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The 12 Deadpool Mask That Fans Must Have

Deadpool Mask 810x456

In just a few years, the name of Deadpool became synonymous with the entire world. Girls, boys, and even adults are very familiar with the new character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every movielover knows how the character was horribly teased and how Ryan Reynolds was so annoyed with how he was given Deadpool to portray that he spent years preparing the best script and team to do justice truly. Then came the year of 2016 and after more than four years of planning, the movie broke records and is now sitting in the list of the highest-grossing movies of all time, even in the Rated-R section.

Those who know how Deadpool is, pairing him with the other Marvel superheroes in the comic books are asking for a never-ending entertainment adventure. He may not be considered a superhero according to his thinking, but that doesn’t limit Deadpool from performing those duties. In some of Marvel’s all-time successful comics, the Merc with a Mouth has worn a suit other than the red and black attire. Here is where we will show you these sets of Deadpool mask and the rare ones that you probably have never seen, ever.

deadpool mask red black

Deadpool Cosplay Mask

deadpool mask white red black

Deadpool Hood

Deadpool Headgear Mask 1024x798

Deadpool Head Gear Mask

deadpool mask red black mask

Deadpool Kids Mask

maroon deadpool mask latex

Deadpool Movie Helmet

deadpool party mask

Deadpool Party Mask

Deadpool X Force Mask

Deadpool X Force Mask

Deadpool Paintball Mask

Deadpool Paint Ball Mask

Deadpool Spandex Mask

Deadpool Lycra Adult Mask

Deadpool Overhead Mask

Deadpool Overhead Fabric Mask

Deadpool Plastic Half Mask

Deadpool Half Face Mask

Deadpool Ski Mask Beanie

Deadpool Ski Mask

As you scrolled down, you will see a very different colored mask and immediately think that it’s fake. That’s not entirely accurate because the grayish mask that you see above is from one of the memorable team-ups in Marvel comics’ history. Deadpool wore it to match his costume during the X-Force series. Red and black, and gray and black are the only colors that Pool has used throughout his publications. The Deadpool mask collection features various styles, versions, and colors. It surely makes it one of the rarest things you will ever see on sale. Costume item or not, everyone has their likes and dislikes and what they are comfortable in. That’s why you see variations in these 12 masks.

The most familiar and favorable ones have to be red and black Deadpool masks. From a simple kid’s mask to the most realistic looking cosplay ones, a fan can never get enough of it. It’s the Merc with the Mouth after all.

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