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How to Make The Flash Halloween Costume Quickly

Flash Costume Collection

When it was announced that The Flash would be debuting a TV series on CW, fans could not be happier. He has also appeared before in the TV show Arrow, and that was a huge boost to his standalone series. Grant Gustin plays the Flash on the show. However, in the Justice League movie, Ezra Miller is taking over. In the TV series, we also saw other pretty fast characters such as Hunter Zolomon as Zoom, and Eobard Thawne as Reverse Flash. Fans are getting ready to dress up as the sultan of speed as well as his arch enemies. So if you want to have the best, accurate looking costumes of the three characters from the TV series, then follow this guide for The Flash Halloween Costume.

Items To Create Flash Cosplay 

Flash Adult Mask
The Flash Helmet (Product Page)

The Flash mask is maroon colored and is made from PVC, which is quite a durable material. It’s is designed to fit multiple sized heads comfortably so that you can’t be left behind just because you have a big head.

The Flash Leather Jacket
Flash Leather Jacket (Product Page)

Now we arrive at the most important part to create a The Flash Halloween Costume. What kind of top clothing you wear determines the success of your cosplay. This jacket not only looks like the one he wears for the Grant Gustin version but also has a superhero aura to it with the kind of quality it has been made in.

the flash gloves
Flash Gloves (Product Page)

He would want to have a good grip over the enemies when he grabs them; therefore gloves with excellent traction are the best option to work with here. Apart from Flash superhero mask, these gloves have a palm patch which gives it the traction we are talking about.

The Flash Pant
Flash Pants (Product Page)

We have often said that the bottom clothing is not that important when impersonating someone. This is why you should be getting an appropriately matching pant for The Flash Halloween Costume.

The Flash Boots
The Flash Boots (Product Page)

What is the core of this hero? It is, of course, running very fast. These shoes accomplish the requirements and are a worthy addition to Flash Cosplay.

Infographic Guide

The Flash Costume

He is one of the main characters in DC as he is a part of the Justice League. Since he is young, yet a senior member of the team, he does possess some reckless qualities that a teenager usually has. Nevertheless, under strict guidance from Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman, he does become organized. There have been many versions of the speedster, but we popularly know the version of Barry Allen. Flash superhero costume in which we have seen him is the one we will be covering here.

Hunter Zolomon Zoom Costume


Zoom Helmet
Zoom Costume Helmet (Product Page)

This Zoom helmet is of Latex giving it both sustainability and durability. However, those are just talks of the quality of the helmet, if we were to compare this with the helmet as seen on Zoom suit, you would see that there is almost no difference.

Zoom Jacket
Zoom Cosplay Jacket (Product Page)

For the second item of the Zoom, we bring you this beautiful and elegant jacket of Zoom. Available at Fjackets, this merchandise piece is coming at a significant discount. But this price cut definitely should not seem like that the quality of the jacket is low. Leather which can only be described with the word ‘excellence’ has been used to craft this.

Zoom Gloves
Zoom Gloves (Product Page)

For your hands, we have chosen these black driving gloves. They are fine in quality and would fit the outfit fairly easily.  They are nice black color textured and would look with the jacket as if it were a part of it.

Zoom Pant
Zoom Pants (Product Page)

The pants have been put together with the use of Faux PU leather. It has a good shiny look to it just like the jacket which we suggested before. Will go along well with the costume but it is also useful for other things such as biking and dancing, as the name of the item implies. Other than that, the pricing of these pants is also just in the right spot.

Zoom Boots (Product Page)

The footwear that we have selected here are somewhat similar to the ones we chose for Speedster. Although they are not laced, but they are ‘boots’ nonetheless and are of similar sound quality.

Infographic Guide

Zoom Costume

Hunter Zolomon, going by the alias of Zoom, has quite an interesting history. He was introduced as Reverse Flash after the original Reverse Flash went out of the show.The cosplay resembles with a dark persona as we see in TV series. But you have to admit that this looks much better which is why we are having a look at it.

