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Epic Angry Birds Backpack To Make Your Journey Awesome

The only game that has captured the attention of everyone, whether you’re at home, at the bus station, at work or even while dating, you just can’t stop shooting tiny little birds to destroy the fortress of those bad and mean egg stealing Piggies. That game is non-other than Angry Birds, developed by Rovio Entertainment and Published by Activision. The puzzle game now has 14 downloadable version and 3 spin-offs of the same name with different gameplay style.

The franchise is not only limited to video game or movie, it has also introduced trendy merchandise and collectibles to lifestyle. Sure there is cool stuff but a real fan always carries them around. What you need is an ultra design Angry Birds Backpack to keep your obsession alive. Here are 10 top picks for adults and kids.


 Classic Boys Bag (Product Page)

Go angry and bash the pigs with the featured classic multi-purpose bag for boys. The bag has all four playable birds along with egg-stealing piggies.

3D Style Bag(Product Page)

Coolest graphic backpack with your favorite character from the game. Yeah, the Piggies will not love this.

Fashion Classic Game (Product Page)

Not just adults, little kids can also create attention with this 15” Angry Birds Backpack. It’s a special gift for the first day at school.

Red Bird Bag (Product Page)

Just look at his face, don’t know when he’ll blow up. Just don’t make him mad while traveling or he might poop on you.

Chuck Bomb and Red (Product Page)

When you want to assemble a team to defeat the baddest villain of all, you just need to recruit three birds for that. Don’t worry about the bomb, he’ll not explode. As a fan of these characters, I present you this official style backpack that is an epic choice.

Piggy Sackpack (Product Page)

Don’t let the birds know this or they’ll think you’re the one stealing their eggs. Just Kidding! It’s just an ordinary sack pack featuring Foreman Pig from the game.

Full Sized Fuzzy Red Bag (Product Page)

The red bird is the main iconic protagonist of the series. You just can’t handle his aggression but don’t worry, this one is easy to carry and lightweight. Not to mention the annoyed face.

Ultra Light Bag for Kids (Product Page)

The franchise has generated lots of fans and kids the one that really admires the game. To enhance the excitement, I present you this Ultra weight and durable merchandise for the little ones.

Girls Ultra-Light Bag (Product Page)

This one is specially designed for little girls who adore Stella.


Angry Bird Force Bag (Product Page)

The game has also adopted little inspiration from blockbuster movies like Star Wars. If you’re a fan of those birds, you should pick up this 16inch bag for your kids. Beware of the Stormpiggies.

I guess that’s enough for one day, I can’t just put everything here. I only choose the one recommended for the fans of the addictive game. The best angry birds backpack I prefer is the first one because it is right now the epic choice for the fans. Take your interest outdoors and expand the trend.

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