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Complete Guide To Solo A Star Wars Story Costume

A Star Wars Story costume

Fans are very excited to receive an actual Star Wars spin-off featuring a young Han Solo played by Alden Ehrenreich. The movie has now become the greatest hit for the franchise and would continue to bring more ambitious stories in the future. The story revolves around Solo and his trusty sidekick Chewbacca, who find themselves wandering around the dark galaxy where they go through huge chaos in order to take down the empire.

After making an appearance as the notorious character, everyone was talking about his new style especially the jacket.

Yes, if you’re inspired by the most wanted galaxy hero, this Solo A Star Wars Story Cosplay Guide includes everything to reimagine the character IRL.


Solo A Star Wars Story Jacket


What’s really noticed by the audience is the iconic brown jacket. The overall construction is done with suede leather featuring a zip closure, velvet touch, black patches on both shoulders and one arm pocket. Not only for cosplay but this classy jacket can be adorned on any occasion whether you’re going to watch the movie or just to hang out with buddies.


Can’t drive a Millennium Falcon without having these awesome leather gloves. Handmade design inspired by the movie which provides great grip and stylish look.

Blue Long Sleeve Shirt (PRODUCT PAGE)

You wouldn’t mind wearing a blue shirt inside would you? This is added to give a classic 1977 look Solo from his first appearance. Sure it will also look good on this one too because after all, this is a reboot. Available in a variety of colors and in all sizes.


A lot of memories will be refined when you’ll start making Solo a Star Wars Story Costume of Alden Ehrenreich. This Han Solo holster and belt will keep you buckled up for the big event made of PU Leather. Provide reasonable comfort and easily holds the Blaster.

Blaster Prop (PRODUCT PAGE)

Speaking of Blaster, here is one for your Solo A Star Wars Story Cosplay. It is a toy replicate designed for costume purpose. It also makes a fun firing sound, kids are going to love it.

Fitted Pants (PRODUCT PAGE)

To capture the attitude of Han, you must choose a fitted casual pant to create a better stance. We come up with a casual black pant that seems to go with any outfit and also with Alden Ehrenreich costume. You can pick between black and blue for the cosplay.


Here are the screen accurate design movie Han Solo Boots to complete your costume. The overall construction is done with faux leather and features a synthetic sole. Once you put them on, you’ll be looking as the leader of the alliance in no time.



Qi’Ra Jacket

Star Wars is a great inspiration for ladies and this leather constructed Qi’ra jacket is yet another deal ready to match your style and skin tone. Get indulged in the latest Star War’s fashion and ready yourself for tons of compliments!

solo shirt

Solo T-Shirt

Your fashion won’t be judged when you go for the lovely Solo T-Shirt. If you’re not in to make Solo A Star Wars Story, you should consider picking up this novelty.

solo starwars hoodie

Solo Hoodie

Here is one for winter that will also resurrect your passion for the franchise. If you go to the theatre in this pullover, everyone will know which movie you’ll watch.

Chewbacca Shirt

The loyal sidekick also has something for the crazy fans. With this tee, you can give a beautiful tribute to the party animal.

Qira Shirt

Qi’ra T-Shirt

Give a fantastic tribute to another character, Qi’ra. The debuting character has a major role in the movie and this tee will do the same in your fashion.


We welcome every fan to have a look at this Solo A Star Wars Story Costume guide and collect all the stuff to create a perfect cosplay. If you think we missed something or want to send your opinion or just want to say hello, let us know in the comments because The Force is with you!

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