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Your One Stop Guide For Exclusive Supernatural Merchandise


Are you a fan of Supernatural or any similar spooky shows? Then you are going to love this blog which is all about Supernatural merchandise. But if you still haven’t watched it, then it’s better than you do. It isn’t an entire horror television series, there are some light moments in it, and this combination is the reason that this show has aired for so many seasons. It is one of those horror drama series that will entertain you after a tiring day, and you will get addicted to it.

Everyone will try to take advantage of the popularity by creating some Supernatural merch of their own. Fans are often let down by it mainly because of the quality. That’s why you see tons of supernatural fashion like t-shirts and other items like jewelry being made so much that fans completely have no clue which is the best one for them. Luckily for them, this list of Supernatural merchandise will help them decide.

Supernatural Necklaces


Dean Winchester Mask Amulet Demon Pendant

This golden demon pendant had to be there on the list because it was worn by one of the main characters of the TV show. One-half of the Winchester brothers were seen wearing it. The pendant is a highly demanded item and is best for those who are looking forward to dressing up as Dean for Halloween. The Dean Winchester necklace is made from zinc alloy and has the right design and is available in antique gold color.

supernatural pendant necklace

Supernatural Anti-Possession Symbol Pendant

This Supernatural anti-possession necklace is a cool jewelry item for the guys too. The Supernatural pendant has an attractive design that can be used for any occasion. This is undoubtedly the most demanded necklace from the show, and that’s why it makes the list.

Supernatural Jackets

winchester hoodie

Dean Winchester Brown Leather Jacket

Remarkable Supernatural jacket is the best gift for the fans which can provide the same look as him. Most desirable for the Halloween outfit and will be your best friend in the whole winter season.


Supernatural Navy Blue Jacket

This jacket will call all the memories and scenes of your lovely series of names as Supernatural. Jensen Ackles wore this lightweight jacket and was looking cool in it.

Supernatural Shirts

driver whtie t shirt

Ladies Fitted Winchester Driver T-Shirt

A Supernatural Merchandise that girls would love. The girls can all agree on one thing. Apart from the fact that there are twists and turns in the plot of the episodes, the girls all focus on Dean and Sam Winchester. The good looks are tempting enough to make them drool over the boys. The supernatural shirts here has ‘Driver Picks The Music. Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole’, the most awesome phrase you will ever see. Overall, the design and the color go perfectly together, and it truly gives a badass look for the women to display as fans of the television show.

black t shirt winchester

Winchester Brother Demon Warding Salt T Shirt

Coming straight from the UK, the Supernatural T Shirt for the ladies. It has a prominent logo that would at once prove stylishly attractive. Of course, there are other colors that you can choose when you order this item. The quality is stretchable, soft and very good for ladies who would like to use it as their complementary apparel. It does look like one of those posh branded T-shirts for women, but it’s quite reasonable and worth the price.


Supernatural Business Ad T-Shirt

How cool can this get? There is no better way to promote your favorite television show than wearing an advertisement like a t-shirt. The retro look can clearly be seen by the Dean Winchester shirts print.  With a faded look, this could be the most stylish Supernatural merchandise in the clothing section especially with the latest season coming soon. The Winchester bros shirt made from pure cotton with a long lasting print.

Go salt supernatural Tshirt

Got Salt? Supernatural Funny T-Shirt

Every viewer of the show will know this reference in a heartbeat. This is quite a clever idea on how the design and present the hint to the customers. Of course, this Supernatural t-shirt is unique and well thought. This makes it all the more demanding, and part of the ‘must have’ list for Supernatural clothing items. Moreover, there are 16 colors for the men to choose this t-shirt in and wear it proudly or use it as Supernatural gift ideas.

winchester shirt

Supernatural Wanted T-Shirt

Now here is Supernatural Merchandise that will attract some attention. Fashion is always about bringing something new to the table so that people can be inspired by it and feels tempted to buy it. A Sam Winchester shirt like this will certainly get people to buy it. You, on the other hand, have the once in a lifetime opportunity to order it and save money at the same time conveniently. It doesn’t shrink or wrinkle. It’s a clean, straightforward and comfy t-shirt for men to wear. The only thing you need to be careful of is about placing your order while choosing your size since it may vary accordingly.

crowley's t shirt

Crowley’s Crossroads Inn T-Shirt

Crowley was one of the main supporting characters in the television series. Keeping Crowley personality and style in mind, this t-shirt was created. It’s also an advertisement-like outfit and offers variety to the fans. There are some who have fallen in love with the supporting cast that includes bad guys as well. Crowley was a big fan favorite, so it had made perfect sense for this shirt to come into existence. It has a pretty cool logo made large enough in the front for all to see what’s written clearly.


