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Simple DIY Guide To Smurf Costume

Smurf Costumes

Brainy, Papa. Smurfette and Evil Gargamel are back but this time, it’s totally epic.  You’ve seen the cartoons and movies, now it’s time to experience the fun in all new Animated, The Smurfs: The Lost Village.  In the story, Smurfette discovers there are more of them somewhere, and their mission is to find them at all cost.

The Little Blue Creatures have to go through tough challenges to find the loved one. What makes us so excited about this movie that it’s not a CGI movie but rather Animated Cartoon Film that is voiced by actors. If you too are excited for this than we’re in the same boat. Today we’ll increase the hype by showing you our selected smurf costume collection for Halloween and Parties.


Blue Smurfs

First Put Some Paint On The Face Before You Dress Up

Smurf Face Paint

Blue Face Paint w/ Nose (Product Page)


Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is the leader of all the smurfs in Mushroom Villiage. He’s responsible for protecting all his kind from any danger that comes in the village especially when that mean evil Gargamel tries to capture the little creatures. He’s the eldest and only one that wears red clothes. His attire is not very hard to adapt, you just need following items:

Costume Red Hat

Papa Hat (Product Page)

Blue Longsleeve shirt

Blue Full Sleeve Shirt (Product Page)

White Santa Clause Beard

Men’s White Beard (Product Page)

Smurf Blue Gloves

Smurfs Gloves (Product Page)

Red Joggers Pant

Men’s Red Jogger Pant (Product Page

Red running Shoes

Red Running Shoes (Product Page)

Smurfette Smurfs Costumes DIY

Smurfette Costume

She’s a female character who is lovely and has a very pleasant attitude with all the other Smurfs. Everyone loves her presence because of her beauty and personality. She was different from the original character, but Papa Smurf’s magic turns her into a blonde girl. She appeared in almost all seasons and episode, now she’s made a comeback in all new Animated 3D CGI movie. To look like her, you need following Smurfette dress items.


Basic White Beanie

White Beanie Hat (Product Page)

Smurfette Blond Hair Wig

Blonde Hair Wig (Product Page)

Women Long Sleeve Tee

Blue Long Sleeve Tee (Product Page)

Smurf Blue Gloves

 Gloves (Product Page)

Sleeveless Comfy White Tank

White Women Tank (Product Page)

Sexy Semi Opaque Blue Tights

Sexy Blue Tights (Product Page)

Pump Heel Shoes

White Pumps (Product Page

Brainy Costume


This one is described as Mr. I Know Everything. He considers himself expert in everything like once Papa Smurf left the village and during his absence, brainy declared himself as the natural leader of all Smurfs and give more than just regular orders for the village. He’s no different than other Smurfs, most likely resembles with Harry Potter. To be like him, here are required essentials for your Smurf costume.
Round Eye Glasses Frame

Round Wizard Glasses (Product Page)

Long Beanie White Men

White Long Beanie (Product Page)

Mens Longsleeve Turtleneck blue

Blue Turtleneck for Men (Product Page)

Men's Pants White

White Mens Pant (Product Page)

Classic Slip-On Casual Shoes

White Casual Shoes for Men (Product Page)

Cosplay Solid Blue Gloves

Cosplay Gloves (Product Page

These are the items you needed to create a smurfy look. Now I’ll show you stuff that relates with each Smurf Character.


Hefty Smurf

When you talk about strong characters in the movie, this dude is one of them. He’s always in a mood to take challenges and lift heavyweights. You can’t compare him with others but still, he is a Smurf so I’ll just call him that. His iconic barbell and the heart tattoo is the key signature to recognize him.

Inflatable Barbell

Inflatable Barbell (Product Page)

Heart Stickers

Heart Sticker for Shoulder (Product Page)



The Smurfs can be cute and also can be charming. Well what you know, it’s Vanity. He’s back and still imagining his beauty in the mirror. He’s commonly mistaken as the main character but not exactly. Unlike other Smurfs, he’s just living in his own dreams. Many people do and to portray him, you don’t need much except for a flower and a handy mirror.

Artificial Flower

Daisy Soft Flower (Product Page)

Hand Mirror

Hand Mirror (Product Page)



The Evil Wizard Gargamel is the main antagonist in almost every episode. His mission is to capture the Smurfs at all cost but fails every time. In the movie, he finds out that they are on their way to discover the long lost village where more of them are located. He soon starts his own journey to locate the island before smurfs do. His outfit brings back the old memories, and for you, I’ve listed a similar style outfit to look like the Evil Wizard.

Big Realistic Nose

Big Realistic Nose (Product Page)

Half Bald Wig

Half Bald Headpiece (Product Page)

Long Man Black Robe

Men’s Black Robe (Product Page)

Mens Black Skinny Jeans

Skinny Boots (Product Page)

Slip-on Red House Slippers

Red Slip-on Shoes (Product Page)


smurf costume for adults

If you want to save time then perhaps you can just buy the whole outfit and create a Smurfy look.  There are tons of detailing varieties available in the marketplace, but I’ll show you the most impeccable designs that’ll work fine in Halloween and Costume Parties. Here are some unique selections you should try out.

Smurf Adult Costume

Smurf Adult Costume (Product Page)

Papa Smurf Complete Costume

Papa Smurf Cosplay (Product Page)

Smurfette Adult Costume

Smurfette Women Costume (Product Page

Kids Smurfette Costume

Smurfette Costume (Product Page)

Smurf Boy Costume

Boys Smurf Outfit (Product Page)

Sexy Smurfette Costume

Women Sexy Smurfette Costume (Product Page)

 Papa Smurf Kids Costume

Papa Smurf (Product Page)

Smurfette Girls Costume

Smurfette Girls Costume (Product Page)

Gargamel Costume

Gargamel Costume (Product Page

Make Costumes but Don’t Try This at Home

kick to the nuts

These little Smurfs have been entertaining us since the 90’s, and they have brought more fun for everyone in the new CGI movie. Every fan wants to dress up like them so with our costume DIY for adults and kids, you can easily dress up and look exactly like the little blue creatures. For Related (Despicable Me Costumes).

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