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Here’s How You Can Cosplay BB-8

BB8 Costume Guide 810x455

Who do you call for help?  Obviously the little BB-8. Sure many Star Wars fans own these little droids toy figures at home but how about we show you it’s cosplay ideas?

Which is the reason we are sharing a simple DIY guide for the fans.

You just need to put on the Helmet and Dress. That’s all, here are the items for BB8 Costume.


Bb8 Helmet

Cardboard Helmet – (Amazon)

Sure he’s a robotic machine and to program like him, you must put on the helmet. Made out of Cardboard, both adults and kids can wear it.


Bb8 Costume Shirt

Costume Shirt -(Amazon)

Enjoy every move by wearing a simple design Tee enormous print and evoke the robotic feeling within you. The shirt is now accessible online at only $29.95.

Bb8 Costume Dress

 BB8 Cosplay Dress – (Amazon)

Ladies, it’s your lucky day because showing right now is a sleeveless dress officially licensed. Simplest design that captures the natural beauty and ready for cosplay as well. Let’s move on to kids ideas.


Bb8 Helmet

BB-8 Costume Helmet – (Amazon)

Here’s our pick of the day for little ones. Actually a sports helmet for skating and cycling that fits almost every kid’s head.  Priced at $7.32 only.

Bb8 Costume PJS

BB-8 Costume Pjs – (Amazon)

The crafted PJS is for nightwear but what the heck, why not for cosplay purpose as well? Good sizing and accurately designed, only need a kids helmet to finish the attire or consider it a costume.

Bb8 Juniors Girls Dress

BB8 Dress  – (Amazon)

After boys, let’s add something for sweet little girls and here’s a cool printed dress for that. An officially licensed product of Star Wars dedicated for fashion. Your girl will look adorable.

Now we finish the BB8 Costume guide but you should not be limited to cosplaying the character. Consider him for lifestyle so bringing your attention to the coolest merchandise related to the little droid.

BB-8 Merchandise

Bb8 Merch Toys

BB-8 Toy –  (Product Page)

Not just kids, adults also love to buy collectible toys of their favorite character. If you love collecting cool merch then also pick this amazing-looking action figure.

Bb8 Wall Clock

Wall Clock – (Amazon)

Decorate the whole room and also add this awesome wall clock. Everyone will consider you a die hard fan of BB-8.

BB8 Backpack school bag

Backpack – (Amazon)

He’s called a travel companion and now, he’s gonna help out by carrying personal items like Laptops, Cell Phones, and Books. The backpack also features LED lights and sound effect.

There we have it, added both DIY along with collectible Merch that are showing awesome details. In short, an improvising way to make your own BB 8 Costume at an affordable price.

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