Winchester and Sons “Carry On” T-Shirt

The last shirt we have for you from the show is this Winchester and Sons Carry On Men’s tee. There have been many styles with the ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ phrase but this the best one – period. For starters, this isn’t like a simple logo with the phrase. It’s presented in a very fashionable way and is available in many colors. For the price, the shirt is more than worth it.

Supernatural Hoodies

got salt winchester hoodie

 Supernatural Winchester Hoodie

These Supernatural items could do the trick for them. The logo says got Salt?. That’s a lot of motivation fandom wise as well as personally. Those who have watched the last two seasons will know the meaning better. This is undoubtedly one of the best Supernatural Merchandise, which is also available in a Supernatural sweater, on the list.


Mentally Dating Dean Winchester Hoodie

These Supernatural hoodies are preferred for the girls. It’s a unisex item so if they guys want to go with it, no issues. However, a lot of girls would be over the moon when they see this hoodie. How awesome would this be? As the entire world knows who Dean Winchester is and the impact he has on girls, the hoodie would be a proud representation of that. There is no shame to admit that you are mentally dating the character.

winchester supernatural Hoodie sweatshirt

Supernatural Castiel Vintage Hoodie

As mentioned above, the fan base doesn’t only revolve around the main two characters, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester. There are countless others who have had a significant impact and made these brothers who they are today. Castiel, the angel, has guided them through the toughest tasks. So in his honor, this hoodie has been produced. You can see his angelic wings and his name highlighted wonderfully to bring out the best in the hoodie.

supernatural Anti Possession Symbol Sweatshirt Hoodie

Supernatural Anti Possession  Logo Hoodie

Here is another Supernatural Merchandise. The format of the logo and the placement gives a picture-perfect crossover. It’s a very good idea to wear this hoodie on Halloween.

dean winchester hoodie

Dean Winchester Hoodie

Choosing between the Winchester brothers can be an easy task based on the way they have been portrayed. Therefore, those who like Dean Winchester over Sam can place their order for this hooded sweatshirt. These are the most comfortable outfits that anyone can own. Wear it to the gym or out for a walk and surely you will make yourself appealing. There are logos on the front and back to give it a unique appearance and make you look stylish.

supernatural hoodie

Supernatural Hoodie

If you ever wondered what these iconic hunters need whenever they go on an adventure, this hoodie will give you a better picture. From a style point of view, the color and the print go hand in hand amazingly. Of course, if you don’t think black is good enough, you can order it in another color as well.

More Supernatural Accessories and Collectibles

Dean winchester Funko

Dean Pop Figure

How can we complete our guide without adding this cute little pop figure of Dean? Funko company is known for producing so many awesome pop vinyl figures and today we are showing this collectible piece for your collection. If you want to grab one, just click the Amazon link and place your order.

Supernatural Fleece Blanket

Fleece Blanket

Looks like Scooby and Shaggy are colliding with Supernatural to solve mysteries. And if it wasn’t for these meddling kids, The TV Show would not be so popular as it is todaySupernatural Jewelry

Bracelet Jewelry

Such a beautifully crafted bracelet you cannot afford to miss. It comes with every symbol shown in the TV Show and fits with all hands. Check out more awesome jewelry sets here.

An important fact that most of the fans have ignored or forgotten is that Dean and Sam have been pictured with an anti-possession tattoo. The tattoos look something like the necklace above. So if you want a temporary yet permanent looking tattoo, which can last for a week with encountering water, it can be ordered. This supernaturally inspired outfit ends the Supernatural merchandise collection guide.

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