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How To Create Your Own Thanos Costume | DIY

Thanos Costume

Superhero movies always feel unfinished without having a cold-hearted dark antagonist. Some evil villain loves to rob banks or kidnap people. While some just want to see the world burn without caring who will die in it. Those are just limited to their actions, but one deadliest villain is emerging from the comic book that the world will ever see. The towering figure Thanos played by Josh Brolin is ready to crush every member of Avengers End game, and he will not rest until he has stones of every hero in his Infinity Gauntlet.

Thanos is one of the strongest ever seen in MCU. Unlike Hulk, he is more immune to a fist fight and can withstand any strike. Right now, he has become a fan favorite villain due to his mighty appearance especially because of his gauntlet. If you’re inspired and want reflections of his looks, then start collecting to create your own Thanos Costume.



Customer Rating★★★★

Price: $129.00

Details:  Sleeveless Vest

To represent this villain, you may need to add some muscle in order to wear this vest.  With this cool Thanos Vest, you’ll be looking like the villain in no time. The sleeveless outfit features the exact same details and made from quality material. As a matter of fact, this detailed vest will also work as a casual piece for daily fashion.



Customer Rating★★★★★ 

Price: $39.90

Details: Left Hand Fit Only, Six Color Stones

Thanos Cosplay is unfinished without wearing the cool Thanos Gauntlet. Since the inception, the yellow fist is a unique collectible which is introduced over the courses in the market. This one has electronic features that add extra fun details to your Thanos Infinity War Costume. Time to collect some Infinity Stones!


Customer Rating★★★

Price: $29.99

Details: 13% lycra spandex and 87% nylon, turtleneck

Since his skin color is sort of mix pink and purple, we’ve added a purple bodysuit. It is made for complete body coverage and will provide a flexible experience.






Customer Rating★★★★

Price: $27.94

Details: Cotton, Machine Wash, Straight Fitting

What makes a good pair with your cosplay is this brown color straight fit pant. It provides a relaxing fit and great for casual wear.  This is enough for your Thanos Cosplay.






Customer Rating★★★★

Price: $65.00

Details: Leather, Rubber Sole, Lace Shoe

The last item to complete your Thanos Cosplay is the shoe. This is an ideal piece made from leather and has oil resistance feature. It will look great with the above items.


These are the stuff you need. It is a simple guide and we featured almost everything including his best weapon, Thanos Gauntlet, and his Inspired Vest. With these items, It won’t take long for people to recognize you as a powerful force.  Also, check out some of the latest swags to show your support for the character.



Thanos Ring

Thanos Ring (Product Page)

Another worthy addition to your fashion! This Thanos Ring is inspired by his actual gauntlet made of metal and comes with 6 gems.

Thanos Funko (Amazon)

When you add apparels, also consider this cute little evil Funko of Thanos. Your friends will know how much you’re inspired!


Thanos Glove Keychain (Amazon)

Toys are great collectibles, which also makes this gauntlet keychain a great addition to our Thanos Halloween Costume.

That’s it for our Mens Thanos Costume guide today. Hope these are all the items you require to become the popular villain from the movie. We also included some cool merch so everyone will know which movie you’re going to watch at the theatre! Let us know if we missed anything and also, check out the complete Avengers End Game Costume guide.

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