Superman Merchandise and Costume Collection for Christmas

He is known by many names but we know him by Superman. Clark Kent’s alter ego is the co-leader of the Justice League. He is an alien from Krypton who learns that he has super strength and super agility. So he was sent to earth in a pod as an infant when his planet was being destroyed. And was taken under care by a couple after his pod landed on their farm, and named him Clark Kent. Besides his ultimate powers, he has only one weakness, which is a stone known as Kryptonite. Here we will look at the top outfits of the Big Blue, the superman costume diy, and also the the latest black attire of Superman from Justice League.

 Superman Justice League Costume

superman black costume

Although we saw Big Blue dying at the end of the Batman Vs Superman, but the role of Superman in DCEU if far from over. The movie makers have confirmed that Kal-El will return in the new Justice League movie. But the question was never will he return or not, the question is in what avatar and costume he will return in? Many of the fans predicted that we will finally see Supes in the long awaited black suit. There is no official declaration for the movie makers yet, but some leaked pictures are revolving all around the internet. But there is no smoke without any fire, so our money is on Kal-El returning in an all black costume. Here is your DIY guide to the newest and ultimate Superman costume men. Do it before anyone else and become the king of Halloween.

superman black jacket

Superman Black Jacket (Product Page)

One of the designers at fjackets had foreseen the return of Superman. So she decided to fashion out a black jacket with the iconic logo on it. Now thanks to her you can be the big Cheez from the Justice League before anyone else. The jacket is made up of the finest quality PU leather with internal viscose providing the necessary comfort. Buy this jacket now to be the first man to cosplay the Man of Steel in all black attire.

 mens leather pants

Superman Black Pants (View on Amazon)

Now to complete your all dark attire of Superman you will have to buy these black leather pants. We recommend that you buy the pants shown above because we have matched a dozen pants with the jacket but this is the only pair that stuck. Furthermore, these are good quality leather pants available at a relatively moderate price.

superman black shoes

Superman Black Shoes (View on Amazon)

These shoes are made up of premium quality leather with the interior made of fabric. The leather on the outside guarantees durability while the interior fabric ensures comfort. You can also use the boots for different cosplays such as Black Panther or Robin.

superman black cape

Superman Black Cape (View on Amazon)

The Cape has also gone dark, and that might depict the rogue character that Supes is said to play in the upcoming movie. There are many black capes available in the market, and you can buy any of them. Here is one that I am going to buy for my black Superman costume.

Man Of Steel Costume

man of steel costume

Many actors have played Superman in the past. However, besides veteran actors like the late Christopher Reeve, the new generation fans remember the mighty Beacon of Hope as Henry Cavill. According to his physique and personality, he is the right actor to play the Son of Krypton. Man of Steel was the movie that showed his potential and ever since that day, people have adored the attire of the last Kryptonian. Here is how you can look like Kal-El of the new era with the man of steel costume replica.

Superman Jacket

Man Of Steel Jacket (Product Page)

The thing about clark kent costume is that it is timeless. Be it 1950 or 2016 you can gracefully wear this outfit on Halloween. To make your DIY, you will need apparel that has the blue color of the Superman suit plus it must have the iconic “S” logo. Jacket displayed here has the real colors of the Man of Steel costume; the logo is perfect and that too in a very trendy and stylish manner. Synthetic leather made jacket has viscose lining on the inside because even Big Blue need comfort. Yet the best thing about this jacket is its style and design, which allows you to wear it on any day.

mens leather pants blue

Slim Pleated PU Men Leather Pants (View on Amazon)

Now you need to match your jacket to a pair of superman pants of the same color. Keep in mind the jacket and the pants must blend with each other perfectly. For that, we suggest you buy these pants as we have already matched them with the jacket and they look inseparable. I cannot say that you can wear these PU leather pants casually, but this is attire one for the parties and cosplays.

Superman Adult Cape

Superman Deluxe Adult Cape (View on Amazon)

And the superman adult costume is nothing without his cape. We call him the beacon of light, and that is only because of his bright red cape. You can buy this cap featured here from Amazon. The cape is made up polyester with the “S” logo embroidered on the back.

Superman Costume boot

Men’s Halloween Boots (View on Amazon)

The final thing for this outfit is this pair of superman shoes for men. From the earliest suit of Big Blue to the latest, we have seen him wearing the red boot of a similar kind as shown above.  The shoes are made of premium quality leather with fabric interior and zipper closure which makes these shoes comfortable to wear and walk in.

Other Items:

superman royal blue shirt

Superman Royal Blue T-Shirt (Product Page)

There could be nothing more macho than the crest of might Superman on your chest. Whether you are an athlete or not this shirt will make you look like one.

superman letterman jacket

Superman Letterman Jacket (Product Page)

A blend of cotton and polyester and stitched to perfection this jacket is not only a sign of your love for the Big Blue but also a mark of your high sense of fashion. Merge football, fashion and Superman together with this letterman jacket.

superman logo hoodie

Superman Logo Hoodie (Product Page)

If you are not a really a jacket kind of guy, then you will definitely like this Superman Logo hoodie. For casual and comfortable wear so you can hang around with your homies with ease.

Smallville Costume

smallville tom welling costume

Smallville is an American television series at approached the story of Superman with a brand new interpretation. Smallville saw a young Kal-El trying to figure out his power and learning to adjust with them. This highly appreciated television series has a new outfit which can be called as the freshest Clark Kent superman costume. Here is the how you can make the Smallville costume/Clark Kent costume at your home within minutes.

smallville superman jacket

Smallville Superman Jacket (Product Page)

Making of your DIY must always start with the most essential apparel of the costume. In this case, it’s the Maroon Jacket from Smallville which we have seen worn by the young Clark Kent. The color of the jacket is even more brightened by the high-quality PU leather used to make it. This is exact replica of the jacket worn by Tom Welling and is a superman merchandise.

smallville superman shirt

Smallville Superman Shirt (View on Amazon)

Beneath his super cool jacket Tom Welling wears a blue shirt. You can find many plain blue shirts like that on online stores. But if you are in a hurry then you can quickly check out the shirt shown here. The shirt is made of half polyester and half cotton.

smallville superman pants

Smallville Superman Pants (View on Amazon)

As you must have noticed till now that this attire is pretty simple as easy to make. And you need these simple pants to complete your DIY Superman costumes from Smallville. These athletic fit jeans are perfect for your and casual wear. Trust us you will not regret an extra pair of jeans in your closet.

These necessary items will give you the traditional look of Superman. These online stores have proved their worth by making good quality items, which is only available at these places. Make this your coolest and most memorable season yet. Place your order soon for these items before they run out as the event is almost here. Leave your comments and let us know what you think about this short but effective guide.

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