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The Complete Walking Dead Costume Collection

Walking Dead Costume

Not many people know that “The Walking Dead” is based on a comic book created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Both the comic and the TV series focus on the post-apocalyptic scenario where the world is been overrun by zombies. The series has three main characters, Rick Grimes the main protagonist, Philip Blake a.k.a the Governor and Daryl Dixon. We will take a look at the costume of all of these main characters and try to form the perfect Walking Dead costume.

The Walking Dead Guide

The Walking Dead itself has a large number of cast and crew and it’s hard to make the costume of them all. But let’s bring out the outfit of few top people. However, the series is a great idea for people looking for Halloween group costume. They can be zombies or the walkers. So, let’s start our the walking dead items guide.



Rick Grimes’ was a sheriff on the countryside of Georgia; He got shot which led him to come. The zombie apocalypse began when he was in a coma and when he woke up the world the nothing as he had seen. Rick gathers his family and friends and other survivors to form a group to fight against the walking dead. Following are the things you need to make your own Rick Grimes costume.


The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Jacket

The most iconic of all items is the jacket. You are foolish to believe that any other brown jacket will do the trick for you. This jacket is an exact replica of the original jacket and is made with intensive care and supervision to reach optimal quality and design. This jacket is referred to as the “No Regret Jacket” by anyone who has purchased it and we guarantee the same will be the case for you and your walking dead costume.

Rick Grims Shirt

Rick Grimes Shirt

This plain white shirt will look trendy and nifty under the well-crafted jacket. The masterpieces made by the blood of zombies portrayed on the white color are worth having this Rick Grimes shirt for.

rick grimes jeans

Rick Grimes Jeans

These French cut will not only add to your cosplay but to your closet and class as well. Optimal quality, standard design, and perfect fitting make these pants must-have item for casual and cosplay wear.

walking dead gun

Rick Grimes Revolver

The weapon of choice of our protagonist is the zombie 357 revolver, not only a weapon but his most trusted and reliable companion. In the world filled with zombies trying to eat your brain, it’s only safe to carry a rick grimes revolver. You can get this airsoft gadget from Amazon and claim perfect costume.

Rick Grimes Belt and Holster

 Rick Grimes Belt and Holster

You will need a soft and cozy place to rest you most dependable protégée and this where this item comes it. The holster will keep your gun intact with you all the time and the belt will keep your pants tight in scary situations.

ankle chukka black boots walking dead

Rick Grimes Ankle Boots

The last thing to complete your rick grimes costume are these shoes, same as the one worn by the prolific hero. These shoes are comfortable to wear and very durable, they will allow you to run miles if you are ever ambushed by the walkers.

walking dead necklace pendant silverThe Walking Dead Necklace (Product Page)

Or can also choose to add this special necklace to your attire, which is a single line defines the whole them of the show. We have seen it time and time instead of zombies, people are the ones killing other people.  This extreme quality necklace will add stars to your cosplay.

There you have it, the complete list of the essential items to look like the most post-apocalyptic stylish hero, Rick Grimes. Such exceptional quality items that can make you look exactly like the character. All you have to do is grow a beard and you’re good to go with Rick Grimes clothes.

The Governor

The Governor

One of the most recognized and the main character of the TV series is the villain, The Governor. As the fans know him more commonly as The Governor, his actual name is Philip Blake. The actor who plays the character of the Governor is David Morrissey. He is one of the most ruthless villains who rules with an iron fist. Although he is a leader, he doesn’t get along with the hero, Rick Grimes. His method to take the survivors under his guidance requires a lot of bloodshed and lifeless bodies. Keeping in mind that the Governor is a comic book character, makes him a great choice to dress up as him. If you are wondering where to start to find the right accessories for the Governor costume, then stay right here. The items listed below will give you the best guide to follow to look like the Governor. Have a look at the Governor Walking Dead outfits.

governor eye patch

Governor’s Eyepatch

If you sit down and imagine this ruthless character, the first thing that will come to your mind is the eye patch. This eye patch has become somewhat of a symbol of The Governor’s single-minded approach. We put emphasis on you to buy this eye patch before anything else.

