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ST Patrick’s Day Celebration – USA vs Ireland

St patricks day

People around the world are familiar with this day. It recalls the advent of Christianity in Ireland hundreds of years back that wiped out Paganism from the region.

Folks of Ireland, as well as others in the world, commemorates this St Patrick’s day for being blessed with Christianity.

The St Patrick’s day originated initially from Irish descendants and swiftly spread throughout the world among believers. It has caused collaboration among cultures, which resulted in numerous rituals and traditions related to this event. Therefore, celebrations differ drastically from state to state.


In the USA

St patricks day in USA

The US celebrates this day rather enthusiastically instead of devotion. In the US the customs and rituals of  St Patrick’s day is march or parade by wearing green and to do green everything like running water.


green outfits st patricks

Wearing green outfits and pinching those who don’t, and celebrate this day by showing colors related to St. Patricks.


green emerald wine glass

Making and drinking emerald wines to express devotedness.


green landmarks

Turning out the entire state to be green, from famous landmarks to rivers.

It includes green lakes, green clothing, face paintings, fountains, buildings, public places, and even the menu of the day.


beef and cabbage meal

US people prefer beef and cabbage as a traditional meal for this festivity.



More consumption of alcohol because of religious leniency.


dance culture show

Dance parties, marches, parades and musical concerts organized by various organizations.


enjoyment on st patricks day

Pubs are particularly open on this day.



Comparatively few people gather at Churches.



Celebrators consist of Catholics, Protestants and even non-Irish people.


Briefly, the USA commemorates Saint Patrick’s Day as much as a fun and a carnival day and exhibits little or no religious value to it. Commercialization is the essence of this day.



In Ireland

Ireland St Patricks day

Irish observe this day religiously and spend it as.


ceremony on church

Attending Catholic Churches to offering prayers.


IRish patriotism

Speaking the Irish language to show patriotism.



Wearing a sprig of shamrock, a symbol of Holy Trinity.


green hat

Green has nothing to do mainly with Saint Patrick’s Day.

 So no specific green getup, landmarks, or anything else but a green hat only.


marches st patricks

Participating in marches and parading devotedly that’s turned slightly into fun or amusement.


alcohol and beverages

Alcoholism is at peak drinking regular beers and wines

 Yet, no preference for emerald drinks.


roasted lamb

Festival menu contains roasted leg of lamb, fried fish; curry fries, and cakes mostly. Not any famous cuisine.


public holiday

Pubs are closed across Ireland.


No matter whatever the customary differences exist on this event. One thing is quite clear that it’s a day of spiritual renewal for all. This day even unites us towards a unified path of brotherhood, faith in God, caring for those in trouble, and pursuit of peace.


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