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Start Hunting for Prey in Predator Costume

Predator Costume 810x456

Whoever can forget the furious hunter? Yes, we are talking about the infamous Predator. The character initiated through a film.and led to the movie sequels, comics, and toys. The film was appreciated and well remarked from all over the world. From the unique story to the robust characters all were at their best, but here we are going to talk about the deadly and daring predator costume.

Consider dressing up as you have never done before.

Become galaxy’s most frightening hunter for this season with Predator Halloween costume. The people at the gathering will enjoy the sturdiest look of yours till time. Though exceptional and dreadful to watch, the predator is not an easy character to mimic. We have a complete guide consisting of best outfit ideas of the villainous character. Take a look at the attire below made available for adults.

How to Make a Predator Costume

Predator Adult Mask

Predator Mask (Amazon)

The first thing you need is a scary mask to build a perfect cosplay. Made inspired by the Alien vs. Predator that comes with an adjustable strap to fit any head size. Still looks daunting. Next up, the Gloves.

Predator Hands

Gloves (Amazon)

To be the master of slicing prey, what you really need is a handy glove. The officially licensed accessory goes with adult cosplay of the deadly hunter. The latex predator hands have the metal gauntlets and knife detailing.

Now let’s see what we got next…!

Alien Vs Predator Deluxe Costume

Predator Deluxe Costume (Amazon)

If you are looking for the Aliens Vs Predator costume of the game, then you are at the right place. Get the right apparel to cosplay the fear-provoking character with excellence. Own the extraterrestrial experience in the given above gear. A complete set is present that is perfect to wear at the costume party and similar events.

Predator Standard Costume 300x300

Predator Standard Costume (Amazon)

Here is the most popular and authentic predator costume for adults. It has all that you need to look exactly like the terrifying species. The outfit includes the jumpsuit with the EVA chest piece, shoulder arm, and leg guards, belt and hands. The most essential mask is also present to complete the get-up. Freak out your friends with the iconic look.

boot_knee high

Men’s Lace-Up Boot (Amazon)

At last, we have got the last thing to complete both given above Predator costumes. They are the high heel fashionable boots. The features include the leather upper, a steel toe, the laces and the adjustable straps for the comfortable fitting. Express the wild inner and let your thoughts run wild when donning the Predator cosplay costume.

Here we come to an end with the extensive guide of predator costume for adults. The complete outfits are available along the high-quality knee-high boots to finish the clothing. Gear up the attire and present the character with the utmost brilliance.

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