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8 Distinct Styles of Leather Jackets That Are Trending

Distinct Styles of Leather Jackets

We all need a leather jacket sometimes in our life for protection or just to make an impression. Each comes with different stylish elements and if you’re wondering how many types of leather jackets are there – we got you covered.

Whether you’re a biker, looking for a way to look cool or just need information, here are 8 go-to fashion styles design for your wardrobe.

Types of Leather Jackets:

Bomber Jacket:


This type of jacket first wore by Bomber aircraft pilots that’s where it got the name Bomber.  The waist and cuffs of this jacket are elasticized to fit with the body and due to this wearer remains warm. It usually comes with 2 pockets on the side as well as inner pockets. It is good for those who are studying in the college or working all day because its elastic cuffs will not disturb you during work.

Biker Jacket:


If you’re looking to indulge an iconic 80’s look (without riding a motorbike), biker jacket is the pick for you. Mostly they have a cross zipper or asymmetrical zippers along with zip-secured pockets and lapels to make appearance attractive. Since it’s inception, the style has become all time favorite for men and women.

Racer Jacket:


The simplest and elegant style is our favorite sports racer, widely used by young people. It has standard features like a straight zipper, snap-tab collar and side zip pockets (generally four). Once, the jacket went dark but now, it is brought back to life and one of the most wanted leather jackets . When it comes to perfect pairing, simply throw it over to a white t-shirt and jeans to create a rocking style.

Trench Coat Style:


Day time, night-outs or leisure, nothing makes you stand-out than a Leather Trench Coat. You may have seen this outerwear donned mostly by detective or police officers but as of now, the season is seeing a lot of these every day. It usually has 2 deep pockets outside and 1 pocket inside, waist belt also attached for support and epaulets.

Distressed Style:


You may be wondering, what’s so cool about this jacket? It looks way too old and rustic – Well, that what makes it unique.

The key feature of this style – you won’t have to worry about rough dusty roads or even rain falls, the jacket will likely to stay that way.

Shearling Jacket:


Shearling Jackets are the warmest for winter and snowy season.  Of course – it’s cost more than other types of jackets but it provides a beautiful look and warming effect thanks to the inner fur lining. It comes in different smarter options to choose from but some of the most wearable choices in snowy winter are the fur collar jacket.

Field Leather jacket:


This is a special type of jacket made for the people who work on fields such as military, camping, hiking, and travelers. It is also known as utility jacket because it has four pockets two on chest and two on the waist to carry things easily.

Leather Blazer Jacket:

Leather Blazer Jackets

Someone with formal fashion obsession should try a leather blazer. The type is built for workwear purpose that combines perfectly with formal dressing. The jacket is mostly sported by ladies but the fashion has also become a style-fit for men.

You can simply purchase these styles from anywhere but make sure to check key features and details before investing your money.

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