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The Complete Guide For Your Tinker Bell Costume

Tinker Bell Costume 810x456

Tinkerbell is the all-famous cute, lovable and lively fairy seen in several movies so far. And so is the Tinkerbell costume. Despite being minuscule in size and only included in earlier films as a supporting actor to Peter Pan, She quickly rose to popularity quickly with her unique and engaging personality. She was even just a silent character who wouldn’t be able to talk up till the recent release of her very own movie Tinkerbell in 2008.

The outfit has been adored by young fans which is why we have brought for you guides for both kids and adults, which you can follow to become just like Tink.

Items Required

Tinkerbell Costume Adult

thinker bell adult costume

Tinkerbell Costume with Wings (Product Page)

You can say that the Tinkerbell drhttps://www.amazon.com/Leg-Avenue-Disney-Tinkerbell-Costume/dp/B00BTPORPE/?tag=fjacketsnew-20ess and her wings are both the items that make up almost all of her costume. The dress of hers gives her the greenish theme everyone so loves and her transparent wings which are big for her size gives her the power of flight. Now you can have the chance of acquiring the power and the wonderful greenish themed dress. This Tinkerbell costume is a good match for an adult.Tinkerbell Adult Boots

Adult Shoes (Product Page)

The shoes are also of the same green colored theme with white pom poms on top of them. This gives cosplayer, in this case, the cute look. These are the best shoes on the internet as the fabric used on the shoe is of soft and delicate quality so that it can look as much equal to Tink’s shoes as possible. The fabric which we are talking about is Satin. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the shoes are comfy to wear as well, so no need to worry about any ache or discomfort.

tinker bell hair wig

Tinkerbell Wig (Product Page)

You cannot help it but buy this wig if you naturally have brunette hair or any colored hair other than blonde. The wig not only gives you the color required to obtain for the tinker bell costume, but it comes predesigned the way the hair is in actuality. The wig is easily stretchable hence fitting in bigger heads as well. The pricing is really affordable and low for a wig of this high quality. So no need to search further, just buy this wig to complete your Tinkerbell Costume adult.

For Kids

thinker bell kid costume girl

 Kids Dress with Wings (Product Page)

As we said earlier, we cannot emphasize too much on the dress and wings were a good match to the actual dress and wings of a green fairy. The wings are satisfactory and big in size, and they are easily detachable. The actual fairy also makes an appearance in the dress as you can see her from the picture above. Polyester fabric used on the Tinkerbell costume for kids makes it all the more excellent in quality.

Tinkerbell Child Shoes

 Kids Shoes (Product Page)

These shoes are my favorite items in the entire blog. These not only look cute like the shoes for adults but are also really majestic looking. PVC jelly has been utilized to make the shoes look translucent which adds to their beauty. It also has several features which kids would love. Firstly the pom poms have bells in them so they’d be making sounds with every step your child takes. Secondly, the heels of the shoes have a light on them so along with the sound would show up lovely lights. Therefore, these would look even more beautiful when worn in the night, but that does not make them any less gorgeous during the day. It’s a superior choice to wear with your costume.

tinker bell magic wand

Tinkerbell Wand (Product Page)

Tinker can fly herself; we already know that. But by using her Tinkerbell wand she can also give power to others of flying. The power which she at first is afraid to give to others, but eventually gives selflessly. It is only through her use of spells that the boats can fly. We’ve linked this item as it is not only good looking but is also priced at a mere $8.75. So don’t wait and buy this wand for your kids so that they can cast spells just like Tink.

Tinkerbell Headband

Tinkerbell Kids Tiara (Product Page)

Although she is not seen with the Tiara, no fairy is complete without it. So, therefore, we added this item to the kids’ costume guide. We made sure that it went perfectly with the rest of the outfit as well. The green color of Tink is still there, and she also makes a cameo in the item. The best part of the tiara is the beautifully colored beads on it. Grab this adorable item to go with the rest of the Tinkerbell costume.

Tinkerbell Child Wig

Tinkerbell Kids Wig (Product Page)

Just like the adults we covered, even if you are a kid you would want to like as much like Tinkerbell as possible. That won’t be possible if you do not have blonde hair. This is where this wig comes in to help with that as just like the Adults wig; it is not only similar in color but also the puff design is premade to look like the cute Tinker fairy; ideal for kids of every age. Like the wigs before it, this one is also splendid regarding quality.

For Plus Size


Plus Size Costume (Product Page)

Here is the Plus Size Costume for women that they can wear and look sexy on Halloween. This costume is much like two mentioned above. The material and the look are much similar to that. You will get a green velvet dress with invisible zipper and 24”fairy wing in the pack. So buy this costume and get ready to receive some awesome comments on your costume.


Tinkerbell Plus Size Tights (Product Page)

Along with the Tinkerbell adult costume, you will need these tights to cover the lower area of your body and turn it into glittering green color. Its full tights with a light texture on it and glittery sheen from panty to ankle. It’s made of 82% nylon and 18% Lurex.

So there you have it; a complete guide of Tinkerbell costumes for adults and kids. No need to look any further as you can follow this simple guide for any occasion like Halloween, a Birthday Party, a fair, etc. Have any comments or suggestions? Leave them in the comment box below and don’t forget to share this guide with your family and friends after they see you in your lovely costume.

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