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25 Merchandise for Every Kind of Stranger Things Fan

Stranger Things Gift Merchandise 810x306

The horror science fiction,  Stranger Things has become a huge obsession for Netflix Fans.

If you or someone on your list who is a huge fan of Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, Nancy, and other characters, we’ve got you covered!

Discover 25 enchanting range of Stranger Things Merchandise that’ll make you feel upside down.


Upside Down ShirtStranger Things T-Shirt (Amazon)

Our first item is the casual tee. If your life is stuck upside down, you should prefer this tee or gift it to someone who has the same problem. A similar version is available to women here.

Stranger Things Season 3 Poster

Season 3 Poster (Amazon)

If you thing one summer can change your life then grab this awesome looking poster of Season 3.

hawkins shirt got

Hawkins Shirt (Amazon)

If you’re a big fan of Hawkins, you definitely need to own this cool tee.


Brace Yourself Dustin Purple Hoodie

Dustin Purple Hoodie (Amazon)

Dustin clothing revolves around the idea of fashion and here is one example. Now you can have it with only a few clicks.

Dustin Camp Funko

Dustin Pop Figure (Amazon)

Dustin is all set to go on a camping trip. Which means new cool merch is on the way and here I found a cool pop figure to elevate your collection.

eleven pillow

Stranger Things Pillow (Amazon)

You’ll be having crazy dreams when you sleep on this pillow. Comfortable, soft and best for home decoration.

Eleven Eggo Waffle Pendant

Waffle Eggo (Amazon)

A pendant based on Eleven’s favorite Eggo Waffle. Too bad you can’t eat it.

The Stranger Things Hoodie

Stranger Things Hoodie (Amazon)

Winter is coming, keep yourself cozy and stylish with the featured Sweatshirt Hoodie. Best to wear and keep the fever alive.

In a World of Eleven Mug

Eleven Mug (Amazon)

When searching for a good Stranger Things 2 Merchandise, there is no better choice than to buy this amazing Mug featuring the text “In a World of Ten, Be Eleven.”

dustin shirt stranger things

Welcome Dustin Shirt (Amazon)

Set up a trend in the casual Welcome Dustin Shirt inspired and worn by Dustin. Made from cotton and good to wear with jackets.


Stranger Things Necklace

Necklace (Amazon)

A lovely girl needs a beautiful gift, presenting the necklace inspired by the movie. It is 18” long and has three extenders.

Hawkins 1983 Middle School Shirt

Hawkins Middle School Shirt (Amazon)

Get the retro look in this Hawkins 1983 Middle School Shirt. Features graphic text print and available in black for men.

All over Stranger things Backpack

Stranger Things Backpack (Amazon)

Ready to go back to school. No need to be afraid, Eleven got you covered and what makes you a real fan is this awesome backpack you’ll be wearing. Featuring all characters from the series.

nancy jacket

Stranger Things Nancy Jacket (Product Page)

Embrace the fashionable Nancy Jacket design for women who have love or hate situation with Stranger Things. The stylish piece comes with screen accurate details and provides great comfort thanks to the stitched fur collar. An awesome Stranger Things jacket.

Stranger Things Eleven T-Shirt

Eleven T-Shirt (Amazon)

One more thing that you can’t afford to miss is the featured shirt. If you live the life your way, consider adding this to the cart.

Stranger Things Collectible Toys

Action Figures (Amazon)

What’s really strange is when you have these toys in your room. No matter what anyone says, these are the best collectibles for our Stranger Things Merchandise idea. The box contains three characters Lucas, Eleven, and Mike.

Hawkins Middle School Womens Shirt

Stranger Things Shirt (Amazon)

Another classy T-Shirt to channel your style. This one has the simple plain logo text that is available for both men and women.

Stranger Thing Eleven Statue ArtEleven Statue (Amazon)

The official Netflix 5-inches tall Statue to decorate your room. This is something every fan would love to add to their Stranger Things Merchandise Collection.

Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

Eggo Card Game (Amazon)

Get a load of this amazing Card game. Get rid of all the cards and escape from the upside down world.


Eleven Mug

Why Ten Mug (Amazon)

Like to have a sip of coffee in the featured mug? Because this is something you want to have in your Stranger Things Merch Cart. Coated in Ceramic Material with a unique quote.

Stranger Things Funk Pop

Eleven Funko Pop Toy (Amazon)

The gift guide can’t be finished without adding this awesome Eleven Funko in the list. Do you like to collect stuff? Consider this amazing toy. Also, check out more funkos.

Our Summer can change everything shirt

One Summer Can Prove Anything tee (Amazon)

Yup, that’s the truth and Stranger Things proved it. You should consider gifting this shirt to someone special. A similar style is available for men. Get it here.

Stranger Things Themed Gift Collection

Stranger Things Gifts Collection (Amazon)

Here is a special treat to level up your hype. This bundle includes a bunch of goodies such as toy figure, greeting cart, and food items from season 1 & 2.

we are not kids anymore shirt

We Are Not Kids Any More Shirt (Amazon)

A lot of fans admires this tee because it is something you can associate yourself with Stranger Things. Available in 5 colors.

Eggo Waffles

Eggo Waffles (Amazon)

This idea is best for every foodie out there. The delicious Kellogs, Homestyle Waffles ready and served in a boxed pack. Start your day with this yummy treat.

Buying these Stranger Things Merchandise won’t make your life upside down. We have added the best idea available on the internet so don’t forget to share with other TV Series Fans. Also, see our T-Shirt guide. If you need some superhero merch and high-end gadgets that can make your life awesome then check out the Tech and Merch, to explore the new items.

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