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The Best Suicide Squad Costumes Collection

Suicide Squad Costume

Suicide Squad is the only movie the DC Comics fan accepted with open arms. One of the reasons and the main one could be that it will be the first time that a movie is featuring villains as the lead role. We already got so many superhero movies like Justice League but villains never got the chance to see a good movie that features bad-ass villains. The casting was a huge surprise and after seeing the trailer that David Ayer previewed, fans knew they were in for something extraordinary.  This movie has humor, action, evilness, and huge surprises for entertaining the fans. Today in our Suicide Squad costumes guide we will tell you each and everything about the outfit of every character in full detail, so you can gear up for the next comic con and other cosplay parties.

But before you go to all the costume take a look at these shirts that features Suicide Squad Logo.

Suicide Squad Shirts Joker Women

Suicide Squad Logo Women’s T-Shirt

The shirt is made up of soft material with special care given to design which is amended according to women’s choice. Wear this t-shirt to remind everyone that you are not the one to be messed with.

Mens Suicide squad shirt

Suicide Squad Logo Men’s T-Shirt

The same color and style of t-shirt is also available in men’s fit. Guys you can have this shirt to show how much you liked the movie and familiar you are with modern day fashion.

6 Suicide Squad Characters

It may not look like it, but Suicide Squad is under more pressure after the critics gave harsh reviews and ratings to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The problem they had with it was that it was ‘too dark’. The fans said otherwise, giving it a decent rating overall. David Ayer stated that the rumor about having the movie being reshot to make it more entertaining and funny was false. With stills showing how the characters will look, you now can dress for Halloween by following this DIY costume guide. So without any further adieu, presenting you the Suicide Squad costumes.

Harley Quinn

The most famous of the squad member is our own Pumpkin Poo. And her dress is even more colorful than her acting. HQ was the main attraction of the fans and the prime choice for cosplayers this year. The costume and merchandise of the bombshell Dr. Quinzel have become so famous that every store is running out of stocks with its demand reaching so high. Following is the simplest way to dress up as Harley Quinn from the movie. In the end, there is also a link provided which contains a guide to all HQ costumes she has ever worn.

Harley Quinn Wig

Harley Quinn Gradient Wig (Product Page)

 Harley Quinn Jacket

Harley Quinn Jacket

Harley Quinn Necklace

Puddin Neck Collar (Product Page)

Harley Quinn Daddy's Little Monster T-Shirt

Harley Quinn T-shirt

Harley Quinn Glove

Harley Quinn Gloves

Suicide Squad Belt

Harley Quinn Pants (Product Page)

34” Harley Quinn Bat (Product Page)

Harley Quinn Shoes

Harley Quinn Boots (Product Page)


Arkham Asylum Nurse Harley Quinn (Product Page)

Harley Quinn Complete Costume

Harley Quinn Complete Costume


Most of us were disappointed by such a small screen time that was given to Jared Leto’s  Joker in the movie. But for the parts he did appear in he was beyond compare, and looked charming as ever. Here is one of his costumes that caught the eye of everyone more than anything else. Now body expected the famous purple suit of Joker to be displayed in such way. Now you can get the same purple crocodile attire just by following these simple steps.

Jared Leto Crocodile Coat

Joker Crocodile Coat

Joker Pajama

Joker Purple Sweatpants (Product Page)

Joker Walking Stick

Joker Walking Stick (Product Page)


Joker Harley T-Shirt (Product Page)

El Diablo

El Diablo was “coolest” of the character and perhaps the best surprise package of the movie. Mostly looks like Victor Zsasz. His back story was strongest then all of the other, and so were his powers. Yet, His costume was simplest then them all and that what makes this outfit so unique. This casual item can be done using your clothing items in your closet. Here is how you can turn yourself into a Devil.

El Diablo Vest

Tank Top (Product Page)

El Diablo Suicide Squad Jacket

El Diablo Letterman Jacket

El Diablo Pant

Casual Sports Pants (Product Page)

El Diablo Shoes

Reebok Sneaker (Product Page)

Killer Croc Costume

After El Diablo the second easiest outfit in this list is the crocodile man, some would argue that it is the simplest of all. But let’s not get into any keyboard fight over here. Let’s just focus on the attire and how we can make it without much of an effort. The following clothing apparels are what will make you the next Killer Croc.

