The Alternative Uses for Leather Vest


You got to admit that the vest is something that is underappreciated. In case you have been living under a rock, and you do not know what it is, it is basically a clothing item that is sleeveless and is worn and covers the upper body of the wearer. However, the leather vest is much more complicated than what that definition suggests. It is available in many different materials out of which we will be talking about leather here.

Donning one comes along with many questions such as should I wear a tie with it? Which color would look best with what? Which type goes with the formal outfit and which one with the casual? Can it get better than The Warriors Leather Vest?

Do not worry as we have you covered with this guide of ours.


Formal Leather Vest

We begin our journey with the most common use which everyone is familiar with. The leather vest for men is used here in a three-piece suit for formal settings such as going to the office, a conference, a meeting, etc as seen in Batman vs Superman as Ben Affleck’s Blue Vest.

This can be worn to weddings, but we would recommend another outfit which is more appropriate for marriage. Here every item of clothing has little variations in color as seen in the picture which is a lighter shade of gray.

This is the principle you have to follow when doing any other color of a three-piece suit. It has to be slightly lighter while the shirt should be white; decide tie on the basis of color you have chosen.


Casual Leather Vest

There would be times where you would go across the street for a cup of coffee or just meet up with your friends and colleagues. For these hangouts, you need to know how to wear a vest casually, like the one pictured above. There is no strict rules or regulations to follow with regards to the color, cloth type, or any of that gibberish.

Just pop into one with versatile qualities, like being black, brown or blue in color, and not having too much of a serious tone. One that I like is this Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Leather Vest which is versatile and is also erring on the really casual side.

The vest you will buy also does not have to be too stylish; a simple one will do nicely as it is already getting the spotlight. It is vital that the shirt underneath fits you flawlessly if you want this to work correctly.



Ah, a wedding! A prestigious event loved by all and yet notorious for being a burden regarding the confusion it creates amidst masses who do not know what to wear. Most would tell you that the same formal themed suit which you wore for your meetings is the best for here. But that is ridiculous; yes it is viable, but not recommended.

The formal three pieced suit creates a serious tone which isn’t a great thing to have at weddings. The difference between the two is that this outfit has more eye-catching colors and this wedding outfit is also set up entirely in the shades of a single color. The vest here is different from the formal one as it has to be darker in shades.



Now, these are products which you do not see every day. It is also known as the cut-off and is a particular type of vest. On the very first glance, you would recognize it as seen on the members of the punk culture. Therefore, this one might not be for everyone, and we are not blaming you. However, you would be surprised by the way it looks on you.

Punk or not, this piece of the outfit has been seen as a symbol of beauty on and off in history. Bikers with a fine sense of fashion have seen rocking in it, sometimes with another upper wear, but most of the times with this just like the way Tom Hardy Green Military Style Vest is worn. You wouldn’t know what you like until you tried it; why wait any longer then?



The key with wearing these with jeans is first and foremost to consider the sizing of it. It has to fit you well without looking slouchy. Secondly, you have to determine what your goal is when coming up with your outfit, is it to get a really casual look or you want a semi-formal look.

If you want the former then you have to follow some principles to get that ‘laid back’ look, like unbuttoning the last button, getting a more bright colored one, etc. A perfect example where this is executed impeccably is the Back to the Future Marty Mcfly Vest.

However, for the latter, you would want one with a little washed out light color like the one in the picture above. Furthermore, both the vest and the pants should be tailored to fit you nicely and to give you that neat look which is required in semi-business settings.



The cowboy is a symbol of bravery and a unique icon of Northern America. Now we will often see people portraying the cowboy or western look. However, that look is impossible to do without a real leather vest for men.

I’d say one of the best western looks out there is seen in Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. as Dum Dum Dugan Timothy Aloysius Vest. We can see that the product doesn’t have to be complex or anything. As you can see for yourself from the picture provided, a simple brown colored distressed leather one is all it takes to execute it phenomenally.

However, what you wear alongside it is paramount. The shirt, pant, boots and most importantly, the hat have to be an exact match of the cowboy.



And last, but surely not the least, are the costume looks which you can opt for a leather vest for men. We have seen these being worn by an uncountable number of actors as well as actresses in the movies which you can impersonate.

Chris Patt in the Jurassic World, Peter Dinklage in the Game of Thrones, Ben Affleck in Batman vs. Superman, etc. are some of the many examples. The main reason for the use of these products is because these items are something that is unique and different from the natural pant-shirt combination.

We also have Anson Mount wear the one whose picture is attached above wearing the Cullen Bohannon boots with the Hell on Wheels Leather Vest. So, don’t wait around any longer if you want to adopt a new look from a television series or a movie.

So, this was the time we told you all about the leather vest for men. I guess I have covered a wide range of it, but still I have missed something please mention it in comments. So that I could write about it and make this blog even more helpful. Furthermore, if you liked my blog, do share it with your friends and co-workers.

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