A Complete Costume Guide for Star Wars Characters

Star Wars Costumes

Want to look as realistic as possible in a costume the next time you dress up as a character?!

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Today we will highlight the famous characters to cosplay are, Jedi, Han Solo, Princess Leia and especially the likes of the renowned villains costumes Darth Vader and Boba Fett etc. The following is the long lasting list of Star Wars costume that are always in much demand every Halloween, comic-con and Star Wars conventions. (Related: see Star Wars Gifts)

  1. Jyn Erso
  2. Captain Cassian Andor
  3. Death Trooper
  4. Finn
  5. Rey
  6. Han Solo
  7. Princess Leia
  8. Jedi
  9. Chewbacca
  10. Poe Dameron
  11. Darth Vader
  12. Kylo Ren
  13. Stormtrooper
  14. Luke Skywalker
  15. Boba Fett

There are many and many costumes that this franchise have introduced in the past 3 decades. Most of them are pretty famous but some of them are near to compulsory for the world. Here is the list of these Star Wars costumes for adults guides for you to make your own outfit.

Captain Cassian Andor

Captain Cassian Andor


Captain Cassian Andor – A human who serves as an intelligence officer in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War against the empire. Andor is a handsome man with a heartwarming personality. Diego Luna is perfect to portray the role of cool and calm Captain Cassian. In the Rogue One, he is assigned the task to accompany Jon Erso to the mission of stealing the plans to Death Star. His major role was to keep an eye on Erso as she has a violent and very unprintable nature which might put the mission at risk. Although this is the first time, he will appear in the franchise, but the pre-release polls suggest that he is already a fan favorite. Diego Luna owes his a fair share of his fame to his casual and up to date costume. The Captain Cassain Andor costume can easily be made at home with the help of the items mentioned above.

Death Trooper


In this movie, you can guarantee that there will be a lot of laser shooting weaponry and the Stormtroopers. Well, your expectations are almost on point when it comes to the Star Wars spin-off. However, for the first time, we are going to see these soldiers. They are the higher ranked soldiers of the Galactic Empire. Their job was to guard the officers of Tarkin Initiative. Deathtroopers were mostly under the command of Orson Krennic. Other than Rogue One-A Star Wars Story, they have appeared in a game. As compared to the Stormtrooper costume, they are in an all-black attire. Whether it’s a Halloween costume or at conventions, wearing this will certainly make people wonder how you got it. The costume accessories also include the blaster, which is nearly similar to the DLT-19 heavy blaster.

 Jyn Erso



Felicity Jones will be appearing in this franchise for the first time and she’s going to adorn the costume of Jyn Erso. This is the latest of all the Star Wars costumes for women. She is the one  chosen to take on the task to save the galaxy from a big disaster that is set to happen soon. She is known for her reckless and aggressive behavior and this many people are concerned that she might jeopardize the whole and put her life in danger. But her father has complete trust in her and he assures other that she is the right person for the job. Her role is to find the plans of Death Star and destroy them. If you want to dress like her then above mentioned items will make your Jyn Erso costume easily. Or look at this Jyn Erso costume guide for a detailed analysis.




Now we move on to Finn. He is a new character that appeared in Star Wars Episode VII. Finn was actually a part of the Stormtroopers. As his form dipped from being one of the best Stormtroopers, he decided to join the opposing unit to battle against Kylo Ren. He has supported Poe Dameron in the whole movie and teamed up with Rey to make his own team strong enough to match the powers of Kylo Ren. He is an exceptional choice for people who love to cosplay characters all around. Here is how you can get the Finn costume. We saw Anakin go from being a Jedi to becoming one of the most famous villains, Darth Vader. Finn has done the opposite, going from being a villain to becoming a hero. His adult Star Wars costume certainly does look stylish and more heroic type. Definitely an upgrade from wearing a plain white costume!




Along with Finn, another new character that was introduced in Star Wars film series is Rey who is assumed to be the daughter of Luke Skywalker. No one clearly known about where she’s from and what role she will play in the upcoming Star Wars movies but she has already shown people that she has the strength to stop the threatening to the Galaxy. She’s eventually seen liking by Finn and has become one of the most demanding couple costume over social media. You will find her costume guide over here. If you’re wondering to try her style then suggest making it a Star Wars couple costumes along with Finn style. It will be much suitable and will look a more complete Star Wars family.

Obi Wan Kenobi



Obi Wan Kenobi has been a stunning character though out the Star Wars series. He has given his best to stop Darth Vader from destroying the universe and even the forces of Darth Vader by crossing their limits. The costume of Obi Wan Kenobi is pretty much famous among the people who group in Star Wars outfits or love to wear it along with the adult star wars shoes. This is how you will become the next Jedi of your Universe by following this simple costume guide over here.

