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Extreme Carnage Costume – It Feels Good To Be Bad

Carnage Costume 810x405

With every superhero installment, there comes a supervillain along him who is the real threat to the city and the residents of that area. Spiderman is the world famous character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The biggest rival Venom gave a tough time to the fictional superhero. Carnage aka Cletus Kasady was on either side, the psychopath and the serial killer. He first appeared in the 1991 build on the rudiments of the forerunner character Venom. Belonging to the symbiote he was a monster straight away from the beginning, and it is ultimately depicted by Carnage costume as well. Different from the protagonist’s outfit and chest design, the suit is red and black with the streaks all over it.

Frankly, he actually owns a badass super villain costume of all time. It is perfect for his relentless and harsh personality. He does not hesitate to kill the person whom he wants to destroy. Waiting for prey is not his style. Seeking his popularity, we have assembled a guide of carnage Halloween costume that will allow you to look a bit similar to him. Although the DIY ideas provided for the ensemble are different from the original one, purposely combined for the fans to get the analogous appearance. Find it helpful and portray the sadist character.

Ideas Of How To Make A Carnage Costume

carnage mask scary horror

Marvel Carnage Mask (Amazon)

The mask of the character is somewhat similar to the one that Venom used to wear. There is the handmade mask of the Carnage that provides the best utility when worn with the costume. The headgear features bendable tendrils that shape for more expression.

Printed Compression Shirt 284x300

Carnage Costume Shirt (Amazon)

The attire of the supervillain is body fit. To accompany the look of the Carnage, we have got the red and black print compression shirt. It is polyester made, lightweight, durable and flexible. It will help to maintain body temperature in all weather conditions.

Carnage Trouser tights pants

Sports Tights Pants (Amazon)

To complete the villainous Carnage Marvel costume, the sports tight pants are added. The fabric used to make the wearable is smooth and incredibly soft that will give you comfort when worn at the workout session. It is perfect for all seasons as is elastic and durable. Get it for the costume to achieve the character’s appearance.

Carnage shoes

Men’s Athletic Shoes (Amazon)

Suit up to perfection by adding the last piece of clothing to the costume. Go for the red and black contrast color shoes to finish the look you want to get like the character. They are ideal for outdoor sports, jogging, basketball, and many other fitness games.

carnage costume set etsy

Carnage Morphsuit (Amazon)

The Spiderman Carnage costume is one of the most successful villain’s outfit. If you love him too then, get the wearable that will be the best in the gathering. He is a nasty worker who doesn’t stop to achieve his needs. It is cool and comfortable so that you can enjoy the Halloween aesthetically.

Get ready to rock the party in the given Carnage costumes for adults. It will be the ideal addition to your collection of scary villain’s ensembles. Be ready for the nonstop fun and action at the party.

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