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How to Become A Real Life Annabelle Doll

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Annabelle a demonic spirit in a doll, which kills those, who own it. Unlike “IT“, the story focuses on a toy doll that is named after a deceased young girl. The most haunting part is it is based on a true story that is somehow captured the attention of scriptwriters at Hollywood. Does it terrifies you or has it inspired you? If it inspires you, then this can be your scariest character to choose. Halloween is the right moment to DIY this character. Here are steps to make a creepy Annabelle Costume, that includes ideas required essential.

Note – this guide is only made for cosplay purpose. Do not try to scare individuals with weak heart and especially, little ones.  

Let’s Begin with

Annabelle Makeup


Required Accessories for Annabelle Costume for Girls:

Annabelle Wig

Wig  – Amazon

Before we go down to dress up a party, first pick up the ghostly wig of the doll. The light brown color wig made from heat resistant fiber. You don’t require Annabelle wig if you have long hairs.

Annabelle Mask

Mask – Amazon

You can either buy a separate wig or an Annabelle mask with an attached wig. That’s up to you.

Annabelle Costume 3

Annabelle Dress for Adults – Amazon

If being an adult, you are not willing to wear a ribbon or a bow. Then this suit is an alternate option for you. Made with pure polyester fabric, specially designed for Women.


Teenage Annabelle Dress  – Amazon

Made with polyester quality fabric, includes red ribbons and a bow. Available in all sizes. Wear it with mask and wig to be perfectly matched as a cruel character and to give nightmares to your accompanied people.

Annabelle Costume

 Dress for Kids – Amazon

White Annabelle Costume made with quality polyester fabric. Specially designed for 4 – 10-year kids.

We have discussed in detail about Annabelle Halloween Costume for adults and kids. Now get out there and scare the hell out of people because you are ready to hunt with your creepy little Annabelle doll costume in this year’s Halloween.

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