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12 Hacks That Will Make Your Christmas Shopping Stress Free

Christmas shopping

Holiday season is upon us, a time when people spend more money buying nice Christmas gifts for family members and friends.  It can be fun but can also become a mental and physical challenge for many people.

Those who have gone through this process knows how exactly difficult it can be.

The question is what makes our Xmas shopping horrible and why do we have that regretful feeling afterward? Here are your answers.

  • Going without a list of ideas
  • No proper financial budget-plan
  • Shopping at the last moment
  • Buying things you don’t need
  • Shopping during rush hours
  • Using credit cards and adding weight to bills
  • Paying for extra things like gift wrapping, car gas, parking tickets etc etc and etc!

These are the common issues that most of the people go through every year. Don’t let this happen to you! There are different ways you can make it more enjoyable.

For you, we’ve put together 12 hacks that’ll minimize your shopping stress and help you save money.

1. Make A List Of Things To Buy:

You’ll come across a lot of things especially around holidays but it is always a better option to make a list. Sticking to the list may sound challenging, and on the other hand, it can simplify the process of Christmas shopping. Here’s how to make a proper list..

  • Write everything down in a piece of paper or use a phone app.
  • Keep important items your first priority.
  • Keep it organized and readable
  • Cut out things you don’t need.
  • Make sure to add prices to avoid overspending.

2. Start Early:


Some of us think that shopping during the last moment is a good idea, but that’s not true. Try early Christmas shopping or someone woud say, the early bird strategy because this way, you’ll avoid traffic hassles, waiting in line and also enjoy plenty of deals.

3. Avoid Rush Hours:

traffic rush hour

Stores are always crowded in Holiday season. You need to know the right time to do your christmas shopping for kids or for yourself. Always shop during school and work hours. Avoid going to stores during off-time or weekends.

4. Stick to the Budget:

Stick to Budget

How does it feel when your wallet is empty after shopping? Yes, pretty bad right? Especially for low-income workers so what should be the plan of action to save cash in the end? Here are 4 simple tips you can use.

  • Only take cash that you’re willing to spend.
  • Search for alternatives.
  • Go for on-sale products because they are a lot cheaper.
  • Ask yourself, is it necessary to purchase?

5. Drop the Credit Card:

Credit Card shopping

Using a credit card is easy but don’t forget, you have to pay back every single penny with extra interests. It can be a great way to cut stress when there is no money, but in reality, it just makes things worse.

According to research, those who used a credit card during last year’s Christmas still haven’t paid back completely. To take control of the financial situation, never use it even if there is a free 10% discount.

6. Know What to Wear:

fashion clothes

It is necessary to wear comfortable clothes if you’re going to spend a long day of shopping. No one will judge you if you wear a pair of light flip-flops.

7. Never Go Hungry:


Sometimes, light meal strategy doesn’t work so having a good amount of rich foods before Christmas shopping is best. If you go with an empty stomach, many junk foods and soda pops will wind up in your cart for an extra cost.

8. Set Limits:

set limit

Don’t shop everything in day one. If you’re a busy person, manage your time wisely by shopping one or two things at a time.

9. Go to the Nearest Store

city map

Transportation eats up 20% to 30% of the monthly budget. The costs are significantly high, and there are chances you can cut it down. If there is a mall or a gift store near you, consider yourself lucky because it can save you a huge amount of transportation money.

10. Shop Solo:

shop alone

Consider going to the store alone because this way, you won’t have to worry about waiting for someone or paying their bills if ran out of money.

11. Parenting or Shopping:

Parenting and Christmas shopping at the same time is frustrating. If you got little ones, consider finding a babysitter or ask close ones to watch them. Taking kids to a store is a good idea but only if you know how to say no and they listen. Or you can tell your kids that you won’t buy extra gifts except for the listed items.

12. Shop Online:

online shopping

There are other methods you can try like purchasing Christmas Gifts Online. Internet is full of great deals especially when Black Friday and Cyber Monday heading our way. Here’s how you can enjoy quality and safe online experience.

  • Use Wifi over data to avoid slow downs.
  • Consider HTTPS websites.
  • Checkout websites with free shipping.
  • Sign up for newsletters to get free deals.
  • Compare prices.
  • Use coupon codes for discount.
  • Know maximum delivery time.
  • Read customer reviews before ordering.
  • Search Google for keywords like Christmas shopping ideas or what to buy for Christmas to get an idea.
  • Add to cart and leave. Retailers with keen to sell will comeback and offer you extra money-off.

So that’s it for the 12 hacks to make Christmas shopping more fun and stress-free. I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know if I missed anything in this blog.

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