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The Ultimate Supergirl Costume Manual

Supergirl Costume

She is the hottest girl in town; her riveting beauty kills more enemies than her superpowers. She is one of the most appreciated super-heroin ever to be created. She is smart, sizzling and most all a super-girl with all the power of Superman.

She will be perfect for impersonate this Halloween. Supergirl costume is just as insidious as her personality and here we will help you to clinch her perfect look.

Items Required


Supergirl Jacket (Product Page)

She wears the traditional blue top with the “S” logo in the center of the chest. While you may find many tops like that but we here will suggest you this majestic blue leather jacket specially designed for the fans, it includes the historic S logo in the center of the chest.

This jacket is a very stylish outfit for all the fans out there that also have a neck for fashion. Pretty casual and attractive this jacket can be worn on any day.

Supergirl Skirt

Supergirl Skirt (Product Page)

The next item in our basket for the Supergirl costume is her skirt. This is a classic red skirt eligible to worn at any occasion and will match flawlessly with the dress. It’s a 90% polyester is made in the USA and is of very high quality. Stretchable for a perfect fit. This all-around skirt is a must to have in the wardrobe.

red boot high

Supergirl Boots (Product Page)

These red over the knee shoes are a feast for your eyes and boots collection. These extremely fashionable shoes will add the right amount of spark to your super outfit. They are very comfy with cushioned insole and smooth interior lining. The elastic gusset is also provided for better fitting and easy pullout so you have to make much effort after tirelessly fighting against the crime lords of the worlds

Supergirl Cape

Supergirl Cape (Product Page)

Capes are an important aspect of the superhero outfit, no superhero can be imagined without a cape and The Maid of Steel is not an exception to this. Her cape is very important to the costume. Here we have this officially licensed by DC, deluxe cape. The cape will envy every DC fan and you will love wearing this beautiful and amazing high-end quality fabric.

Super girl wig

Supergirl Blond Wig (Product Page)

We doing a cosplay you should to all lengths to achieve the most perfect look. And this blond wig (if you are not blond) will add that perfection to your flying attire. With Kara Zor-El hair and style you will be able to transform yourself fully into the character and ace the cosplay.

To get the full fledge look your features should math as those of The Steel Girl and this could be achieved using makeup. Crafty use of makeup will help finalize your look as a Kara Zor-El. As observed the Superman’s cousin has a big blue eye so applying a makeup that makes your eyes look big and using a blue colored lens will be good for you.

Further, we have seen that She follows the color line of red and blue so the makeup should also be along the same line. Red lipstick will blend perfectly will those big blue eyes. The following link if a video will serve as a guide for your makeup.

Supergirl Kids Costume

Supergirl Kids Costume (Product Page)

How wonderful it will be to dress up your little princess as the Girl of Steel. Every parent dreams that child grow up to be someone with special powers and leave an everlasting mark on this world. If you are one of you should dress up your child in this Supergirl costume and say it out loud to the world that your baby is indeed special with outlandish superpowers.

This easy to wear easy to wash costume includes red-blue dress attached with cape, glossy red boots, and a gold colored belt. Easily available in many different sizes.

super girl teen costume

Supergirl Teen Costume (Product Page)

Teens most of all like the idea of cosplay, to hide inside the persona of their favorite character will give them intense chills. Especially for teens, we have this wonderful, fashionably designed outfit that will serve their passion for cosplay and at the same time will not raise any fashion questions. The Supergirl costume teen including top, skirt, cape, shoes, and belts is available on Fjackets at a very reasonable price.

Super girl hoodie adult

Supergirl Hoodie (Product Page)

There are some girls who don’t like to wear leather jackets, they don’t deem them as comfortable. To those girls, we present this cotton hoodie with the classic logo at the center of the chest. This hoodie fashioned and designed keeping in mind the body and fashion needs of a woman. This hoodie of very subtle color is very trendy and a must to have item.

Here is the complete Supergirl costume guide. It has got something special for adult, children, and teen. The design patterns on the Supergirl costumes are well thought and a lot of research and hard work has been put in making these outfits.

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