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10 Most Wanted Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas 2018

Superhero Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the sweetest of all the festivals and not because of the treats, but because of the costumes. Oh, the Costumes! Since we know how much busy life is these days, we always try to help our fans to portray the best trendy character of the year. And this time, we have compiled our list of the Top Ten Superhero Halloween costumes inspired by the popular characters.



The badass, Smartass, Greatass Deadpool has also got a great outfit that you can have for your cosplay. He is the saint and the sinner, hero, and Antihero; he is the epitome of chutzpah and awesomeness. In short, Deadpool costume is the starkest raving outfit ever and this link provided will tell you how to make this attire.

Captain Marvel:


We are going on the feminist road and starting our list with this a Shero. Her name is Captain Marvel and currently, she is the most talked character. The new reboot of Captain Marvel costume is breathtaking and you will fall in love with yourself once you wear her attire. Try this fantastically designed costume for this year.



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 made a striking impact on the box office and the movie fans. But one thing that got stuck more than the movie was Star Lord’s unconventionally fashionable outfit and what if I tell you can make your Star Lord costume just by following a few simple steps? Sound good? Just click on the image to see how to make your Marvel Halloween Costumes in simple steps.

Captain American:


Captain America is unarguably the Superhero Costumes for men. EVER! I’ll tell you why, most of the Superheroes are confined to one city, like for Batman it’s Gotham, for Daredevil its New York or for Arrow its Starling City. But for Captain America, it’s the whole of America. He didn’t become a superhero because his parents die or he suffered through a tragedy. He did because he was born to that. His suit is a perfect match with his name and personality. If you are a patriot and in diehard love, with your country, you should have the Captain America costume.

Wonder Woman:


You saw the movie and you are wondering if you should impersonate her on this Halloween and the answer is yes! You should. And with this guide, making a Wonder Women costume will be more than easy. Wonder Woman is the first female superhero ever created and first to get her solo movie, so we deemed it is necessary to add her to the list.

Red Hood:


If you don’t know Red Hood or haven’t seen him, then you might want to sit down, because Red Hood costume might be too much for you. This Superhero Halloween costume is inspired by the game Injustice 2, and for those who don’t know about it should go and play the game first.



The Green Arrow costume follows a simple design and is very easy to make. That is why we have added it to our compilation of the best Superhero Halloween costumes that you can make it home and without much effort.



Apart from Batman and Superman, there is no character who has impacted DCEU as much as the fastest man alive. The Flash is ranked at number 8 in the IGN top 100 Superhero’s list surpassing many prolific heroes of both Marvel and DC universes. The Flash costume is as fascinating as his powers. Now you can dress up as Barry Allen for this year’s Spooky night with the help of this guide.



The black blind ninja caught everyone’s when he set New York on fire while he was kicking the ass of the most notorious criminals in the city. Like many vigilantes, Daredevil live a dual life and it is the alternate life he is Matt Murdock. The only difference is that in the daytime is just a lowly lawyer but by night he is the judge, jury, and the executioner. Keeping in mind his capacity to fight crime all day every day we have placed him and his outfit in our Superhero Halloween costumes list.



The Cat Woman or The Cat or The Plundering Kitten or Princes of Plunder or Madame Moderne. We know Selina Kyle by many names and likewise, this is the best sexy superhero costume perfect for this year’s Halloween. Although the character of the feline is somewhat ambiguous and many fans might debate over whether if she is a protagonist or a villain. We believe that she is a “Shero”, and she has earned her place on our list.

Our superhero outfit ideas have ended, and we are sure it helped one way or the other. Furthermore, we will be adding more superhero costume ideas so make sure to stay caught up with us for more exciting cosplays. You can also check our Women Halloween Costumes.

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