time to make your Sexy Halloween costume by yourself. Then you can check out the following ready to wear suits available at Amazon.


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Sexy Red Riding Hood (Product Page)

The costumes shown here are the best and most preferred for alluring men and tempting boys on Halloween night. You can make your enticing dress by yourself, or you can choose to buy a readymade suit from Amazon the choice is yours. We just want you to have a Sexy Halloween! Do share with us your experience of Halloween and be sure to tell us how much candy you got in your sack. You can also find other Halloween Costume Ideas on our Pinterest.

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