Killer Croc Jacket

Killer Croc Jacket

Killer Croc Hoodie

Pullover Hood (Product Page)

Killer Croc Pant

Military Cargo Pants (Product Page)

Killer Croc Boots

Jungle Boot Men (Product Page)


Killer Corc T-Shirt (Product Page)

Deadshot Costume

Will Smith made his way back to action films with the Suicide Squad in an astounding style. His character received some mix reviews from the fans and critics alike. But his costume was liked nay loved by all even the cruelest of the people did not hesitate to appreciate the magnificence of the costume. The red black attire of the sharpshooter can be made using the following items.

Deadshot Mask

Deadshot Mask (Product Page)

Deadshot Jacket

Deadshot Jacket

Deadshot Belt

Pistol Belt (Product Page)

Deadshot Safety Gear

Protective Gear (Product Page)

Deadshot Pant

BDU Pant (Product Page)

Deadshot Dual Holster

Leg Gun Holster (Product Page)

Deadshot Rifle

BT-M82 Electric Rifle (Product Page)

Deadshot Boots

Leather Combat Boots (Product Page)

Rick Flag

Now, much of famous personalities, this one a magnificent idea for cosplay. If you dress up as Rick, you wouldn’t have to worry about running into any doppelganger whatsoever. The main attraction of his costume is his long tactical shirt which seems to be coming into fashion. The following are the items you need to make this suicide squad costume of Rick Flag.

Rick Flag Shirt

Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt (Product Page)

Rick Flag Vest

Lightweight Tactical Vest (Product Page)

Rick Flag Gloves

Wrist Guard Gloves (Product Page)

Rick Flag Armguard

Forearm Guard (Product Page)

Rick Flag Pants

Tactical Pants (Product Page)

Rick Flag Gun

Scar-L Spring Rifle (Product Page)

Rick Flag Boots

Cap Toe Buckle Boot (Product Page)


Rick Flag T-Shirt (Product Page)

Captain Boomerang

Basically, a rival of the DC speedster Flash George Harkness was a great addition to this elite squad of villains. As the name suggests, Captain Boomerang is so good with boomerangs that he can do almost anything with them. His outfit is very impressive too, featuring a long black leather trench coat. You can quickly become the celebrated enemy of the sultan of speed.

Captain Boomerang Cap

Docker Cap (Product Page)

Captain Boomerang Necklace

Steel Figaro Chain (Product Page)

Jai Courtney Jacket

Captain Boomerang Jacket

Captain Boomerang Jacket

Captain Boomerang Bomber Jacket

Captain Boomerang Pants

Urban Ops Tactical Pants (Product Page)

Captain Boomerang Boots

Hiking Boot (Product Page)


She is the only superheroine in the squad of deadly lethal criminals. Tatsu Yamashiro is a highly skilled martial artist and possesses a magical Katana sword which explains her unusual name. The sword sometimes takes the souls of the one it kills. But in the movie, it was her costume that took the hearts and minds of the fans and many people tried costume for cosplay purposes. Now this following guide will help you make this sensational Asian costume with ease and excellence.

Katana Mask

Katana Leather Mask (Product Page)

Katana Jacket costume

Katana Jacket

Katana Top

Crop Tank Top (Product Page)

Katana Gloves

Fingerless Gloves (Product Page)

Katana Pants

Leather 5 Pockets Jeans (Product Page)

Katana Sword Set

Practice Katana Sword (Product Page)

Katana Boots

Lagos Combat Boots (Product Page)


Katana T-Shirt (Product Page)

This was what Cosplayers had been waiting for, to get their hands on the latest and the most talked about movie of DCEU. This guide of the Suicide Squad costumes will give you clearer and convenient ideas for Halloween. Choose the super-villain that you think will fit your personality and whose look you can pull off. They can also come to use as couples costumes. Some of these characters are already a fan favorite so decide in advance for Halloween or Comic-Con costume.

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