Han Solo

Han Solo


Harrison Ford has been playing his character in Star Wars franchise for 30 years. In the 8th Episode, he is seen in a very different look from his usual one. He has upgraded his outfit so do his hair got white now. If you are looking for a picture perfect look, then coloring your hair white would be advisable. If you are willing to cosplay his style of Star Wars The Force Awaken or you want to try The New Hope Han Solo, You will get all of his collection on this link at Fjackets. Han Solo has been a main character in all franchise. Anybody can easily say that Star Wars wouldn’t be like this without the acting and role of Harrison Ford. This is one of the most famous Star Wars adult costumes of the new ear.




Chewbacca is the best friend and the sidekick of Han Solo. He has saved the life of Han Solo many times and has shown the proof of his faithfulness towards Him. There is no Star Wars movie where you will see these two separately. Not even when cosplayers have the guts to seperate them, you will definitely see someone cosplay Chewbacca along with Han Solo near to him. For that, here is the costume guide of Chewbacca that you can use to cosplay him and team up with Han Solo.

Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron Costume

Poe Dameron is one of Princess Leia’s most trusted guys when it comes to battle. That’s why he was assigned to be the leader of the Resistance. Poe can be very lethal in the air with his customized X Wing T-70. He is so well trained as a fighter pilot that he can fly any plane with ease, making him a great asset. He also helped Finn to figure his way out from the force of Stormtrooper and gave him his jacket to wear. He also fights well when the force was after BB-8 who got the piece of map directing the place of Skywalker. His is one of the easy Star Wars costumes for adults that was admired by the fans in The Force Awaken movie. He is also a good option to wear with Finn and Rey because they have stopped the force all together.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader


Although Darth Vader is a villain, he is a very vital character to the Star Wars franchise. There is lot of merchandises that sells and mostly it’s inspired by Darth Vader. Darth Vader, formerly known as Anakin Skywalker as you can see in Clone Wars, once started as a Jedi, who later moved to the dark side and became a leader to vanquish the Jedi’s. James Earl Jones played the role and has named as the most astonishing villain Star Wars ever had. This makes lots of people who are crazy for the dark side of force to mimic Darth Vader style and defeat the force stepping on his way to destroy the world. This costume guide will make it much easier for you to dress like him. His attire was maintained for the animated series of Star Wars Rebels. None can match the awesome resemblance of the Star Wars Darth Vader costume, until now.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren


In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren is the character who played the role of Badass guy. He’s the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia who stepped into the dark side and paired with Darth Vader being against to their own parents. The leading lady of the movie Rey showed her effort and her powers to stop this bad guy by destroying the galaxy. This is exactly another new style that you can count in your Star Wars cosplay list. This costume guide will tell you how you can be the Kylo Ren of your Galaxy. Follow the guide to make the perfect adult Star Wars costumes because it’s time that the force awakens Kylo Ren in you.




The costume of Stormtrooper is the most famous and most demanded star wars clothing ever introduced. If you want to create your own force then you literally have to read this guide and buy the costume of Stormtrooper for you force. Commanded by Captain Phasma, these soldiers can’t be underestimated or taken lightly. Having been trained for all missions, the men of Vader have showed why they are so famous in any film. There are many styles in this guide that you can admire but the style from Star Wars Episode 8 is really amazing. It is close enough to make you a clone trooper. The guide also contain baby star wars costume and the womens Star Wars costume.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia


One of the most sought out star wars costumes for women is of Princess Leia. This character of Star Wars is much connected with Han Solo. They are shown deep in love since they first met each other. Princess Leia has an eye catching personality in Star Wars movies, not only because of her figure but also because of her acting. Mostly she have teamed up with Han Solo and stopped the threatening and they get success in it. However, Han Solo is now dead but Princess is still alive to save the Galaxy. Here is how you can become the Wife of Han Solo including her different looks. You can make this a wonderful couple cosplay by partnering with someone who have dressed as Han Solo or can dress up your partner by using our Star Wars cosplay guide for Han Solo.

Luke Skywalker



Luke Skywalker is another character of Star Wars that carry great importance in franchise. He have been there in many episodes of Star Wars. Luke Skywalker is the twin brother of Princess Leia and a close friend of smuggler Han Solo. The trinity received great response from the followers of franchise. In many events where Star Wars outfits are seen in bulk you will definitely find a trinity group portraying these three stars. Therefore here is the guide of Luke Skywalker costume, the son of Queen Amidala, that can help you creating yourself as the Anakin Starkiller.

Boba Fett



Adding another name in the list of Bad Guys in Star Wars besides the under rated Darth Maul, Boba Fett, the father of Jango Fett, had appeared in two movies of franchise where he works for Darth Vader. He’s a tough fighter who betrays Luke Skywalker and makes an undefeated team along with Jango Fett. The Boba Fett costume also becomes one of the best choices for the cosplayers. If you find a force of empire coming towards you, you will surely find Boba Fett in front. This is one of the best Star Wars costumes that made its own fan following and name among other famous attires.

Here are all the DIY guides of the Star Wars cosplay costumes from the films and video games that you can use in your upcoming events. This is an exceptional guide to bring up your group costume or there are even many couple costume in it

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Choose the best star wars costume ideas and May The Force Be With You. (Related See: Star Wars Merchandise)

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