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Impersonate Like A Hatter With The Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter Costume 810x450

Other than the Alice, Mad Hatter was the one who gets real fame and becomes the male lead. Having pretentious brainteaser questions and the vivid orange hairs are the things that stand out when thinking of the Mad Hatter Costume. Whether it is the Carnival, Halloween or Alice in Wonderland theme party, the ideas present are easy enough to get you the exotic look.

With the Mad Hatter costumes listed below, you can alter the look like the legendary character.

Get ready to be as Mad as a Hatter…!

  • For Men…..

Adult Wig 300x292

Adult Wig (Amazon)

The first and foremost accessory is the bright orange wig. This will give the instant look of the Mad Hatter once you get it for the cosplay or the Halloween party.

Eyebrows Accessory 228x300

Eyebrows Accessory (Amazon)

It is another fashion accessory that will enhance your look in the most iconic way. The Mad Hatter costume eyebrows for the infamous look of Johnny Depp.

Mad Hatter Alice Costume Suit

Men’s Hatter Deluxe Costume (Amazon)

Here we have the elegant outfit with the standard costume pieces. You don’t have to be mad to gear this attire.

boot cover brown

Adult Boot Covers (Amazon)

Don’t forget to add the boot cover to complete the ultimate Mad Hatter costume mens. It would be a great addition to the entire ensemble for Halloween.

Dark Mad Hatter Wig 209x300

Dark Mad Hatter Wig (Amazon)

Get the Dark Hatter to look for the upcoming season so that you can appear the best amongst all.

Dark Mad Hatter Mens Costume 120x300

Dark Mad Hatter Mens Costume (Amazon)

Wonderland is taking a turn to the darker side. It includes the pinstripe pants, a gothic overcoat and top hat along with the floppy bow tie, fingerless gloves, and shoe covers. A pick that will provide you everything that you need to complete Mad Hatter Halloween costume.

  • For Women…..

Womens Delightful Hatter Costume 119x300

Women’s Delightful Hatter Costume (Amazon)

Mini Cropped Satin Gloves 286x300

Mini Cropped Satin Gloves (Amazon)

Thigh High Stockings 1 160x300

Thigh High Stockings (Amazon)

Pump Shoes 300x252

Pump Shoes (Amazon)

Mad Hatter womens costume is also an excellent idea to execute. Get ready for the tea party in the charismatic outfit. There is a multi-printed tank dress topped off with the checkerboard trimmed velvet jacket. The hat, belt, and bow tie will complete the look ideally.

Pair the female Mad Hatter Costume with the black mini cropped gloves, black and white stockings, and the pump shoes.

  • For Kids…..

Green Hat 300x212

Green Hat (Amazon)

Kids Through Looking Glass Costume 260x300

Kids Through Looking Glass Costume (Amazon)

Kids Costume 209x300

Kids Costume (Amazon)

Dark Mad Hatter Kids Costume 116x300

Dark Mad Hatter Kids Costume (Amazon)

Here we have the kids Mad Hatter costume to be passionate this Halloween and acquire the best outfit for your child.  Features everything to capture the exact look of the character. The different variety is proposed so that the little one can wear the best.

  • Other Items…..

Clown White 300x269

Clown White (Amazon)

Professional Makeup Kit 235x300

Professional Makeup Kit (Amazon)

Last, put on some makeup to finish the DIY. It is the standard kit that will allow you to portray the role in the best possible way.

Dress in the most popular Mad Hatter costume and surprise others with the new and creative look. It will surely add an immense amusement to the occasion.

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