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Your Detailed Guide To Trench Coat Styles

trench coat style for men and women

A trench coat is also called a winter coat because people mostly wear it for protection from cold. Timeless and most iconic fashion apparel that gained popularity quickly. They are water-resistant and the best savers in rain which keeps a person warm and comfortable all day.

Nowadays, it’s an essential part of fashion and must-have outerwear for seasons like Fall and Winter. Many film actors wear it as a part of their iconic scenes to look sharp.

Widely used materials in Trench Coat.

There are many types of trench coats present and they are made from different materials such as leather, gabardine, cotton, etc.


Leather is the toughest and durable material for the coat and it always gives the best results. Leather Trench coats are heavier and warmer than gabardine and cotton. Another benefit is they are easy to clean and maintain and available with detachable internal linings for summer.


It is made from wool blends that’s why they are denser but also lighter than leather coats. Gabardine coats are water repellent in nature and the strongest material to save from rain and wind. They are comfortable and warm which gives a relaxed feeling.


Cotton is lightweight and mostly made from mixing fibers to give it a little bit thickness. They are less warm as compared to leather and gabardine but look awesome with casual dressing.

Styles of Trench Coats:

Blade Runner 2049 Coat by Ryan Gosling

Black leather constructed trench coat with shearling lining will be a perfect staple for winter because it has a stylish appearance and extra warm effect. You can wear it at a moderate to extreme cold temperature over jeans and a T-shirt.


If you are thinking about the quality and look both then consider a brown trench coat mens. It is beautifully designed with big collar and notch lapel with a buttoned closure. A warm and stylish piece for any outdoor activity.Fantastic Beasts Grey newt scamander gray coat

A charming gray color wool blend coat that will give a smart and appealing look to the wearer. It is embellished with big shirt collar and flap pockets. Perfect attire for traveling in the cold climate.


This cool double-breasted mens long trench coat is designed intelligently for casual wear. Its internal lining is skin-friendly and comfortable. Belted cuff and the big collar are giving a nice look. Pair it with black jeans and a high-neck shirt to look awesome.

wool blend women coat

This long trench coat women made from the wool blend. It can be pair with black leggings and trousers with a simple tank top or shirt. It is thick and has a different style from others like big collars and lapels. Grab this now and own a new style.

The Dark Knight Joker Coat Purple

Don’t stick with generic colors only, Try different colors like this amazing purple as it is more cosplay style inspired by Dark Knight’s Joker. It features with V notch lapels and big flap pockets for storage.

Brown Suede Leather Coat for Mens

This dark brown trench coat mens has several unique properties such as stand up collar, buckle closure, and big cuffs. If you are a fashion trendy person then it will be your best coat ever.

13th Doctor who coat

Do you recognize whose coat is this? Yes, you’re right it belongs to the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. Now available in high-quality cotton with screen-accurate details. Definitely let you capture the style of the TV Show.


Brown trench coat


Something different is needed when you are tired of wearing old fashion coats. Try this ultimate quality Brown trench coat mens will be your best outerwear in winter because it is warm enough and has a smart shape.

long trench coat women

Black trench coat women consist of two styles both double-breasted and belted. It can be wearable with any dress like trousers and a shirt. It has a unique style like big round buttons, shoulder straps and belted cuffs for fittings.

James bond spectre coat

If you are searching for formal black trench coat mens then check out this because it is the marvelous piece for 3 piece suit. It is double breasted and has awesome buttons on both sides. You will look badass in this coat.

Jacob Fry Assassin Creed Coat

Even gaming characters like Jacob Fry from Assassin’s Creed is donning these outerwear. This one has a big hood to cover your head and quilted design lapels for attraction — the belt for the grip and fitting to look attentive and ready to go.


Need something elegant and different? Check this full-length brown trench coat mens in a double-breasted style. You can wear it in any season easily, especially in winter it will work perfectly. If you are a Halloween lover then it will be your costume for this year.

womens double breasted trench coat

This beautiful double-breasted coat is a high-grade outfit for women who love to travel frequently. It is made from the wool blend and comes with features associated more with winter fashion.


single breasted women trench coat

If you are finding a perfect grey raincoat then it will be the best fit for you because this will match every suit easily. It is single-breasted and lightweight which you can easily wear anywhere.

These all are the latest popular types of trench coats style for men and women that are inspired by many movies or characters. The basic purpose of sharing this collection is to guide you about different types of coats and how to wear them. I hope you have got the ideas and inspiration by which you can easily choose the right one to buy.



1. What is the purpose of a trench coat?
A trench coat was designed for soldiers to protect them from wind and rain. It was not worn for the extra warmth even it was used as an extra layer for the overcoat. Now it became a fashion statement and still does the job of a windbreaker.

2. What is the difference between a trench coat and an overcoat?
The overcoat is made from thick fabric to protect you from the cold while the trench coat is lightweight works as a windbreaker and protects you from rain. A trench coat can be worn over an overcoat to save it from dust, rain, and snow.

3. Is it OK to wear a trench coat?
The trench coat is versatile can go over many outfits. It can be worn over a formal suit and it is long enough to protect the suit jacket completely. It looks completely ok to wear a trench coat, especially during rain.

4. When should you wear a trench coat?
The trench coat was originally made for rains without making you look too casual. Now it became fashionable and loved by travelers many of them made it essential for their tours.

5. Can you wear a trench coat with jeans?
A trench coat can be worn during snowfall it will protect your inner layers from getting wet. It can be worn on jeans and will look great as we know snowfall requires multiple layers.

6. What is the best color for a trench coat?
Trench coat comes in a wide variety of colors. If you are going to buy your first trench then it will be good to buy a black trench coat. Beige and gray color trench coats are in trend and Red or maroon color trench coats are in style for womens.

7. Do trench coats keep you warm?
Trench coats keep you a little warm but if live in a place where the weather is windy then a trench coat is essential for you. In cold places, you definitely need to wear something warm underneath the trench coat.

8. Are trench coats waterproof?
Trench coats were meant to be waterproof but now it became more of fashion outerwear. Now, some of them are not fully waterproof. You need to examine the fabric of the trench coat before you buy it if your first priority is waterproof.

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