The Walking Dead Governor Jacket

The Walking Dead Governor’s Jacket

The next we want you to purchase is this fancy leather jacket, which is made famous by David Morrissey. The Jacket is neat duplication in style but of the same standard in quality. The jacket is highly essential for the outfit of Philip Blake but it once you bring it home it will be as essential for you too. The jacket can be yours for just $159, and it’s about time that you bought yourself a gift.

Walking Dead Governor vest

The Walking Dead Governor Vest

Another piece made famous by The Governor. This item of Walking Dead costume is made up of quilted satin on the outside and viscose lining on the inside. The fusion of such materials together can on lead to one thing: class and comfort and that exactly what has made this jacket fan favorite.

Governors Belt

Governor’s Belt

You will have a fierce personality when you are impersonating the man with the eye patch your regular belt will not do. This belt is the only thing can help you hold your pants up and head high.

Governor's Gun Holster

Governor’s Gun Holster

You will need this holster to keep your safe and at the edge of your hands so that when the walkers arrive, you can shoot them in a nick of time. This holster can be used various times while impersonation different fictional characters.

Governor's Spirng Piston Pistol

Governor’s Spring Pistol Silver

In a post-apocalyptic world which is overrun by the zombies, your only true friend is the pistol in your hands. Without his gun Governor is unrecognizable so that’s why you need a gun as part of this walking dead costume.

Walking Dead Khakhi Pants dockers

Governor’s Khaki  Pants

The perfect cosplay is never complete and lacks detail and authenticity if the clothing is out of line. These khakis will help you attain the same look as the sharpshooter, hurry up and buy these pants before you run out of time and money.

governors chukka boots brown walking dead

Governor’s Chukka Boots

Filling the boots means filling someone’s legacy and the right way to do that is the way they did it. If you want to fill in the boots of the eye-patched man, then you will need to have the same shoes as he did. This will help you attain the perfect look and gets you more inside the character.

This list of items was carefully selected in order for you to have an affordable and easy purchase. From the eye patch to the holster, every kind of item is present on this list to give you a perfect looking outfit. This 2016 will enable you to set a high standard of having a screen accurate Governor’s costume.

Daryl Dixon


However, unlike the other two above mentioned characters, Daryl Dixon is not part of the comics. In fact, during an audition, Norman’s performance was so good that the team decided to have an extra character. Daryl Dixon costumes and mad hatter coat is quite simple and requires a bit of personal editing, like cutting the sleeves off the shirt and making holes in the jeans. Have a look for the Daryl Dixon cosplay.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Leather Vest

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Leather Vest

The most famous jacket of the Walking Dead Costume, this Daryl Dixon vest if angel among men. See the wings at the back. Fjackets make this angelic jacket to satisfy both your demons and your angels. Cosplay or no cosplay this is the jacket you have to buy one way or the other.

Daryl Dixon Short Sleeve Field Shirt

Daryl Dixon Short Sleeve Field Shirt

The short sleeve shirt will give you an accurate look of the Daryl Dixon. This shirt featured here is perfect to wear as a part of your costume for Dixon. The quality is good, and the design is casual and stylish, and you will not have to spend much on it.

Daryl Dixon Duck Knee Jeans

Daryl Dixon Duck Knee Jeans

These 100% cotton, relaxed fit jeans will be great to wear as a part of the costume or as part of your daily outfit.

Daryl Dixon Boots

Daryl Dixon Boots

 The final thing you need is the boots, and you can top of your Walking Dead cosplay with this over the line high-quality boots.

That’s the last of the walking dead costumes. You will not find such a wide range of variety of the Walking Dead costumes anywhere else. If you want to go as the brutal Governor, the hero Rick Grimes, or the impressive Daryl Dixon, 2017 is unquestionably going to be a spooky themed season. This perfectly fits the bill for a Halloween cosplay. The interesting fact is that how you can wear the walking dead Halloween costumes. It means that it can either be worn as an individual or a group. For the group costume, your friends can go as a trio, or you can dress as one of the characters and ask someone to dress as a zombie. These are a few ideas on how to make these outfits look all the more perfect. Leave your views and feedback about the costume ideas.

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