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15 Funny Christmas Sweaters | Ugly Is The New Sexy

It could only be described as a Christmas miracle that Ugly Christmas Sweater ideas are so popular today. I remember it was just a few years ago I could have sworn that if my aunt Agnes gave me another sweater like this I would kill her, Seriously. It is amusing how things change, now the same me, who once hated tacky things like these is going to host a theme party revolving around the latest craze of the funny ugly Christmas Sweaters.

I have been wandering around the internet to get an idea for my sweater, and to my surprise, people did not fail to disappoint me. They have reached the new heights for funny ugly sweatshirts. And looking at the way people love wearing these types of pullovers it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ugly is the new Sexy. Looking at these Christmas sweaters, I have made a list of the hideously handsome sweet sweaters that you would love to wear at the next Christmas Party.

dabbing santa

Dabbing Santa (Shop via Amazon)

I could stop laughing at this deliriously hilarious ugly Christmas sweaters showing the Holy Santa as the dandy dabber.  I guess he won’t be bribing you with gifts from on as he has found a new way to be cool. Put your hands up for the dabbing panda.

Reindeer Men Women ugly sweater funny (Shop via Amazon)

Oops! This one is ugly to the bone but still funny right in the sticks. It will not be funny or wise if I explain the joke to you if you didn’t get it maybe you are not old enough for this sickening sweater. And I know those of you who did get the pun are clicking on the add to cart button right now.


Elfie (Shop via Amazon)

Here is another sweater that pins out the questionable relationship between the elves and the fat old retard. But this time in the discreet way that is not offending to anyone. And the classic Elfie take is just right down the amusing lane of tacky Christmas sweater.

womens christmas present sweater

Christmas Present Sweater (Shop via Amazon)

Now here is one which is can and cannot be termed as ugly depending on who is wearing it. So if you want to give someone a gift of you, then you put on this womens ugly Christmas sweater and present yourself to him. He’ll be loving it.

santa romanta

Romantic Santa (Shop via Amazon)

Eew, Eew, Eew! Try getting this sight out your head anytime soon. No matter how gross it looks, this disturbing sexy ugly Christmas sweater is most likely to be the attire for my funny Christmas sweater party. Because the uglier it is the cooler you look.

santa chimney

Santa Stuck In the Chimney (Shop via Amazon)

This one is a classic, referring to one of the oldest myths of all time. This funny mens Christmas sweaters for men is filled with comical amusements. If you want something that is not very tacky but still is in the gist of the moment, then this is the right pick for you.

yellow snow

Yellow Snow (Shop via Amazon)

Apparently, there is a new and a rather fun way to say Merry Christmas, and that is with some yellow snow. This fun sweater could be your gear for this year Ugly Christmas sweater party.

and to all a good night

And To All A Goodnight (Shop via Amazon)

And to all a good night, I should have been adding this item in the last and saying goodnight in a good way. But what the hell I am as drunk as the Santa in the picture, so all the raging alcoholics and me. This one is for all of us.

chillin snowmies

Chillin’ With My Snomies (Shop via Amazon)

Here is for all the men who love nothing more than hanging out with their buddies. Now chill with your sexy snowmies in this heartwarming pullover.

bikini sasquatch

Sasquatch In A Bikini  (Shop via Amazon)

This another sight that will give you some funny yet horrifying dreams, a Sasquatch wearing a bikini that’s as good as gold.

Grinch Christmas sweater (Shop via Amazon)

Girls if you want something that will make you look plain simple ugly then here is one with the big face of Grinch all over it. Women’s Christmas sweatshirts will make your body and soul look as ugly as a toad.


Lighten Fireplace ugly sweaters (Shop via Amazon)

Here is another one for the female folks. It not really ugly or funny but we have it on our Funny Christmas Sweater list because it is not very creative or charming. The socks are a good you can put pennies in there.

candy crane thrones

Candy Crane Throne (Shop via Amazon)

Say hello to Santa the King of Christmas, bearer of gifts and presents and the rider of raindeers. You can have this Candy Crane Throne Sweater if you are missing Game of Thrones.

wheres my ho at

Where Ma Ho Ho Ho’s At (Shop via Amazon)

We have laughed a lot today on poor Santa and here is another one with some double meaning pun. One could mean that he is just hoeing around and the other could mean, well he is “hoeing around”!

crackin christmas

Crackin’ Christmas (Shop via Amazon)

Since we have had our fair share of laughs over the fat old Santa. He is a bit pissed now and showing off his cracking colon. It is a perfect fit on this unique Christmas Sweater list.  Here is one for all the Santa fans.

There are a lot more very ugly Christmas sweaters ideas for couples like these present everywhere on the internet. So, it is only fair that we let the poor old Santa have the last laugh. So we are ending our Funny Christmas Sweater list with the ass cracking Santa. Looking at this list I think my party will be an ugly blast of some terribly beautiful sweaters. You all are invited to add stars to my party with your funny ugly sweater.

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