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Look Yellow And Green in Mask Costume

The Mask Costume

In each year, the Hollywood industry has given the world of cosplay a good guide to dressing up for cosplay parties, fantasy shows, and costume parties and mostly for Halloween. In 1994, the film industry had introduced a movie like this that is still loved by lots of people and it’s one and only The Mask.

The story is about a guy who’s unlucky in everything but one day he found the key to his success. He found a magical mask that can change the person’s personality into a completely different and crazy green guy who save his city from crime in a very comedy way. Even today, people love to cosplay that green guy and here is Fjackets showing you the guide to The Mask Costume.

Items Required

Jim Carrey was the guy to portray the character and now you can do the same by just having the following things for one of the unforgettable Jim Carrey costumes.

The Mask Yellow Suit
The Mask Suit (Product Page)

You can easily get the same outfit by having this deal of four in one. In this offer, you will get the coat and pant that is in yellow color, the yellow hat just like the one we saw in the movie and cartoon. The outstanding tie in a different shade. It is available in much reliable price.

The Mask Shirt
The Mask White Shirt (Product Page)

Along with mask costumes, you will need a white shirt that he wears in the movie. You must have a shirt like this in your closet but of not then you can have this shirt. This shirt is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester for a comfort wear.

The Mask Shoes
The Mask Shoes (Product Page)

This style is inspired by 1920’s or 30’s gangsters. They use to wear shoes with White Spats Cover on it and it’s pretty different that time too. However, today it’s available so that you can wear it with your yellow outfit on Halloween or any other day that you like.

The Mask Helmet
The Mask Creepy Green Mask (Product Page)

This is the last prop that you will require to complete you’re the crazy costume for your upcoming event. And it is made of eco-friendly latex material and the size fits most of the adults frequently.

So, your guide for the Mask costume is complete and now you have to decide when you’re going to try it. Will it be Halloween party or Birthday party? Jim Carrey The Mask costume will guarantee to give you the crazy look. Let’s sum up the guide with an infographic.

Quick View:

The Mask Infographic
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