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Batman Costume DIY 810x425

Let’s make your Halloween a bit darker with Batman Costume and it won’t take time either. A quick and affordable guide to turning you into a vigilante hero like the Gotham’s Knight. We’ll show you separate variations, one a bit expensive while other will save you cash.


The Batman Costume DIY Infographic

Step No. 1:


Batman Mask Ideas

Making a costume can be tricky because you need to set up a budget. The market is full of different mask variations, but you want to pick the one that’ll make you look scary. It’s Halloween and keeping the spirit alive is necessary for every cosplayer. Let’s begin our DIY with the essential Mask of the Cape Crusader.

Batman Dark Knight Rises Mask


Showing you the only front face inspired by the Dark Knight Rises Movie. Made of plastic that’ll save you a lot of money. Or here is another Kowl which is quite expensive…

Creepy Batman Mask








The similar mask Bruce Wayne wore while filming in the attire. One size for all that’ll add a clear view to your Costume. Fans will not face any problem while wearing it.

STEP N0. 2:


Batman Classic Suit

Along with the mask, the important item is the suit. You can explore different ideas online but why bother when we are showing two designs of Batman Costumes.

Batman Classic Jacket


Now according to your mask, you need to pump up few muscles and for that, we are showing you two different tops to wear. The first one is the leather jacket with a classic logo that features viscose lining inside for comfort.

Batman Classic Sweatshirt








Another fancy style with same classic logo at low price It’s a hoodie but the vital part is you can wear it along with cape and mask.

STEP No. 3:


Cape Of Batman

Next up is the cape, you can just use a plain black bedsheet. Still, I’ll prefer one of these Superhero Capes because they fit almost everyone and not much of a price difference I’d say.


Black Season Cape


A plain design cape that cost no more than the mentioned price so it’ll save a lot of money. Something that can be used for any purpose especially Batman Costume Adult.

Batman Cape 1








$10.88 – BLACK CAPE

This one is a bit screen accurate version of the actual cape. Made up of 100% polyester that can fit anybody and most of all, affordable.

Step No. 4:


Batman Gauntlet

To strike fear or grab opponents and hit em’ right at the kisser, you need a gauntlet. Presenting you two affordable designs to build a dark character. Our suggestion is the left one which is overall best compared to the right one.
Batman Arkham Gauntlets








The highest quality product that will add an amazing touch to your attire. Sure it’s not that costly, for a $35 you will certainly not say no but here is another option that you should consider.

Batman Gloves








A perfect gauntlet licensed accessory for the costume. Also a chance to save cash, order while it lasts.

STEP No. 5:


Batman Pants

Depending on your size and fitting, you need to purchase a pant. If you already have one at home, don’t bother putting extra cash but considering that you’re making a Dark Knight costume, here are two ideas

Batman Costume Pant


The first idea is the classically fitted pant designed with leather material. In other words, you can call it a bikers pant. It is a hard to find product and will cost $94.95, totally off the limit. Also, see below style.

Mens Fitted Pant











Keep the idea a priority as well because you’re getting an alternate choice compared to the previous Pant. Slim fit, basic and keeps the appearance trendy why not pick it up for the Batman Costume?

Step No.6:


Arkham Boots
To run and kick, one must wear high-quality boots. Fortunately, we were able to found two great designs but as you compare, you’ll notice price the difference. A killer suit may need the right one but left boot isn’t that bad which look simple and wearable.

Batman Buckle Boot

BUCKLE BOOT – $99.95

The final item is the boot and this one is the coolest suggestion of all. Inspired by Arkham with a price tag of $139.95, sure you can afford it? Here’s the second design.

Batman Black Boots










Find another great deal for cosplayers, way affordable and simple. Produced with synthetic sole that pairs easily with the feet. Hardly cost $50.

Classic Mens Batman Costume

Classic Blue Grey Yellow Batman Costume


Na Na Na Na here is your classic suit that’ll channel your nostalgia. Get ready to be the ultimate hero in featured attire.

Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises Costume


Switch to night mode in Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume Adult that comes with a cape and a matching suit. Just buy a pair of gloves separately.

Batman vs Superman Costume

BVS Costume


Consider buying this Batman Costume as it is from the Dawn of Justice. Officially licensed and has everything to cosplay the hero.

Batman Arkham Knight Costume

Arkham Knight Costume


Showing now is the ultimate and most striking outlook of Arkham Knight. His outlook resembles with the Cape Crusaders himself and will make perfect attire for Men.

Hope this guide will help out during the last moment, all you have to do now is order the stuff mentioned. if you have any queries, contact us and we’ll hit you back.

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