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17 Stranger Things Shirts for the Ultimate Fan

Stranger Things T shirt

Strangers Things is the popular American TV series by Netflix. Since its inception, the show has released cool and inspiring merchandise that every fan should own.  Similarly, Stranger Things Shirts are also among the trending choice.

We are now sharing the 16 awesome tees that you can pick up online to celebrate the 4th of July release of Season 3.

stuck in the upside down shirt

Stuck in the Upside Down T-shirt (Amazon)

This impressive T-shirt has gone viral due to the unique design which conveys the main idea of the horror series. If you are always stuck in problems then you should own this Tee.

Hawkins Av club shirt

Hawkins Middle School Shirt (Amazon)

Recall your old school memories with this extreme quality black shirt of Hawkins A.V. Club.


Roast Beef Shirt

Roast Beef Stranger Things T Shirt (Amazon)

It is the best way to show your passion for the series. The tee with Roast Beef graphic print will add an extra funky touch to the style.


stuck in the upside down shirt

Upside down Shirt for Men (Amazon)

This shirt designed by unique typography which shows the principal concept of the Stranger Things. Grab your own black tee before getting stuck.

Ahoy Shirt

Star Court Shirt (Amazon)

Try out the season 3 Starcourt shirt so you could enjoy a free ice cream scoop. Don’t worry, it won’t make your nose bleed.

Hawkins post shirt

Stranger Things Hawkins shirt (Amazon)

Nothing is more important than choice if you love then get this cool and attractive shirt.

Stranger Things We are not kids shirt

We are not kids anymore tee (Amazon)

If you grow up watching Stranger Things, the best option would be to get this cool tee that expresses your inner adult.

Stranger Things Eleven T-Shirt

Stranger Things Eleven Shirt (Amazon)

If you are a fan of  Eleven then it is the must-have shirt for you. Geek out and explore the new world.

Jurassic Stranger Things Shirt

Jurassic Upside Down Shirt (Amazon)

What happens when you combine two iconic series in one shirt? Only fans of Jurassic Park would consider wearing this shirt.

Hawkins 1983 Middle School Shirt

Stranger Things Hawkins Shirt (Amazon)

It is made from quality fabric that is suitable for the summer. A unique sketched Black shirt can work perfectly on the jeans.

friends don't lie

Friends Don’t Lie (Amazon)

The most famous quote “Friends Don’t lie” is now becoming a popular tee among youngsters.  If friends don’t lie, who else?A B C D shirt strangers alphabet

 Christmas Shirt (Amazon)

This beautiful alphabetic print specially made for the Christmas. Don’t worry, your festive won’t get stuck upside down.justice for barb t shirt

Barb Stranger Things Shirt (Amazon)

If you want to raise your own voice for BARB, there is no better way to do it then wearing this garment.

upside down black shirt

Stranger Things Tee Shirt (Amazon)

Incredibly unique design printed on black Tee. It shows the wall where two different world meets but cannot cross each other. But Demogorgon did it, so be careful.


Grey Shirt Demogorgon

Demogorgon Shirt (Amazon)

If you believe that Demogorgon exists then you should own this shirt. A brave man will not scare from him just try it and note who will scare from him.


Be a Barb Shirt women girls

Stranger Things Shirt For Girls (Amazon)

Get the special Nancy shirt of “Be a Barb” in grey color made up of pure cotton. Own this if you are a fan of Barb.

stranger things white t shirt

Demogorgon Stranger Thing Shirt (Amazon)

Enjoy the summer by wearing this awesome white shirt. It will be the most elegant item for all Strangers fans and especially for the lover of Demogorgon.

These all are the shirts of Stranger Things that are available in various styles, colors, and typography which conveys both message and passion. I hope you like this guide, don’t forget to share this with other Stranger Things Fans. Also, check our Game of Thrones Merch guide.


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