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The Complete Superman Costume and Merchandise DIY

He is known by many names but we know him by Superman. He’s the ultimate fictional hero from the DC Comics and besides his ultimate powers, he’s also a great role model for fans. Here we will look at the top outfits of the Big Blue, the Superman Costume DIY, and also the latest attire from Justice League.

 Superman Justice League Costume

superman black costume

Although we saw Big Blue dying at the end of the BVS, the role of Superman in DCEU if far from over. You Can’t Save the World Alone, so our money is on Kal-El returning. Here is your DIY guide to the newest and ultimate Superman Costume.

superman black jacket

Superman Black Jacket (Product Page)

The jacket is made up of the finest quality PU leather with internal viscose providing the necessary comfort. Buy the outerwear now to be the first man to cosplay the Man of Steel in all black attire.

 mens leather pants

Superman Black Pants (View on Amazon)

We recommend buying the pants shown above because it’s the only pair that struck. Furthermore, good quality leather pant available at a relatively moderate price.

superman black shoes

Superman Black Shoes (View on Amazon)

These shoes are made up of premium quality leather with the interior made of fabric. The leather on the outside guarantees durability while the interior fabric ensures comfort. You can also use the boots for different cosplay as well.

superman black cape

Superman Black Cape (View on Amazon)

The Cape has gone dark, and that might depict the rogue character like the Dark Knight. There are many black capes available in the market, and you can buy any of them.

Man Of Steel & Batman vs Superman Costume

man of steel costume

Man of Steel was the movie that showed the potential and ever since that day, people have adored the attire of the last Kryptonian. Here is how you can look like Kal-El of the new era with the Man of Steel Costume Replica.

Superman Jacket

Man Of Steel Jacket (Product Page)

The thing about Clark Kent Costume is that it is timeless. To make DIY, you will need apparel that has the blue color of the Superman suit plus it must have the iconic “S” logo. Jacket displayed here has the real colors of the Man of Steel Costume.

blue pant velvet superman

Slim Pleated PU Men Leather Pants (View on Amazon)

Now you need to match your jacket to a pair of pants of the same color. Keep in mind it must blend with the Superman costumes as well. For that, we suggest to buy it because it matches with the jacket and they look inseparable.

Superman Adult Cape

Deluxe Adult Cape (View on Amazon)

The superman adult costume is nothing without the cape. Buy here from Amazon, made up of polyester with the “S” logo embroidered on the back.

Superman Costume boot

Men’s Halloween Boots (View on Amazon)

The final thing for this outfit is this pair of Superman shoes for men. They are made of premium quality leather with fabric interior and zipper closure which makes them comfortable to wear.

Other Items:

superman blue tshirt

Royal Blue T-Shirt (Product Page)

There could be nothing more macho than the crest of might Superman on your chest. Whether you are an athlete or not, this shirt will make you look like one.

superman letterman jacket

Letterman Jacket (Product Page)

Create a high sense of fashion with Superman Letterman jacket. Just call it half sports or casual attire that is right for setting up a style.

superman hoodie

Logo Hoodie (Product Page)

If you are not a jacket guy, then you will like this Classic Superman Logo hoodie so you can hang around with ease.

Smallville Costume

smallville tom welling costume

Smallville is an American television series that approached the story of Superman with a brand new interpretation. This highly appreciated television series has a new outfit which can be called as the freshest Clark Kent Superman Costume. Let us show you a little example.

smallville superman jacket

Smallville Superman Jacket (Product Page)

The jacket color is more brightened by the high-quality PU leather that is used to make it. This is the exact replica worn by Tom Welling and is Superman merchandise.

royal blue shirt superman

Smallville Superman Shirt (View on Amazon)

You can find many plain blue shirts online but if you are in a hurry then you can quickly check out the shirt shown here.

superman jeans blue pant

Smallville Superman Pants (View on Amazon)

You need a simple pant to complete your the Superman Costume. These athletic fit jeans are perfect for you and casual wear.

These necessary items will give you the traditional look of hero in a red cape.  Make this your coolest and most memorable season yet and do leave your comments down below. Finally, let’s check out the Quick DIY Guide.

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Superman Costume Infographic

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