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The Best Costume Collection From The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Costume

A costume will not get any classier than this. Instead of dressing as a ghost or other commonly dressed figures, you can put on a one of a kind, vintage, luxurious white suit and become Jay Gatsby. This is the character from the 2013 movie, The Great Gatsby. Leonardo DiCaprio played him in the film. With him, there were many other characters like Tobey Maguire and Daisy Buchanan. In the movie, all of them wore many outstanding and unique Great Gatsby outfits that also won an Oscar Award. The Great Gatsby costumes can be your new look if you follow this guide.

Here are The Great Gatsby mens outfits that are commonly and lavishly organized.

Jay Gatsby White Costume

The Great Gatsby White Costume

Gatsby outfits that are expensive and unique. Here are some of the Great Gatsby clothing that Leonardo DiCaprio wore in the movie which you can do in real life.


gatsby suit

The Great Gatsby Suit (Product Page)

Starting with the famous Off White suit of Leonardo DiCaprio was seen wearing this millionaire suit while he was going to meet her angel of life after a long break. This suit is designed for the fans by Fjackets.com that they can also get the style of a millionaire in their life. This White Suit is the perfect wear for the costume.

Jay Gatsby Shirt

The Great Gatsby White Shirt (Product Page)

He has worn this great Gatsby shirt with most of his suits. With this Off White suit, he was seen wearing this shirt and you can get the same style easily from Amazon.

Jay Gatsby Orange Tie

The Great Gatsby Tie (Product Page)

It’s not an easy job for anyone to style like a millionaire, but not for Gatsby. He has combined his outfits with a stunning collection of gadget like this Orange tie that he used with his white suit. It requires a mastermind to make a suit like that.

Jay Gatsby Cufflinks

The Great Gatsby Cufflinks (Product Page)

However, Gatsby was wearing Gold Cufflinks in the movie but that would be costly for the fans to have so this Gold Plated cufflink will do the work. You can get this from Amazon.

Jay Gatsby Rings

The Great Gatsby Ring (Product Page)

This is a very rare and unique Gatsby ring introduced with his costume. This ring is expensive but a real fan will but this ring to work with his white suit.

Great Gatsby Cane

Greyhound Walking Stick (Product Page)

Millionaire talk in style and they walk in style. Gatsby used this walking stick with his suits many times to show how rich he is (it’s not an easy job to win the Academy Award for costume).

Jay Gatsby Shoes

The Great Gatsby Shoes (Product Page)

The last prop to complete your outfit is this stunning Wingtip shoes, or more famously known as two-tone footwear. Now you know your way to make your own white suit. But this is now the only suit that Leo wore in the movie. A unique addition in men’s clothing.

Jay Gatsby Pink Costume

The Great Gatsby Pink Costume

The Next suit that Leonardo DiCaprio wore in the movie and was pretty much famous and attractive for fans was the Pink Great Gatsby suit. Leonardo wore it while having a meeting with the whole Gatsby family together. The props he used was much similar to this white one but there was some difference that you will find in the following links.


Great Gatsby Pink Suit

Great Gatsby Pink Suit (Product Page)

Leonardo wore this pink suit that has amazing detailed lining on it. People don’t normally see a person wearing a pink suit. The Great Gatsby mens costumes are also included for the winning of Academy Award. You can get this suit easily from Celebsclothing.com where they offer this suit in a wool blend and the price is reasonable.

Great Gatsby Pink Costume Tie

The Great Gatsby Navy Tie (Product Page)

To complete your Pink Costume Suit here is the last item i.e tie. Gatsby wore this Navy tie with his Pink Suit in the movie. This tie is in silk material woven in navy color with pink stripes on it.

Other Items:

The rest of the items of Great Gatsby costumes like the walking stick, cufflinks, shirt, watch and ring are similar that are mentioned above so you can buy that for your Pink suit.

Here, another outfit of Gatsby is complete and you can now jump to the third and the final formal suit in the list.

Jay Gatsby Brown Costume

The Great Gatsby Brown Costume

Here is your guide for the Gatsby Brown Suit that Leonardo wore in the movie. He wore this suit while having a meeting with Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire)  and the great legend Amitabh Bachchan. He combined his attire with several stunning stuffs that you’re going to see here.


Great Gatsby Brown Suit

The Great Gatsby Brown Suit (Product Page)

Jay Gatsby has this third suit of him that inspired the people and fans a lot. Again it’s the Celebsclothing.com offering you the brown suit. They have made this suit in high-quality wool blend material. Also, they have given it the exact design like DiCaprio wore in the movie.

Brown Costume Hat For Men

The Great Gatsby Brown Costume Hat (Product Page)

He combined his suit with a stunning look by attiring this Brown hat. You can get the very same style from Amazon and complete your Great Gatsby Costume.

The Great Gatsby Glasses

The Great Gatsby Glasses (Product Page)

He also used these glasses along with his brown suit. This gives him an extra star for the attraction of his personality. Also, maintain his look of being a millionaire.


The Great Gatsby Brown Costume Shoes (Product Page)

Leonardo DiCaprio has used single-tone shoes this time with his Brown Suit combination. This time, Jay is seen wearing light brown PU leather shoes along with his suit. The shoes are fully handmade with a wooden heel that makes a sound like a millionaire coming while you’re walking wearing your shoes.

Other Items:

You can get the same stuff to complete your Brown suit and here all the three famous suits end.

