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12 Colorful Super Mario Backpack Every Retro Fan Need

Super Mario Bros

Mario is an iconic character in the world of video game.  I am a big fan of this mushroom stomping and fire throwing character. From Classic Super Mario, Mario Kart to New Mario Bros U, I’ve played them all and also own cool collectibles at home like amiibo, wall posters, bed sheets and even modded my Xbox One Controller with retro 8-bit Mario Front Shell.

Do you have the same love for the colorful franchise? Because I want to show my fans 12 cool and fashionable Super Mario Backpack for traveling and school.

Here we go!


Super Luigi Bag 218x300

Super Luigi (Product Page)

The green character is also a fan-favorite just like Mario. I always consider choosing him in every game because of his bright green color. Do you also like him? Cool, add this handy bag to your collection.

Level Up Mushroom Backpack 229x300

Level Up Mushroom Bag (Product Page)

1UP your style with this iconic green mushroom backpack. It officially licensed and easy to carry.

Mario Kart Backpack 193x300

Adults Mario Bag (Product Page)

You may have ruined your life just to save Mario’s girlfriend, and for that, I am presenting you this nice choice for travel. It is based on the Kart series.

Mario Mushroom Backpack 227x300

Red Mushroom (Product Page)

Level up your style with this all new backpack for kids. It’s super cute and a great gift for pre-school kids.

Koopa Troopa Turtle Plush Toy Backpack 300x265

 Koopa Troopa Turtle for Kids (Product Page)

You know the dancing turtle in Mario that hides inside whenever you jump on him in the game. This one is designed totally like his shell. A best amazing choice for preschool kids.

Mario Classic Retro Game Backpack 227x300

Classic Super Mario Backpack (Product Page)

Bring back nostalgia feeling with featured style. The graphic scene is from the first game that shows Mario go face to face with Bowser.

Super Mario Classic Bag 226x300

New Mario Bros Large  (Product Page)

For the fans of Plumber, here’s a new design backpack that is officially licensed and good for any occasion.

Luigi Mansion Backpack 282x300

Luigi Mansion Bag (Product Page)

The reboot title is now available for 3Ds that will take you to another epic dark adventure. I know you love the game so I got this contemporary style that is made from high-grade PU leather.

Bower Jr Sackback 300x268

Bowser Jr. Lightweight sackpack (Product Page)

Like father like son, yeah this new Bowser Jr. is just following his daddy’s footstep but he also looks cute. This sacpack makes you his true fan.

Super Mario Bros Peach Mini Sling Backpack 233x300

Nintendo DS Peach (Product Page)

Every girl deserves to wear this one with Peach artwork. It’ll help you organize your stuff and enjoy effortless travel. Official Nintendo Licensed Product.

Mario All Characters Backpack 223x300

Super Mario Bros Backpack (Product Page)

This one features all your favorite characters from the game. It also has the ghost from the haunted mansion and even Bowser Jr.

Yoshi Backpack 226x300

Yoshi Backpack (Product Page)

And finally Yoshi, the game is nothing without featuring this apple eating Dinosaur. I alway love riding on his back and use him to eat everyone.  He’s cute and so is this little classic bag.

There are countless Super Mario Backpacks but I selected the one that featured your favorite character. I hope you enjoy a great Mario Time while traveling with chosen bags. Also see – (Emoji Backpack).

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