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Star Wars – A Guide To Rogue One Costumes

In no time, the next Star Wars movie will be released, and everyone will be rushing to the theaters to witness something extraordinary. This is the movie with the plot that every Star Wars fan was waiting for – the history and how it all started. Before there was Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, there was Captain Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso. Besides them, the Stormtroopers and Darth Vader were there from the beginning. We already know how big these Star Wars characters are and how much people want the Rogue One costume.

That’s why at Comic-Cons you will see many teenagers and young adults dress in costumes from the ’80s and so on. It goes to show how much Star Wars is appreciated all around the world and not only in the USA or UK. With the Rogue One costume, we start with the central character of the film with the…

Jyn Erso Costume

grey scarf

Jyn Erso Scarf (Product Page)

The scarf is an additional feature of the Jyn Erso costume. You can either choose to wear it or ditch it. The item looks exactly like how it is shown in the film as it comes in light grey. A scarf like this is very soft and very convenient. As some would choose not to ditch it, this Jyn Erso Scarf could be the extra star for your costume of the character.


Jyn Erso Vest Jacket (Product Page)

There is no incentive to be confused by the name of the product. This is the same jacket-cum-vest that was worn in Rogue One. It can be a vest if you choose only to wear brown attire. The jacket inside will really give you the picture perfect look of the character. Both the items are made from cotton fabric.


Jyn Erso Gloves (Product Page)

At first sight, you would believe that these could come in ‘handy.’ These winter finger-less gloves for women can be used as a costume item too. It has a kind of cool look when you assemble your outfit. She wore something very similar to this, which means you are one step closer to nailing the look.


Jyn Erso Pant (Shop at Amazon)

This tactical pant can come to great use on any day. Girls do have their version of the tactical trousers too. Jyn wore this as part of her costume because it is more convenient than wearing leather pants as you will find many girls wear today. It’s a different take on a woman’s outfit that doesn’t look weird.


Jyn Erso Holster (Shop at Amazon)

This is the Jyn Erso holster taken from the movie Star Wars. If you are looking for the holder to grip the handgun or pistol, then this holster pouch holder is the proper product for you. This is the side pouch for storage convenience. This can be attached to the wrist belt and fasten to the leg. You can also wear it with the full costume and get a perfect look of Jyn.


Jyn Erso Boots (Shop At Amazon)

You have to seem like a warrior, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring style to your overall appearance. These Jyn Erso Boots can bring your overall warrior look to a whole other level. It will add glamor and style to your intimidating heroine look. Of course, these can be used as regular as possible as well.

That was the Jyn Erso costume DIY version from the Star Wars Rogue One costume set. Now lets look at the outfit of the calm and casual attire of Deigo Luna.

Captain Cassian Andor Costume


Captain Cassian Andor Shirt (Shop at Amazon)

Many fashion-driven guys may use this stylish linen shirt during the summer season. But who knew that this would also come to use as costume item from an upcoming movie? This Cassian Andor shirt may look like the one Han Solo wears, but it’s slightly different. This is a must-have item in the costume.

Captain Cassian Andor Jacket

Captain Cassian Andor Jacket (Product Page)

The next item that you must have with you for the overall look is the Cassian Andor jacket of the character. This is as realistic as it gets. Not only are cotton clothes comfortable but this one here has all the details it needs to qualify as a Star Wars jacket. Without this item, you can’t look like the Captain.

Captain Cassian Andor Parka (Product Page)

He does resemble Han Solo in terms of style. Han Solo also wore a jacket that is quite similar to this. Now it’s time for Cassian to display his winter jacket, and what a coat it is. This was worn over his brown jacket to protect him from the blizzard of the galaxy. This could be your new outfit for winter. A must-have apparel from the Captain Cassain Andor costume.


Captain Cassian Blaster (Shop at Amazon)

The Cassian Andor blaster for the kids and adults, this is a fantastic product which includes loading from the front, a single shot, glow strike technology for light effects and glow in the dark darts. This item can be carried with the full outfit of the Captain to the costume parties to get an original look of the character.


Captain Cassian Andor Pants (Shop at Amazon)

Lastly, this pair of pants is what is needed to complete your appearance as Cassian. You have to be sure about the shade and the color of the items that are being listed. So these brown trousers are perfect for the costume. This provides you a pleasant color combination with the parka and the cotton jacket.


Captain Cassian Boots (Shop at Amazon)

This stylish boot perfectly resembles the footwear that was worn in the film. It is made from leather and is more comfortable to walk in it. Since everyone has worn boots, Captain Cassian got himself a classy one. Besides using this with your Captain Cassian cosplay, you can use it on a daily basis due to its shape and design.

Death Trooper Costume


Death Trooper Costume (Shop at Amazon)

Death Trooper costume rogue one is made up of 100% polyester. It includes jumpsuit with attached boots, belt, and two-piece Death Trooper Rogue One helmet which gives complete character look. The quality material costume can be worn to the Star Wars Rogue One Halloween costumes party to get a perfect look of the character.

black gloves leather

Death Trooper Gloves (Shop at Amazon)

Gloves are an essential part of the character, and it looks best for the death of trooper cosplay. It is made up of 100% leather and is very warm to keep you comfortable during the winter season. The gloves are of great design with the buckle on the cuff which gives an attractive look to the wearer. You can additionally wear it to the costume party or Halloween.

black boots death trooper

Death Trooper Boots (Shop at Amazon)

Men’s boot is made up of quality leather. These shoes are the same as the Death Trooper in the Star Wars. The boots are knee heights which make you feel comfortable in the cold weather. These look fashionable which can be worn to the parties to get a great look and compliments from the viewers.

death-trooper-blasterDeath Trooper Blaster (Shop at Amazon)

Death Trooper cosplay also includes blaster and he supposes to keep his blaster in his holster to kill evil force. This blaster is made up of plastic with laser blast sound effect and has fired three darts in a row. Get a perfect look of the Death with the quality blaster. You can carry it with you for any costume party.

A Star Wars Story will always be entertaining on the most boring day of your life. There is one thing that you should know; there is no specific time where costume parties are held. Apart from Halloween, you can organize or attend any costume event, whether it’s a birthday or a convention. The Rogue One costume guide applies to couples, groups, and individual ideas. So give it a try.

Now that you have a better insight on what you should get and what you shouldn’t for the new Star Wars collection, your work is easier. They do look fashionable, don’t they? That pretty much guarantees you that you won’t look like an alien when you become these characters. So whether it’s Halloween or any costume occasion, dressing up in the Rogue One costume has never been easier for you.

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