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Transform Yourself Into A Scary Clown – Pennywise Costume Guide for Halloween

Pennywise Costume

Pennywise Clown is a character of “IT” movie that was first introduced back in the 90s and rebooted in 2017 with a more frightening look. A demon, who is in a shape of a clown with a simple human body, that has some brutal powers and tricks inside his sleeves. Therefore, it will be a handy and trendy character for Halloween.

This guide includes makeup tutorial that teaches how to create a perfect look of the clown and we also included the items in case you don’t want to go through. Here is how you can make Pennywise Costume.


Pennywise Clown Mask

Pennywise Wig and Mask –  Amazon

Firstly, you need a full-face clown mask which should have a red or orange Wig. Specially designed to be worn by adults or teens.

Pennywise Clown Gloves

Sharp Finger Gloves – Amazon

Killer gloves from 2017 are different from the 90’s, as it has sharp nails on it. Pair of white or grey gloves will be handy to show disguising tricks and also to take care of hard skins.

Pennywise Clown Costume

IT Clown Costume Suit –  Amazon

This includes suit and pant made from high-quality cotton and chiffon fabric. It will keep you high-fashioned as well.

Pennywise Clown Shoes

Shoes –Amazon

A pair of long shoes produced with quality PU leather and soft souls. The color matches with its dress, comfortable while walking.

Caution: Beware, it can be harmful.

Pennywise Clown Knife

Knife –  Amazon

A thick blade, stainless steel with an aluminum handle. The clown does not give a second chance to his enemies, so you must have this in your armory kit.

Red Balloons

Set of red balloons – Amazon

The deadliest killer used these balloons as a signal of a threat when he was about to kill someone. It will be handy to make your costume more hardcore.

We have discussed in detail about Pennywise Halloween Costume. Now, are you ready to disguise as the 90’s character? 

Pennywise 1990

The Classic Pennywise Clown Costume 1990

This looks to be more classical. You may be distracted with his costume and may go a little closer to him. But, I am afraid that will be your last walk. Do you have some plans to disguise your friends with powerful tricks?


1990 Pennywise Clown Mask

Pennywise Mask –Amazon

A demon is always a demon. So, firstly you need a full face mask that should have a red or orange wig.

Pennywise White Gloves

Gloves – Amazon

A pair of white stitched gloves made with pure cotton and with ornamental stitching. Although, it doesn’t have sharp nails on it but this is where the benefit lies; it will be handy for other costumes.

1990 Pennywise Clown Shoes

Shoes – Amazon

Rainbow stripes shoes and vinyl souls with a ribbon tie.

1990 Pennywise Clown Costume

It Clown Costume – Amazon

As frightening, as it can be. Complete Pennywise costume includes jumpsuit and collar.

Red Balloons

Set of Red Balloons – Amazon

Similar pack of red balloons, filled with helium gas. Use these as a signal of threat and transform yourself into a classical demon.

We have discussed the comparison between these two monsters in detail. But keep in mind, they are both demons and if you are choosing this clown for Halloween, I am not sure, if any child will dare to knock at your gate to ask for candies.

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