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From Reeves To Cavill: The Complete History Of Superman Suit

Superman Suit

In the long history of 78 years, the attire of the Big Blue has gone through many changes and alterations. If we take a look on the most recent outfit of Cavill, we can clearly identify that its way different from the first ever superman Suit that appeared in the Action comic #1. In the past years, many actors tried this costume but only few of them got adjusted in it. Here, we have gathered all the top 5 outfits for you to give you a closer look on how it changes. Also, here you can buy the one from the top 5 suits that you like.

George Reeves Suit

Adventures of Superman George Reeves Suit

 (Product Page)

George Reeves has got the opportunity to wear the iconic red and blue costume in his life. He wore the Superman Suit in the TV series “Adventures of Superman”. He became an instant hit, and his name became synonymous to The Man of Steel. Wearing the same outfit as Kirk Alyn in the start the finally got into its true colors in 1953. The same apparel is available at Amazon, looks very much like the one Christopher Reeves wore in his movie, but a little attention to details will allow you to spot some differences.

Christopher Reeves Suit

Superman Christopher Reeves Suit

 (Product Page)

The first movie and perhaps the most critically acclaimed one were released in 1979 under the name “Superman” the Movie starring Christopher Reeves. It was the perfect adaption of the Superman suit as seen it the comics so far. With bright colors, short red underpants and perfectly drawn “S” logo. Not only the costume but the story also followed the comic fiction gracefully. Next three movies were along the same lines but couldn’t do as well at the box office. Nonetheless, they were and are still appreciated and depicted as the best movie by the hardcore fans.

If you are a die-hard fan of the last son of krypton, you are obligated to have at least one of the Superman costumes and this classic and most appreciated costume will the best to hold fast in your wardrobe. The suit showed here is the exact duplication of the original, with all the attention to details and color blending. This is the best thing on the internet.

Featuring in four movies in just less than a decade is what made it the most iconic costume ever. Even after so many decades this suit is regarded as the best ever made and still is the most prolific attires of the kryptonian. You could still close our eyes and imagine the big cheese, and I bet you it will be Christopher Reeves dressed in this costume flying all through your head.

Returns Brandon Routh Suit

Superman Returns Brandon Ruth Suit

 (Product Page)

After Christopher Reeves’ Superman, there was no one capable enough to take on the enormous responsibility of the Man of Steel for nearly two decades. Until Kal-EL returned in the seemingly fit titled movie “Superman Returns”. Although the costume seemed, all the same, there were some basic changes that aroused some debate in the fans. The addition of “S” logo on the belt buckle and changing of color from bright red to tame maroon received some mix reviews from the fans.

Even though the superman returns suit was controversial and the movie did not get the warm reviews it had hoped for, this classical gear is still worth having.

 Man of Steel Henry Cavill Suit

Superman Man of Steel Henry Cavil Suit

 (Product Page)

The latest take on Superman suit was seen in the Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”. The outfit seemed to have made a lot of changes from design to colors and the disintegration of the short red underpants which by the way was a huge improvement owing to fashion revolution of the 21st century. The Kryptonian fabric was made out of the blanket in which Clark Kent came in, and the “S” logo is the sigil of the Kal-El family.

This new boldly designed costume reflects the change in fashion trend and the need to bring something new to the fans. This replica of the suit is available at Amazon.

 Animated Series Suit

Superman Animated Series Suit

 (Product Page)

The early days of Superman also saw an animated series, which was equally as famous as the comics and received much appreciation from the fans all over. The animated series portrayed Supes as a muscle hunk and infused the title of man of steel with superman boots covers. This musky Superman costume can be purchased from the link down below. The suit will not only see you as Kal-El but also add the element of steel in you.

Make Your Own High Standard Superman Costume

Some of you will not want a duplicated costume, instead you will want to make your own suit using your imagination. For you guys we are adding this ‘how to make a superman costume’ segment.

Superman Jacket

Superman Jacket

Superman Pants

Superman Pants

Superman Cape

Superman Cape

Superman Boots

Superman boots

Custom Made Superman jackets From Fjackets

These are the top suits that actors wore while portraying the character of Superman in Comic, TV series and movies. There is another character whose costume is not that famous but the Jacket he wore in the series is much famous.

Smallville Jacket

Superman Smallville Tom Welling Jacket (Product Page)

It’s the jacket that Tom Welling wear in the Smallville TV series. Here Fjackets have made the exact same jacket for the real fans who wished to attire and style like Superman. This jacket is made of PU leather fabric that is much lighter than the real leather and also provides a stunning finishing look on the jacket. Along with that, the  jacket has S logo embossed on its chest that reflects the sign of Peace.

That is the complete evolution of the Superman suit over the last 78 years. We have recorded each and every aspect of outfit and how it has changed. Tell us what you think about it and whether if it was helpful or not.

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