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Is Halloween Party in mind? Imagining some creative outfit to become the life and soul of the party?
Here comes the most horrendous and gag-filled hero of the season – The Tick, the only destined defender.

Now you can get the humorous plus alarming Tick Halloween costume to pose a Spy persona.
It’s the simplest timeless guide allowing you to get ready in minutes for the spooky moments.

Just like he said, “justice sandwich needs no toppings” the outfit is also handy and easy to wear.


Tick headband feelers antenna blue

Feelers –Amazon

The incredible thing about The Tick is, he wears no mask, cannot even fly, but still, he is a super doper hero who welcomes all challenges against evils with an open face. Here is a headband with two prolonged antennas on to it. The elevated feelers will individuate you from others in the Halloween festivities.

The Bodysuit – Amazon

This is an open face full body suit, which is fully padded giving a powerful look. The unbelievable full muscular built appearance will make you Apple of the Halloween Eye.

Tick gloves blue

Gloves – Amazon

Not really necessary but if you’re in for some punching action, then these will come in handy. Made from PVC material, great use for costume purpose like the Tick.


Bluish Hard Core Shoes – Amazon

After having the stung head and body what’s left is the ground part, your shoes. It should be that solid that makes the voice of command. Here we have launched the blue hardcore shoes to complete your look.


Tick Mask with Antenna – Amazon

You need something extra for your comfort and costume both and there is a gift of Mask. This latex mask is great for Tick lovers and it comes with Antennas.

So here we end our guide to the Tick Costume. Now is the time to grab your newly launched stuff and become the mighty The Tick. Stay tuned for more because we’ll also add the costume of his faithful companion The Arthur so, in the meantime, you should start looking for a sidekick to turn him into a trusty companion.

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