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The Best Holiday Gifts To Buy For A Motorcyclist

Gifts for Motorcyclist

Bike riding is connected with carefree and brave people.  To them, Bikes are not just a mode of transportation, but a way of life.  To impress your biker friend, you need to come up with something innovative, something that represents their way of life. It is hard to truly understand what to buy when you are not a motorcycle enthusiast yourself.

Let us make your shopping easier by showing you cool motorcyclist gifts ideas, featuring top brands.

ear plugs for riders

EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Where to buy – Amazon

These earplugs are perfect for riders. Velvety smooth silicone with three adjustable filters. These help you block out wind noise yet still hear what is going on in your surroundings.

Riders Glasses

Biker Glasses

Where to buy – Glasses Gallery

Stylish and functional, these sunglasses are a worthy addition to any motorcyclist collection. In a variety of colors, they are made of strong materials and are also available with a polarized prescription or non-prescription lenses.

riding gloves

Riding Gloves

Where to buy – Fjackets

For a proper riding grip, these pairs of leather-made gloves are necessary. Also, good for driving a car, hardware work and for carrying heavy items.

Motorcycle Helmet for Riders

Street bike Helmet

Where to buy – Amazon

The rider won’t like an actual motorcyclist without a cool helmet. If your friend’s helmet just broke and looking to buy a new one, gift him/her this awesome protection gear.

walking dead negan black leather moto jacket

Biker Asymmetrical Leather Jacket

Where to buy – Fjackets

When you’re wearing a cool helmet, it is also recommended to style in a biker leather jacket. This awesome piece is just the thing to give you the best appeal without putting extra weight.

Classics Duffel Bag

Loopt Classics Duffel Bag

Where to buy – looptworks.com

To create this duffel, we sought out the toughest leather we could find for this project. It turned out to be excess jacket leather from Langlitz, the family business that makes the world’s finest motorcycle leathers. We figured that if the leather was tough enough to save a rider’s hide, then it would be tough enough for the Loopt Classics Duffel. The result is a duffel that is guaranteed to last a lifetime and will only look better with age.

Collapsible Water Bottle

The Reusable Water Bottle

Where to buy – Nomader.com

Makes riding and on-the-go hydration easy and sustainable by taking up minimal bag space and eliminates the need for wasteful single-use bottles.

Black Leather Premium Jacket

Men’s Biker Leather Jacket

Where to buy – Fjackets

Give your friend’s riding experience a new upgrade with the Bomber Hooded Leather Jacket. It’s a customized leather jacket for men with features to make commuting more practical. Makes awesome motorcyclist gifts.

Harley Davidson Calendar

Harley-Davidson 2020 calendar

Where to buy – Amazon

This 16-month calendar features incredible portraits shot by veteran H-D photographer David Blattel, as well as historic images from the Harley-Davidson archives.

Motorcycle Backpack

Motorcycle Backpack

Where to buy – Amazon

This is a great hard-shelled backpack to store day clothes, a laptop, and a few miscellaneous items. This is not a hikers backpack or camping backpack, it’s strictly for motorcycle enthusiasts. The bag doesn’t move around when riding so its great for speed and worry-free.


ThumbDogs Glove Addons

Where to buy – Amazon

Glove add-ons that turn any glove into a touchscreen glove. We have a niche following in the motorcycle market because many riders have high-end leather gloves, for example, that are not able to use with their phones/GPS. ThumbDogs applies easily to a gloved fingertip.

skull scarf

Skull Shawl/Bandana

Where to buy – Mila & Such

Why not keep warm and stylish with Mila&Such scarves. Our Bare Bones skull shawl in wool/silk blend is a perfect addition to the bad boy/bad girl look!

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