You got your suit, your shirt, cuff-links, and shoes and now your Jay Gatsby look is officially complete. It’s time for you to have an extraordinary attire as well as a stylish one this season. Not only do you have a costume to wear but also a regular outfit too, a double benefit.

Now it is time for the man who rather narrated the movie’s plot, Nick Carraway.

Nick Carraway Costume

Tobey Maguire The Great Gatsby Nick Carraway

Very little can be said about Nick Carraway. However, he is a vital character as compared to Jay Gatsby. Tobey Maguire plays him in the movie. He is the person who describes the story of Jay Gatsby and how he became one of the most famous personalities in the city. His occupation deals with selling bonds and is lucky enough to live right next door to Jay. Great Gatsby Nick Carraway costume, however, reflects the vintage look. Have a look below to get a better idea.


Nick Carraway Tobey Maguire Suit

Tobey Maguire Suit (Product Page)

It’s not easy to play a supporting role of a millionaire but Tobey Maguire has done this perfectly in the movie. He has also introduced a style appealing character by wearing this stunning brown suit. Now the followers, who are willing to style like him, can dress like him by wearing this suit by having it from Celebsclothing.com. They have introduced this suit in wool blend fabric with all the exact design. You can use the mens Gatsby outfits in any wedding party or Prom night would be the best choice to wear it too. A complete attire for men.

Nick Carraway Tobey Maguire Shirt

Tobey Maguire Shirt (Product Page)

Along with his costume, Tobey Maguire wore this white shirt inside his suit. You can do the same and style like him by having it from Amazon. When you need shirt to combine with the great gatsby outfits, always pick a white.

Nick Carraway Tobey Maguire Hat

Tobey Maguire Hat (Product Page)

Tobey Maguire combined his Nick Carraway Costume with this brown hat. He was good at portraying the 1920’s era and also introducing some of the best outfits for the fashion world. You can get this from Amazon easily.

Nick Carraway Tobey Maguire Bow

Tobey Maguire Bow Tie (Product Page)

Tobey has worn a stunning piece of the Bow tie and pocket square that you won’t see normally. By wearing this Nick Carraway tie, you can easily become the star of the day.

Nick Carraway Tobey Maguire Boots

Tobey Maguire Shoes (Product Page)

Along with his suit, Tobey Maguire attired this pair of shoes to make it look extra attractive. However, Gatsby team has given their complete effort to portray the 1920’s era and yes they have done well. Get these boots from Amazon and built your own Nick Carraway Great Gatsby Costume.

…And with that, your Nick Carraway look is complete. These items are quite reasonable so you can easily place your order. They are perfect and will give you the accurate appearance that people wish to have. Therefore, you don’t need to stress so much about how to get which item from whereas we made it easier for you. Well, these costumes can help you have a themed party and it will be appropriate for it.

Those were the guys. For the women, you must have seen the dresses that were worn, lavish designs and great adaptations of the 19th century.

Daisy Buchanan Costume

The Graet Gatsby Daisy Buchanan Costume

Daisy Buchanan, Jay’s heartbreaker is a perfect example of the Great Gatsby era dresses you can wear for different occasions. Carey Mulligan plays her in the 2013 film. She is the super attractive cousin of Nick Carraway. Just like in any other suspense story, she is the reason for causing the main problem between two men, Tom Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby. Her great gatsby women’s clothing style is definitely worth copying as it portrays a lot of class and elegance, something all women desire. Check out the list below for great gatsby costumes for women.



Daisy Buchanan Dress (Product Page)

In all the other characters, the role of Daisy Buchanan was the best. She was the heart breaker of Leonardo and for that, she has to show her standard higher than Gatsby. There is a huge list of Daisy Buchanan dresses but in all of them, this Daisy Buchanan dress is what people really liked. Even many girls desired to wear the great gatsby themed dresses on their wedding ceremony and on other platforms where formal wearing is compulsory. They can now get this dress from Amazon at a very best price.

Pearl Crown Daisy

Daisy Buchanan Hairband (Product Page)

Along with her dress, Daisy Buchanan wore this hairband that has a style like a princess. Many girls have attired this and combined it with their desired Great Gatsby Halloween costumes, you can do the same or can go for the whole outfit.

Daisy Buchanan Bracelet For Ladies

Daisy Buchanan Bracelet (Product Page)

Daisy Buchanan also wore a bracelet along with her costume in The Great Gatsby. This bracelet is made of man-made Pearls and Austrian Crystals. This bracelet comes in two different sizes that vary on your ring size and be given as great Gatsby gifts. This is the exactly same bracelet of Daisy Buchanan. It also comes with a gift box so it’s a good choice to gift someone.

The Graet Gatsby Daisy Buchanan Pumps

Daisy Buchanan Shoes (Product Page)

The last thing that you will require to complete your great gatsby theme dress is this high heel pumps that Carey Mulligan wore in the movie. She has introduced herself in a stunning look and outfit that made her dress the best of all. Now get ready to be the next Daisy Buchanan of your Jay Gatsby.

This was the entire collection of the Great Gatsby costumes idea for 2017 featuring Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, and Daisy Buchanan. The latter’s costumes can be used as Great Gatsby couple costumes as well. This guide will guarantee you to look exceptional and make great Gatsby dress up convenient for you to have a picture-perfect appearance. These and only these items are necessary to make that possible. So share it with others and leave your feedback.

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