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Tune Up Your Shazam Costume With this Manual

Shazam movie costumes

SHAZAM! The most exciting movie of 2019. A movie in which a 14-year-old boy Billy Baston turn into a Superhero, by just saying magical words.

Zachary Levi discovers his new powers with different practices and fun. If you too want to help save the day – we got you covered!

Start your DIY and don’t forget to say the magic word!

Items Required

Shazam Hooded Jacket

Shazam Red Hoodie (Product Page)

The first and foremost you will need this Shazam Hoodie. This is the bulls-eye depiction with some bright color and the golden bolt logo for the optimum portrayal. This will work more as fashion wear.

red compression tights for men

Shazam Tights (Product Page)

These red men’s tights are very relaxing; the compression fit is made to make your blood circulation better and its material has the feature of keeping you warm and cold days and cools you down in hot weather, wow magic?

shazam costume boots

Shazam Boots (Product Page)

The golden boots for Shazam costume. These are the same duplication of the original ones and they look pretty accurate.

Shazam Scarf

Shazam Waist Band (Product Page)

To add more accuracy to the look you will a waistband and this scarf will be very sound to play the role of waistband for your costume. You will have to tie it very tightly so it doesn’t fall off while you are busy receiving appreciations. This pure silk scarf is of topnotch quality and you won’t regret spending your money on this.

Shazam Cape

Shazam Cape (Product Page)

We have saved this cape for last, because we think the cape if the most important thing about a superhero costume and it’s only fair to save best for last. Shazam costume has a white cape because white is the color of truth, it’s the color of peace. You ought to have this pious cape to come in sync with the body and soul of Shazam.

shazam costume

Shazam Costume (Product Page)

If you are looking for the all-in-one product then it is the best one to buy a complete costume under your budget. This Shazam cosplay includes cloak and full body costume which you can wear it for the party and events.

Shazam Costume for Kids:

shazam boy costume

Boy Costume

girl costume shazam

Girl Costume

No doubt children are also hyped by the movie and they are willing to wear Shazam kid costume to look like their favorite superhero. It is the best chance to give them a gift as cool as this one.

Shazam Merchandise:

Here are some cool merch you should own!

shazam logo cap

Shazam Logo Cap

shazam shirt

Shazam full sleeve shirt

Shazam Tshirt kid

Shazam T-shirt Kid

Shazam socks

Shazam Socks

shazam action figure

Action Figure

shazam funko pop

Funko Pop

That’s all for SHAZAM movie costume, I hope you will get an idea on how to turn yourself into the same look as the funny superhero. Don’t forget to share this blog with other superhero lovers.

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