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Get Your Sherlock Holmes Costume | DIY Guide

Sherlock Holmes Costume

Here we ought to give complete information about the Sherlock Holmes Costume, which will be a great costume to wear for any costume event. And for those who live under the rock and don’t know who Sherlock is, here are some things that you need to know.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote this famously notorious character, back then Doyle had no idea that his character would become so timeless that it will be loved by generations, one after the other. BBC’s Sherlock is a modern-day pick on how Sherlock Holmes would survive in the modern-day world. BBC’s Sherlock became an instant hit when it aired back in 2010. Form strong story like to brilliant direction and magnificent acting; fans loved everything. Cumberbatch became our favorite high-functioning sociopath with his carefree attitude, eccentric behavior, and mind-boggling deductions.

Items Required

And with season 4 just around the corner, we sat and researched the ways to make the best outfit of a high functioning sociopath with absolute precision. After long hard day’s search we finally were able to break down the outfit to every bit and bring you, the Sherlock Holmes fans, this immortal costume guide, which can also be used as the Sherlock Holmes costume woman, that will get you to attain the perfect Sherlock look.

Sherlock Holmes Coat

Sherlock Holmes Coat (Product Page)

The most important thing for this costume is his paradigmatic coat. You can’t even convince yourself that you are the iconic consulting detective let alone the whole world if you are not wearing this historical coat. This high quality coat available under $200 at fjackets is the best thing on the internet, with accurate design patterns and supreme quality. The importance of this item is unmatched by any other piece of the attire, and this is what they say the base element of the Sherlock BBC cosplay.

3 piece suit

Sherlock Holmes Suit (Product Page)

Sherlock is dapper. He doesn’t wear’s soggy loose fit jeans and t-shirts. He is always seen in an A-line business suit. So to get things working you will also need a suit, high quality with sublime fitting. We suggest you this economical suit but of very standard and quality. Available in different sizes and color, but since you are impersonating a character that is not so flamboyant and extrovert, we would advise you to go with a dark color like black or charcoal for your Sherlock Holmes costume.

Sherlock Holmes Shirt

Sherlock Holmes Shirt (Product Page)

You will need a formal shirt to go with your suit. Likewise, you will need a shirt of dark color. This Sherlock BBC shirt is ideal for formal, casual or party wear. Not only that the shirt is of very high quality too. Available at Amazon at a moderate price. Adding this to your daily outfit will have an extraordinary impact on your personality.

Sherlock Holmes Muffler

Sherlock Holmes Muffler (Product Page)

You are familiar with this muffler; He always had this on when he goes outside to solve a case. It’s like his thinking cap. It enhances not only the look of Sherlock but also his performance seems to be edged up. To make yourself more related to the quintessential character and add priceless detail to your costume you must have this graceful muffler. It will also be a superb addition to your winter outfits as well as a Sherlock Holmes gift ideas; it will add color, style and uniqueness to your look.

Sherlock Holmes Gloves

Sherlock Holmes Gloves (Product Page)

Sherlockology state that Sherlock has OCD when it comes to contaminating the crime scene or tempering the evidence to keep the evidence as it is and to gives a daunting look to his apparel he wears these leather gloves. These real leather gloves are very high quality with the finest stitching. You should buy these for an accurate look of the Sherlock Holmes costume.

Sherlock Holmes Hat

Sherlock Holmes BBC Hat (Product Page)

The fans know the importance of cosplay, and it’s not worth it if you don’t do it right and with full detail. To add detail to your costume, you will need this top-quality deerstalker hat or most widely known as the Sherlock Holmes hat. The Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock hat has adopted a new name because of the fame given to it by Sherlock, so undermining the importance of this hat will not be a good idea.

Sherlock Holmes Shoes

Sherlock Holmes Shoes (Product Page)

Since your all the attire up to now has been formal and classy, you will need shoes of the same genre. Classy, comfy, and most of all formal. Black oxford style Sherlock shoes will be the best choice since it’s the choice Sherlock made. These are Oxford oval shoes are nice to have as part of your Sherlock Holmes costume a well as your own daily wearable.

This is the complete description of how you can accurately depict the Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes. It’s a great piece of information for those who ask themselves “what is the name of Sherlock Holmes hat”. Just remember to leave us your feedback so we that we can know our efforts are being appreciated.

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