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DIY – Complete Guide of Cammy Cosplay Costume

Street Fighter Cammy

Cammy is the special force character in Street Fighter, and she is known by KILLER BEE. The second female fighter in the whole series, she was once a deadly assassin working for SHADALOO before breaking and becoming an M16 operative for British Government. She is powerful, a determined, forceful young woman who has a strong sense of justice. Cammy Cosplay costume shows the versatility and the fighting personality of her, basically, the thighs which show out the whole suit is the main reason, why she is the strong competitor for all.

As we have seen in the game, She wears a Green long thong leotard, from which she usually show off her muscular body. She carries Red Gloves and combats boots and red gauntlets. Her legs were sparsely decorated with green camouflage paint. Here we give you the guide for this cosplay, do make your costume party or Comic cons.

Cammy Cosplay Costume for Women

Cammy Green Body suit of Character (Product Page)

The whole outfit is in Green Leotard which is finished with belt prop, thigh gun holster, and hat. This is available in different sizes and color also.


red gauntlet cammy

EVA Gauntlets with PU Gloves (Product Page)

Imported, the main red gauntlets are made up of lightweight EVA sheets. The left gauntlet is designed with an elbow pad which can be a pad which can be packed into the gauntlet.

Chest Strap Belt

Posture Correction Belt (Product Page)

Stand tall and confident. Adjustable sizes available and guarantee better reliability for your back and shoulders. It is an all day comfort while sitting in front of a computer or watching Television or anything.

leg pistol hostler

Adjustable Pistol Gun Holster (Product Page)

Nicely made with high quality 100% nylon and leather with more durability. It is with dual thigh straps without slippery factor and holds the pistol more tightly.


Wool Solid Berets (Product Page)

100% woolen, perfect for everyday wear and can also be wear in Birthday parties. Best Fashion and new high-quality products.

cammy black boots

Cammy Combat Boots (Product Page)

Synthetic, imported and 100% leather designed combat boots. Stylish laces and comfortable design for women’s, it also carries zipper on the right side of the boot for an easy adjustment.

Hair Color Women

GARNIER Hair Color Golden Blonde (Product Page)

Permanent, nourishing color cream with three fruit oils Avocado, Olives, and Shea. The only color which contains ampoule of grape seed oil and sustainable.


Cammy known to be the secret character in latter as she was revealed with light blue color leotard which resembles a big Turtleneck sweater with shoulder pads and a cute pose showed her saluting the sinister. The whole guide gives you the perfect information about the Cammy Costume and also tells you about, how to transform or make yourself as a similar as street fighter character. This Cosplay Costume will make your parties and Comic Cons memorable for you.

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