Reserve Flash Required Stuff


Reverse Flash Helmet
Reverse Flash Helmet (Product Page)

As his name implies, he is an entire ‘reverse’ of the original flash. Therefore, most of his items would almost be the same except for the color and a bit tinkering in the design. This is the case in the helmet as well, as it is the exact helmet but with the colors inverted.

Reverse Flash Jacket
 Reverse Flash Jacket (Product Page)

Be able to defeat the one and the only guy as you wear this jacket to become his living nightmare. Don’t search anymore for a Reverse Flash Cosplay Jacket as you are getting one of the best jacket there is on the entire internet. It has the red thunder embellishment on the chest and the beautiful intertwined black-yellow colors.

Reverse Flash Boots
Reverse Flash Boots (Product Page)

Although it is quite hard to notice this on Reverse Flash, you always have your eyes fixed on his mask or jacket. Whether you would be able to time travel or run real fast is a question for another day but if you wear this, what I can confirm is that they will indeed hold for a long time.

Two more items are left to complete the cosplay. First is the pant; what you can do about it is buy the one which we recommended for Zoom. Same in color and design so no need to buy a different one. Secondly are the gloves; for this too you should buy the Zoom ones. As I mentioned earlier, they are superb gloves at an extremely low price.

Infographic Guide

Reverse Flash Costume

Reserve Flash is a supervillain whose history is interlinked with Zooms. He was the first one to be introduced, then Zoom came in his place but finally, he got his desired place back again. In the recent TV series, we see him fighting against Flash and brutally beating him. We again saw him in the Reverse Flash costume which is different from his classic one. We had earlier seen him in this the flash clothing in the series Legends of Tomorrow.

Kid Flash Costume

kid flash jacket

Kid Flash Jacket (Product Page)

The Flash Halloween Costume is the most iconic piece of the attire. The yellow jacket is also a piece of master class design and art. We at fjackets constantly strive to give our customers the best deals we can. And here is the latest one. This jacket is very new in the market and not easily available so buy it now and stay updated with the Flashverse.

kid flash pants

Kid Pants (Product Page)

You can buy these pants flexible PU and add match them with your jacket to an immaculate kid flash cosplay for this Halloween.

Kid Flash Mask Helmet 300x300

Kid Flash Mask (Product Page)

The next thing you need is as iconic as the jacket of the Kid Version. At first look, the helmet looks just as the Reverse Flash helmet. But it is quite different in many ways. For instance the there is no top on this helmet, your head remains bare. The other difference is of the Kid Flash logo near the ears is way different.

Original Gloss K 206x300

Kid Flash Shoes (Product Page)

To go racing, we have shortlisted these cosplay boots. Shoes are made up of fine quality leather are perfect for the outfit and for different cosplays.

kid flash gloves

Kid Flash Gloves (Product Page)

It is not vital that you include the gloves in your cosplay, but if you do, it will add some more stars to your collection. Just be sure that this is a free size glove so kids can wear it too.

kid flash costume

One of that character is Wally West famously know as the Kid Flash. The flamboyant kid deserved an outfit that matched his attitude, and the costume makers were sure not to disappoint the hero or the audiences. You can make same attire at home without much of an effort. Here are the few items that you need for this vibrant Kid Flash suit.


So there you have it, a complete guide for the superhero fans. These are all of the things you will need to have the most epic costumes of the TV series. The detailing and quality of Flash merchandise are unmatchable by any other thing on the internet. Very few have the opportunity even to find them. We have done the hard work to search for these exceptional items for you while you just place your order.

Don’t forget to try it out this season and impress everyone. You can choose between the Scarlet Speedster or one of the baddies that everyone thinks that their suits look better than the heroes. Also, leave a comment if you have any and also do share this guide with your friends who will ask you about the fantastic costume you’d be wearing. For the flash costume kids, we will get on that soon.
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