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Let’s Tear It Down – Guide To Black Canary Costume

Black Canary Costume 810x425

In the world of superheroines, Black Canary is the one with different looks and distinctive style. The fictional DC comic character appeared first time in 1947 and teamed up with various companies. She has got the sexy and super strong character with expert martial arts skills and the supremacy at the sonic scream- the Canary Cry. Dinah Laurel Lance is the daughter of Dinah Drake Lance. She has been paired with archer superhero The Green Arrow romantically and professionally that was time and again complicated by their roles as vigilante heroes. Suit up this time with the Black Canary costume for the iconic looks.

Sporting her look, the costume has been a symbol of female power assorted with an impressive amount of leather. Reinforcing her status as the sexy cosplay choice, the guide is prepared consisting of the Canary Cry girl costume. Follow the ideas to recreate the perfect DIY Black Canary cosplay costume. It can be easily created after gathering a few pieces of clothing. So, be prepared and explore the powerful idea to get the character’s look.

How to DIY the Canary Costume

Womens Hair Wig 300x264

Women’s Hair Wig (Amazon)

To enact the character, you need to get a similar hairstyle. If you want the beautifully long, blond tresses, go for the wig that will provide you the closest appearance and the actual human hair feel.

Black Canary Jacket

Black Canary Jacket (Amazon)

The outfit remains incomplete without this gorgeous and trendy leather jacket. This will compliment your style when you are going to cosplay the character from the comics. It’s the ultimate attire that is best to have for other dresses as well. It is short featuring the viscose lining, button detailing and snap tab strap collar.

Faux Leather Corset Top 215x300

Faux Leather Corset Top (Amazon)

Dinah Lance wore two styles of the bodysuit, but for the comic look, we have put together the black leather corset top. The cool top has the zipper front and the back lace up closure. It’s a great addition to the Black Canary Halloween costume.

Leather High Waisted Leggings 134x300

Leather High Waisted Leggings (Amazon)

Womens Net Stocking 107x300

Women’s Net Stocking (Amazon)

Whether you want to sport her look in high waisted leggings or the fishnet tights, the items are available for both. To get the awe-inspiring appearance go for the tights or else gear the smart leggings. It is flexible and allows you to use roundhouse kick.

Black Canary Mask

Black Canary Mask (Amazon)

Black Canary costume history reveals various changes in the outfit. For the authentic look have the mask so that other people could not discover your identity. It is one size and fits all. A perfect accessory for the cosplayer.

Fleece Lined Gloves 224x300

Fleece Lined Gloves (Amazon)

The superheroine frequently clashes using her dynamic skills, so the gloves are a must to have for the costume. Fighting in hand-to-hand is pretty rough for the skin. Get the gloves and show your powers to the opponent.

Plain Leather Choker 300x151

Plain Leather Choker (Amazon)

The choker is another key accessory that you can add to your Black Canary costume. She used to gear it up when wears the corset style top. Accordingly, we have listed it in our guide.

multi strap utility belt black canary

Multi Strap Garter Utility Belt (Amazon)

Be prepared to fight crime at your region getting accessorized with the multi-strap utility belt. It will serve you with the best facilities. It’s the ideal costume prop to portray the character.

Mid Calf Boots 296x300

Mid-Calf Boots (Amazon)

Suit up to perfection donning the high heel mid-calf boots with the black canary comic costume. She is never seen without the tall black boots. The moto-inspired metal buckle and rivets accents lend you an edgy look.

Billy Club 300x300

Billy Club (Amazon)

Don’t forget to pick your weapon so that no one can mess with you. The fun accessory will grant you to look like a thrilling personality.

Black Canary Arrow Costume 205x300

Black Canary Arrow Costume (Amazon)

At last, we have brought the complete apparel for stylish women. Behave and feel the strength of the girl wearing the outfit. Made from premium quality fabric, it includes Black Canary top, pants, bolero jacket, mask, belt, and gloves.

Get ready for the cosplay wearing the Black Canary costume and make it even more powerful by calling some backup. Ask someone to cosplay Green Arrow and White Canary with you.

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