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The Must Have Leather Jackets For Men In Winter 2016

Leather Jackets for Men

Since when did buying a leather jacket become a burdensome thing to do? People used to be filled with excitement and enthusiasm when looking for a new one after wearing the old one for years. So we can say that these days most of us take them as something that is often taken for granted. They were used about a century ago, not to appease the general fashion industry, which was surging at that time, but for the purpose of being utilized by the aviation sector. Coats at that time were large and cumbersome, hence being a nuisance while on the other hand, these Men’s Leather Jacket were a blessing in disguise for the men in the sky. They had the perfect size, warmth, and spacing to move around in. This is why the first main types of Leather Jackets for Men that hit the market were the bomber, flight, and the aviator type.

Gradually people began to adapt to the new look, and they began to be slimmer, and companies started to utilize materials other than nylon like leather, denim, polyester, wool, etc.  That is where these began to rise, and people started buying it as if there was no tomorrow. Men, in general, were the ones who were more likely to buy it than women. The fashion industry for men boomed; it isn’t as if men go out every day for shopping. Buying products like a high-quality Black Button Pocket Jacket gave men a reason to be out in the market at least once a year. But now, we can do that on the internet without much of a hassle. For all those looking for such items to buy we have compiled a list of down below which would be the best ones to buy this year.



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Alpha Industries as a company has a history of producing leather jackets for men for the Department of Defense of US. They started out as Dobbs Industries but later on it transitioned to this one. Since the very beginning, i.e. the late 1950s, Alpha Industries has produced brilliants products such as MA-1 flight type and the N-2B parka for the US military. That would give you an idea of how big and reliable this company is. So buying this piece is the best way to get a feeling of pride without actually enlisting yourself. This isn’t a clothing item that can be traced back to a recent history; it has been utilized since all the way back in Second World War when the U.S. Navy started producing it, it was originally known as M-445 flight.

It was being used by the military up till the late 1970s after which, due to lack of adequate producers, the Congress canceled it. When the gulf war started, it was again being produced and after which the production of it has not stopped; and it is currently loved by all. This product which you can buy here is a real and exact match to the original ones that were issued. It is made from premium quality goatskin leather, and the collar uses mouton fur giving it the warmth and comfort required for the winters to come. Additionally, there are gussets on the underarms while the waistband and the cuffs are knitted to perfection. Now that jackets, like this classic Eminem Not Afraid jacket, are regaining their lost glory, there cannot be a better time than 2016 to buy this magnum opus.

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We started off our guide with a classic look; now we move on to leather jackets for men with a more modern look. This one just might be our favorite given the features that it has and also just because of the modern yet simple look that it has. The various features which we are talking about include the weight of it which is basically featherweight. There is no more need to wear big puffy items to protect yourself from Mother Nature. The fabric used is Real Leather, which ensures that it has maximum warmth and protection from cold air.

It also has good breathability which helps in warm seasons while the warmth factor is for fall and winter, of course. We at Fjackets have a good reputation when it comes to the flawlessness of the products we sell. Here, as is the case with every product of ours, we have used genuine leather which gives it the smooth finish which you can see for yourself in the picture. Other features like the stitching, zipper, collar, etc. add up to the appeal of this it. So, if you are the kind of guy who wouldn’t want to risk it with buying an old-styled one, then this is for you.



Product Page: $203

Riding leather jackets for men, like this Captain America Easy Rider Jacket, are the symbol of perfection in style in the modern world. Just like the way the bomber used to rule back during the World War, bikers are doing the same around the world in the 21st century. From its name you might get the idea that it is a biking only apparel, but that is not the case as it is used for daily wear and other events all the same. In fact, these are now used more on special and casual occasions than on biking events. This one right here comes from ASOS, which is a well renowned and reputable company.

This item is just what a biker jacket has to be and much much more. It has multiple pockets for utility and also for looks. The belt on the hem of it is also no less in quality. It is the best color that it can be in; black. This color can be used easily in a multitude of ways with other outfits. The product itself is really versatile. It will always be in fashion and will work splendidly with every outfit that you have in your wardrobe. The site is also offering free shipping both ways, so that is another perk to look forward to.



Product Page: $595

Let us recap for a little while. What is the primary reason that you decided to purchase a jacket? Sure, it is ‘in’ these days but lots of other apparels are just as fashionable. Why not go for those? The answer to that would be that you wanted such an item that also protects you from the cold grasp of winter. This means that along with the design, your other primary focus should be on how it protects you in winter; it should be like this Stephen Amell Brown Leather Jacket. The bombers are known for keeping the cold out, and this item does exactly that. However, that is not the reason why I have chosen this.

Everyone knows how bad one feels when they cannot utilize their expensive pieces in the warm seasons. Well, be sorry no more; this jacket is the perfect balance between the cold and warm seasons. It is perforated giving it unparalleled breathability that helps in wearing it in spring and summer while it being a bomber is what keeps the cold out in winter. It might not score a full ten in fashion, but it leads all the other ones based on the utility of it. The vince leather jacket mens is one of the perfect vince leather jackets for the scorching summer and the freezing winter of 2016.



Product Page: $149.64

As we enter the last product of the guide, we again bring you such real leather jackets for men with modern and traditional looks amalgamated. The men’s leather aviator jacket was also one of the earliest ones to gain popularity alongside the bomber. The two are different in this aspect that the bomber transformed and adopted the modern design of slimness like this Slim Fit Black Jacket, while the aviator jacket kept its main characteristic of being big. This product which is linked is crafted by the acclaimed company named Calvin Klein Inc.

No matter whoever you are, you must have heard of CK as they have done marketing of their products with big names like Justin Beiber. This product is made by them hence you can be confident of getting first-class quality and service. It is made from faux suede leather with faux fur on the collar. The other mandatory features are there such as the pockets on the waist region, zippered closure, adjustable hem, etc. So if you are like me, and the bomber one doesn’t do the cut for you, then don’t be afraid of jumping the gun and getting this beauty.

So, here were the Top 5 leather jackets for men, the jackets men need to wear to gain the attraction to ladies. There is a profound sex appeal in every one of these items, and they will make you stand out in this overly crowded city of fashion freaks. The long-lasting impact these jackets will have on your personality and on all the women around you cannot be expected from any other apparel of such type. The winter is almost here and you’ll be going out for winter shopping soon so why not pick up one of Vince leather jacket mens stylish collection that will complement your look like nothing else.

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