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Save the Day with The Powerpuff Girls Costumes Guide

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“And so, once again. The day is saved, thanks to… the Power Puff Girls!”

Do you remember the 90’s cartoon series with three girls Blossom (pink), Bubbles (blue), and Buttercup (green) along with their father, the brainy scientist Professor Utonium? Yes, we are talking about the famous animated series of all times “The Power Puff Girls.” It’s the American animated TV arrangement for Cartoon Network. The show rotates around the undertaking of three girls bearing superpowers. Professor Utonium created the Girls. In the attempt to create “perfect little girls” using the ingredients sugar, spice and everything nice. But accidentally he spilled a mysterious substance called “Chemical X” giving every one of the three superpowers. Cartoon series offers a nutshell depiction of the three Girls’ identities: Blossom, authority and the pioneer. Bubbles, she is the delight and the giggling. Buttercup, she is the hardest warrior. Their look was more symbolic to that of real girls.

The Power Puff Girls were drawn with physical attributes that make them exaggeratedly adorable. The characters with the cute and charming outfit made ladies, and especially young girls attracted towards it. Along these lines, we have orchestrated a guide of Powerpuff girls costumes for you to dress alike.

The Powerpuff Girls Costume Costume Guide

Costume of Blossom:

Blossom is the strategist leader of power puff girls. “Everything nice” is her personality ingredient. Pink is her signature color, and she has red hair with a red bow. To dress up like Blossom you need the following items from the guide.

Blossom Powerpuff Girl Costume 118x300

Blossom Powerpuff Girl Costume (Amazon)

It’s the beautiful pink costume of Powerpuff girl, Blossom. The dress features a sash belt that is adjustable for the comfortable fitting. The red wig and glasses are also included.

Dark Wine Red Hair Wig 187x300

Dark Wine Red Hair Wig (Amazon)

For the DIY Powerpuff girls costumes, there is a red hair wig provided. It not only works for the cosplay but other festive events as well.

Cosplay Halloween Red Bowknot 300x290

Cosplay Halloween Red Bow-knot (Amazon)

Next, we have the red bow knot headgear that is an essential part of the outfit. It is easy to put on your head comfortably. Design your hairstyle according to the need.

Retro Swing Cotton Dress 150x300

Retro Swing Cotton Dress (Amazon)

We have the retro-swing dress for blossom’s costume. The attire is sleeveless having the boat neckline and is of knee-length.

white cotton leggings

Opaque Microfiber Footed Tights (Amazon)

Pair up your outfit with the high-quality full-length footed tights. They are incredibly soft and stretchy. The perfect accessory for any dress on any occasion.

Satin Belt 170x300

Sash Belt (Amazon)

Tie the black satin sash around the outfit to get the exact look of the pretty character. It fits most adults and kids.

Mary Jane Shoes 300x232

Mary Jane shoes (Amazon)

Complete your ensemble with the sturdy velvet Chinese shoes. Pairing with every outfit is easy. The soft material makes you feel relaxed all day long.

This Blossom Powerpuff girl costume makes you feel like the pioneer of the most prominent heroes of the City of Townsville.

Costume of Bubbles:

Bubbles is a cute and sensitive one. Sugar is her personality ingredient, her signature color is blue, and she has short blonde hair in two ponytails. To dress up like bubbles, you would require:

bubbles costume powerpuff womens

Bubbles PowerPuff Girls Costume (Amazon)

Get ready to receive a lot of compliments wearing this super cute character costume. It comes with a dress, belt, glasses and a wig. Decent quality in the effective prices.

blonde wig

Blonde Cosplay Wig (Amazon)

It’s the great quality cosplay wig in blonde color with the wig cap. Attach with any of the costumes you feel it fits best.

Sleeveless Swing Cotton Dress 140x300

Sleeveless Swing Cotton Dress (Amazon)

With this Bubbles PowerPuff girls Halloween costumes, from the cartoon supergroup of young women, you can be the happy girl.

Costume of Buttercup:

Buttercup is the hardest of the three. Spice is her personality ingredient. Her color is green, and she has short dark hair in a flip. To take after Buttercup for Halloween party, you would be requiring:

Buttercup Powerpuff Girl Costume 116x300

Buttercup PowerPuff Girl Costume (Amazon)

It can be an excellent option to make for the last-minute costume. There s a curly bob wig, dress, elastic belt, and see-through glasses.

black hair wig

Short Hair Bob Wig (Amazon)

The fashionable short hair wig looks stylish and natural. It is gorgeous, soft and feminine so that can be worn at costume parties, Halloween, and themed events.

butter cup green girls dress

Green Swing Cotton Dress (Amazon)

Presently you can be much the same as your most loved superhero! This Buttercup Powerpuff girl costume comes straight from the series.

Powerpuff Girls costumes for Kids:

Powerpuff Blossom Costume Child 151x300

PowerPuff Blossom Costume Child (Amazon)

Bubbles Powerpuff Girl Costume 171x300

Bubbles PowerPuff Girl Costume (Amazon)

Buttercup Powerpuff Costume 144x300

Buttercup PowerPuff Costume (Amazon)

Coincidentally made in a lab by Professor Utonium, super-fueled sisters Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup frequently spare Townsville from scoundrels. Here we complete our guide with the astonishing variety of Powerpuff girls costumes for women and girls.  The ideas will enable you to change your appearance into one of your most beloved characters.

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